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---- Welcome to: SeekLoad - THEAD (The Awakened) ----
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: Wake Up :
We are born into slavery

The World is run by insane people for insane objectives and insane needs

:Wake Up ! To reality:
We know it, because we dare to see and admit it. Call us what you want, but we dare not to fit to the status qua and we admit to the reality as it is. Because we think that even if we alone can not change the world, but that we together united as one can change the world as people like us did it in history, do it now and will do it in the future by being brave, awake, vigilante and wise to reality.

We are born in a system were good men are hunted down and tortured. The system we now live in is a modern way of slavery behind democratic shades. The leaders tell us that they want our best, but make their own greedy best. We have made system that impression us in a one way road to self-destruction.

We live in a system where we kill the soul of good men. A system were we kill the soul of our fellow human with beautiful words of democracy and humanity that ignoring the truth. A truth were we all live in a fake democratic humanity.

- A so called "democratic humanity" that we wish we had, but that does not exist in this world.

- A fake propaganda we believe, ignoring the truth of reality.

- A system were we destroy the everlasting nature for temporary greed, arrogance, ignorance, pride, power and money. All in the name of stupidity and insanity doing it as blind fools.

- A system were we wake up, work, eat, sleep and repeat it next morning as robots only to find ourselves enslaved by the system we ourselves helped to build.

And when your old you wander "what have I done in and with life?" "Nothing" is the answer, because everything we do or have done is "nothing". We have done everything blind sited to reality and to the truth of our world. The reality that were we chose to live a lie blinded by our ignorance. To live a lie because we were too afraid to know and accept the truth because it is too scary.

We pretend to not see, not here and not know, so we sit and do "nothing". We pretend because the truth is to scary. We chose to live a lie because it looks safer and we deceive ourselves with that lie. But the lie cannot save us from the truth or of reality that will one day catch us up.

- The truth that we are tools, slaves of a system made by brutes that use us as cannon fodder.

- The truth that it is we who feed those brutes with our ignorance of the reality in this world.

- The truth that our ignorance of reality will put the price for freedom the freedom itself.

So WAKE UP! Before it is to late...

Or neither you or your children or your grandchildren will have a future. They will all despise you for being a cowered, for not fighting for your and our freedom and justice.
So WAKE UP! Wake up now and stand, lift your head up because the time has come for humanity to wake up and see what we are doing in this world, or forever hold our pace, because we are heading on a road of self destruction.

But for those that try and feel week I say:
Do not despair, because this time is just the passing of greed.
The passing of infected people afraid of their own shadow. Infected by greed, arrogance, ignorance, pride, power and money that leads to stupidity which gives birth to blind fools that believe in them.
But as long people fight and die for liberty, freedom and justice. Liberty, freedom and justice will never parish.

To all intelligent good people and also to all fools!

Do not fight for slavery! Fight for liberty, freedom and justice!
With love, God bless us all...
Because as long as we are afraid to fight for liberty, freedom and justice, we are indeed a sorry plot.

Humanity should all unite because it is time to WAKE Up
To all people who seek freedom and equal justice. Do you know of a true cover up, false flag attack, conspiracy, authority violence, use of conduct or corruption etc...
Take the red pill and Join the page, share the truth and wake up humanity to do what is right. Or take the blue pill and forever be a silent slave.
Show and tell, share expose the truth. For the future of all humanity fight for what is right, do not let the truth of the reality be silenced.
It is time to WAKE Up
We are not Anonymous but we are an ally to Anon, though some of our members
may be Anons but as all THEAD (The Awakened) we are for freedom and justice to all people
and there for we agree to the Anonymous video above.

The system is blinding you from the truth
Chose the Blue pill (the system) or red pill (the truth).
Take the red pill and Join us and share the knowledge.

Do you know of a cover up or of a conspiracy that is TRUE with proof?
Or do you know any case of police violence or system corruption.
Show and tell it do NOT shut up! Wake other people up!

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Do you want to feel good or the truth?

Do what is RIGHT, not what is easy

The world will not destroyed by them who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything
NOBODY can give you FREEDOM, NOBODY can give you EQUALITY or JUTISCE, If you are a man TAKE IT.

A man who stand for nothing, will fall for enything

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