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Author Topic: Help me SeekLoad LRN the Administrator of this page and his family  (Read 13 times)

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To all friend and strangers alike...
Let me tell you a story about myself and why I need help:
The royal family on Sweden may be implicated in the black list against my family.
SHARE this plz...
In 1977 it was a big earthquake in Bucharest were 80% to 90% of all buildings in Bucharest collapsed. My parents back then were in love dating each other in the park when the earthquake struck. There house fell but they survived unharmed because they were in the park when it happened.
Many people died that day.
Anyway the communist system political policy was that all who had a job and had  a house in the capital will get a house or an apartment back. My parents got nothing.
That is how my father started to be against the system, although originally he was a member of the communist party.
That was how my parents started to get politically implicated and against the corruption that was back then.
And it was that political implication that lead to the forced exiled situation my family got in 1987.
Since 1987 I bin living in Sweden and because my parents were politically exiled in 1987, when the communist dictator system fell in December 1989 Sweden wanted to use my parents as tools to politically attack Romania.
My parents refused saying quote "We have nothing against our country, what we were against were the leaders and they have fallen now with the system so there for we will not and we refuse to politically attack our country Romania and benefit Sweden on it".
This lead to that we became and we still are today the ONLY family in Scandinavia with still having the Romanian citizen ship after 30 years of exile.
No other family in not only in Sweden, but in the entire Scandinavia Denmark, Norway, Finland and Island including Sweden is not like us with a Romanian passport after 30 years of exile.
Our case has even reached the Swedish king and the prime minister through out the years.
Why and how?
Since 1987 I was bulled in school and beaten by bullies who were put to do it by the teachers with fake accusations. This was done because the social workers wanted to accuse my parents for beating me up, with my parents never did.
Why? To force my parents to kiss ass in Sweden as political puppets. But Sweden failed and this made Sweden hate my family. Why was this will from Sweden and there must be somebody with a high power doing this right? Yes it was, the Swedish ambassador of Romania in 1987 was the Swedish kings cousin. So the guys who has black listed my family in Sweden is the kings cousin. So this goes right up to the royal family of Sweden.
Till 1993 my parents had a job in Sweden, since the Swedish system understood that they will not help Sweden to politically attack Romania, Sweden in 1993 fired my parents from work and kept them black listed on the job market since and only living on social well fair money.
Since I finished high school I was black listed on the job market in Sweden. I went out of University in 2012 but I was still black listed on the job market. i worked for FREE for 4 years to just get a work history so maybe I get a job. But I did not even get a job interview since 2002 of searching jobs in Sweden.
And YET I find IDIOTS online who tell me "go to work lazy ass" when I ask for money donation to help.
So now I ask for help. There is a way out of the problem I have now. The system in Romania has changed. Yes it is still corrupt, but we can live there now and in Romania my family is not black listed anymore. But in order to move to Romania I need money and since we got forced exiled by the secret police in 1987 we have now in Romania NOTHING.
You may ask why we did not put money aside. We did, but i n 2012 we got robbed of 50000 euros. Since then we have nothing.
So HELP me and my family to move back to Romania, get a house and help my daughter start school in time...
The money we need to move back and buy a house is a sum of 100000 euros (112000 USD) for it.
And if out of we say 1 million people only 10% would donate more then 1 USD each then it would solve our problems for good.
But how do we make so many people to help us and believe in that this is the truth. Because there are many IDIOTS out there who would rather give money to a scam that promises diamonds, then to a honest real situation who says "this is a donation you get nothing back, except the good karma of helping a family who has thought for over 30 years and are in need of help now" as me and my family are in.
If you can help us with the money needed, contact me on my facebook here. I have paypal and all in order to receive money except that if you give me money using western union it has to be on my fathers name, because I am now living in Sweden without a ID card and there for illegally to be able to help my parents and my daughter. If I make a ID card i need to pay taxes and we have not enough money for that.
So I chose to not have any medical insurance and any insurance what so ever just so I can help my family.
So can you guys help me and my family?
- Black listed and our problems in Sweden NEWS PAPER article:
- How we got forced exiled by securitate in 1987:
- Articles about my life and the problems me and my family have had:
CONTACT ME: If you want to help or can help contact me at:
SHARE this plz...
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