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Title: The Awakened Sweden-De Väckta Sverige/by:SeekLoad
Post by: SeekLoad on May 07, 2013, 07:36:11 pm
This topic is for SWEDEN for all people who are NOT afraid to think freely and wake up to really see what world they live in no matter how black it is, they always try to make the world they live in better.

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OBS! The 3 BASE rules should be the SAME EVERYWHERE.

- We keep a good language with respect among each other.
- We accept members from ALL over the world and we should spread all over the world regardless of the topics country name the goal is ALWAYS to have waken up as many as possible regardless of religion, color, race or geographic position.
- We do NOT hate, condemn or love anybody above the other one based on religion, color, race or geographic position. We hate, condemn or love based on actions, facts and proven guilt.

PS: We work with Anonymous but...
We are sort of part of Anonymous but we are NOT Anonymous and are part of the Anonymous at the same time, but there is some significant differences:
- We ALWAYS try to be peaceful, but sometimes if we are FORCED to it we can consider to take to arms or violence if necessary but ONLY if it is ABSOLUTELY necessary and we are NOT as Anonymous almost only online. If it is needed we could be in real life to in some cases.
- We do want more action then talk and consider that Anonymous is to slow, to inaccurate or talks to much and that we should put some fire on there buts to start acting more and talk less.
- We do NOT have one idol as Anonymous has the "V from Vendetta" with the "Guy Fawkes mask". We have all different idols and ideas for each country and each problem but united in one wish and that is to make this world a better place by showing of the stinking **** in it and afterwords dealing with it accordingly to the situation.

This explanation is on English and Swedish.
Detta är på Engelska och Svenska
On ENGLISH - På Engelska
This topic is for all people from SWEDEN who are NOT afraid to think freely and wake up to really see what world they live in no matter how black it is, they always try to make the world they live in better.

This topic idea is made to wake up the people of Sweden so they see the **** that is going on under the courtliness. Because meany in Sweden are sleeping thinking they live in the best country in the world. Guess what? It is not so and Sweden is slowly becoming a Nazi country. We must fight to for its culture and its people but against Nazi mentality that has infiltrated even the political elite of Sweden.

Sweden is slowly becoming the puppet of the 666 big brother system were your free to do nothing and everything you do is watched and motorized by a big brother system. The people of Sweden are NOT free but they do not know that. Our work is to WAKE THEM UP!!!

There is much corruption and secret works in Sweden that violated the human rights though Sweden many times violates the human rights nobody seem to notice it. It is time to WAKE THEM UP to see how dark Sweden really is and that all the solidarity and riches talk is just a cover up propaganda made in Sweden to fool the Swedish people. But all of them are NOT fools. So we that are not fools have to wake up the sleeping ones and the fools.

We will expose Sweden for what it really is with all its dark sides that is hidden from the people. Call this topic a Kalaffakta topic of FaceBook for Sweden if yo like, because we should be something like that.

PS: We work together with Anonymous.

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Denna grupp är för alla människor i Sverige som inte är rädda för att tänka fritt och vakna upp för att verkligen se vilken värld de lever i oavsett hur svart det är, de försöker alltid att göra världen de lever i bättre.

Denna grupp idé är gjord för att vakna upp folket i Sverige så de ser skit som pågår under courtliness. Eftersom Meany i Sverige sover tänker de bor i det bästa landet i världen. Gissa vad? Det är inte så och Sverige långsamt bli en nazistisk land. Vi måste kämpa för att för sin kultur och dess folk utan mot nazistiska mentalitet som har infiltrerat även den politiska eliten i Sverige.

Sverige är långsamt bli marionett av 666 storebror systemet var din gratis att göra ingenting och allt du gör är bevakad och motoriserad av en storebror-system. Svenska folket är inte gratis, men de vet inte det. Vårt arbete är att VÄCKA UP DEM!!!

Det finns mycket korruption och hemliga arbeten i Sverige som bryter mot de mänskliga rättigheterna och när Sverige många gånger bryter mot mänskliga rättigheter ingen tycks märka det. Det är dags att väcka upp dem för att se hur mörk Sverige egentligen är och att alla solidaritet och rikedom prat är bara en mörkläggning propaganda som gjorts i Sverige för att lura det svenska folket. Men alla av dem är inte idioter. Så vi som inte idioter och måste väcka upp de sovande ettor och dårar.

Vi kommer att visa vad Sverige egentligen är med alla sina mörka sidor som är dolt från folket. Kalla denna grupp en Kalaffakta grupp på FaceBook för Sverige om ni vill, eftersom vi ska vara något liknande det.

PS: Vi samarbetar med Anonymous.

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Title: Re: The Awakened Sweden-De Väckta Sverige
Post by: SeekLoad on May 07, 2013, 07:36:32 pm
Sweden is NOT and never was the best country in the world, but people did not know what was happening in Sweden in secrecy.

The only thing I disagree to one thing. I disagree to the part they say "Sweden was once the best country in the world". No that is NOT true the truth is that Sweden was once a lot better on hiding there **** form the public so the public thought that they (Sweden) were the best in the world. That is a lie it never as the best country in the world and it always had a hidden Nazi attitude who now has become visible.

- I am NOT gypsy but I defend the innocent but for tens of years up to 1995 many gypsies were secretly sterilized from having children against there will in Sweden.
- In Sweden for tens of years many kids were taken form the real parents so to be protected from sexual abuse, **** or violence and put in foster homes were they are sexually abused, raped and beaten by there foster parents wile the social care who put them there looked the other way and NEVER believed the victims (the kids).
- For tens of years in Sweden people that have told the truth of the system as I do now have bin moisturized by SÄPO (Swedish secret police) and even black listed on the job market. I am one of them that are under there surveillance for telling to others the truth. And even other innocent people are under surveillance of SÄPO for idiotical reasons.
- In Sweden there are people who have lost there jobs cause for tens of years governmental institutes have sold out private information to there employers the same way FaceBook does today.
- In Sweden innocent people have bin blacklisted form the job market for there passport (my parents since 1993 are part of those people).
- For tens of years in Sweden Nazis are always let to demonstrate without getting arrested n the same manner as emigrants are wen they demonstrate.
- The Swedish SÄPO killed Palme and always even today does not tell the truth of his murder.
- The Swedish police and SÄPO has for tens of years covered up crimes that were committed by police officers.
- Beggars and homeless people on the Swedish streets are for many years banned to beg for money and told to go to the social even wen the social refuses to help them. Sweden has had and still has homeless people, you just do NOT see it because they are forbidden to show of on the street by the police.
- If you are homeless and sleep on a stair case in Sweden it does not matter it is in the middle of the winter it is forbidden and the police will come and though you out even if you have done NO wrongs and the social refuses to help you.
- For tens of years in Sweden children have bin taken away form there parents by social workers on fake motives.
- For tens of years in Sweden real rapers have bin let free wile innocent young men have bin convicted for **** by the system. This is cause the system is made in such a way that the **** victim is told that the rapist is caught but the victim NEVER talk or see the caught rapist this leading that the victim is forced to believe the police even if the wrong guy is put behind bars.
- For tens of years in Sweden the Swedish institutes have bin harassing persons and wen the victims have bin attacking them back in defense the victims have bin accused of "violence against officials".
- For tens of years in Sweden the Swedish police have made situations to accuse of "violence against officials" wen arresting or interviewing.
- For tens of years in Sweden the Swedish system have had people diapering without a trace for later to be found dead or never found and yes this happens all over the world but in Sweden considering there population are under 10 million people the rate of that type of happenings are far to many.
- For tens and hundreds of years in Sweden the Swedish rich people have jumped over from paying taxes.

I gave you guys 15 examples of that Sweden is not and NEVER was the best country in the world. I could continue this list to write a book here but will not cause I hope you get the picture of how much is happening in Sweden in secrecy that many normal Svenssons and immigrants do not know of.
Title: Re: The Awakened Sweden-De Väckta Sverige
Post by: SeekLoad on July 03, 2013, 12:19:13 am
Since 1-07-2013 it is forbidden in Sweden to take pictures of somebody without there approval. If you do it you can get 2 years of jail.
They motivate that it is made for people integrity protection but it can also be used to protect illegal acts made by police or other state officials. Though they will not tell that in the papers.

A pretty well thought trick to pass a law legally without making a big fuss. And the majority of people do not even know that law got passed.
I personally think this law is "VERY SERIOUS" and should be given a VERY big attention by the people. But because many do not have a clue of it they don't bother.

This is what I am talking of:
Detta är vad jag prattar om:


NOTE: Use Google translate if you want it on English.
Title: Re: The Awakened Sweden-De Väckta Sverige
Post by: SeekLoad on August 05, 2013, 01:30:41 am
Svartlistning - ett problem vi inte pratar om
Svartlistning av arbetare som är obekväma är något som vi främst pratar om i historiskt kontext. Särskilt under 20- och 30-talet, när arbetarrörelsen i mångt och mycket nådde sitt radikala klimax, ...
Title: Re: The Awakened Sweden-De Väckta Sverige
Post by: SeekLoad on August 05, 2013, 01:38:06 am
MORE ON black listing in Sweden:
 NOTE: Use Google Chrome to translate to English easy.
Title: Re: The Awakened Sweden-De Väckta Sverige
Post by: SeekLoad on August 05, 2013, 01:49:38 am
More articles on blacklisting from DN news papers in Sweden A national Swedish news paper .
NOTE: Use Google Chrome to translate to English easy.
Title: Re: The Awakened Sweden-De Väckta Sverige
Post by: SeekLoad on August 14, 2013, 11:02:19 pm
Somebody asked me regarding the fight for freedom and justice for the innocent a VERY interesting, good and important question and that is "how can I help"?
My answer is NOT only to her but to ALL of you:
You can help how ever you like. But a big help would be to share posts so others can read and hear. And if you can to be as active as you can both in real life as on the net and it is preferred to have the same faces in real life as on the internet so that we can make our fight for something not just a dream that will pass.

But the most important of all is that you stand for the truth and freedom and justice to the innocent.
Stand for class fairness, freedom, justice and liberty.
All who stand for the above "unite" because only together we are strong.

Be Nice not Polite. Be morally correct, not immorally legal and politically correct.

Help spread the "wake up to truth of reality" as a sociological psychological mental virus.

That is the way one could help the best way.
Title: Re: The Awakened Sweden-De Väckta Sverige/by:SeekLoad
Post by: SeekLoad on September 01, 2013, 10:29:20 pm
I show you this article because I am blacklisted form the job market in Sweden.
Here is PROOF I was telling the truth. (
Title: Re: The Awakened Sweden-De Väckta Sverige/by:SeekLoad
Post by: SeekLoad on September 01, 2013, 10:30:22 pm
The Swedish police are smart and dangerous. If you try to film them doing something bad they will take you camera and you have NOTHING to show on the internet. No wonder we see little Swedish police doing bad. Not that it does not exist but because it never reaches the internet.

And as far as violence goes the Swedish police is known NOT to be as violent on the street unless they are after to arrest. To not talk of riot violence the Swedish police is very violent with it.

Proof that when the Swedish police is filmed in action they are no better the USA police.

Article from the Swedish news paper Aftonbladet:
The police officer "Marcus Rostedt" hit and dislocated the jaw out of place to a man who filmed the police arrest.

It is good that this, shown on YouTube so that more sees reality and do not look at how the Swedish police is fooling around to get popularity and to make people believe they are so cool. That is FAKE. Actually they are not to much differs from the American police, in its violence.

Filming the police is NOT a crime regardless what the law says. If it becomes illegal in the future, It is still NOT a crime. The camera is the innocents best friend and weapon against dirty or to violent police.

So people when you see something PUT YOUR CAMERA to work, and film it and share it online. Good luck.
Title: Re: The Awakened Sweden-De Väckta Sverige/by:SeekLoad
Post by: SeekLoad on September 01, 2013, 10:30:58 pm
MORE ON black listing in Sweden:
NOTE: Use Google Chrome to translate to English easy.
ALSO PLZ put the link together FB does notallow this link.
Title: Re: The Awakened Sweden-De Väckta Sverige/by:SeekLoad
Post by: SeekLoad on September 05, 2013, 06:59:20 pm
Sweden is after to destroy Christianity AND promote the Illuminati Christianity.
Title: Re: The Awakened Sweden-De Väckta Sverige/by:SeekLoad
Post by: SeekLoad on September 10, 2013, 01:44:24 am
Sweden has the strongest Internet surveillance in EU for USA and Intern.
WAKE UP Sweden is NOT that wonderful country you thought of.
Title: Re: The Awakened Sweden-De Väckta Sverige/by:SeekLoad
Post by: SeekLoad on September 10, 2013, 01:44:44 am
Sweden has the right for surveillance of anybody in the world.
WAKE UP Sweden is NOT that wonderful country you thought.
Title: Re: The Awakened Sweden-De Väckta Sverige/by:SeekLoad
Post by: SeekLoad on September 10, 2013, 01:45:02 am
Sweden with there SÄPO (Swedish Secret Police) is wiretapping by law without court order who ever they want as they want.
WAKE UP Sweden is NOT that wonderful country you thought of.
Title: Re: The Awakened Sweden-De Väckta Sverige/by:SeekLoad
Post by: SeekLoad on September 13, 2013, 08:03:33 pm
If you thought Sweden is perfect this will make you change your mind.

In Sweden the state thinks that they are better and more important for the children then the parents. The state in Sweden wants that children from birth to be owned by the state NOT by the parents and the parents are forced to agree with the state that the state is more important to the child then the parent.
If the parent refuses to accept the care of the state the parents are accused of indoctrinating the child and are at risk of losing there child.

They are fake democratic. By law they are democratic but the system is such in a way made that by using a democratic system they act totalitarian actions when they want as they want. And when I say "THEY" it means the Swedish institutes who are made by a democratic system by the government.
Meaning that the government uses democracy to make a totalitarian system ruled by the institutes wile the politics are democratic.

EXAMPLE of such a fake democratic system:
USA is also a good example of such a system, but Sweden is more fine tuned in this stuff and not as known as USA.

In Sweden it is enough if you are a Swedish citizen meaning if you have Swedish passport.

I live in Sweden for over 25 years but I am an NOT a Swedish citizen. My family is the only Romanian family in Sweden who NEVER has had a Swedish passport for over 25 years and that made Sweden black list me cause they NEVER had the legal right to have me at hand though my visa is political since 1987 for LIFE.
Title: Re: The Awakened Sweden-De Väckta Sverige/by:SeekLoad
Post by: SeekLoad on September 14, 2013, 04:41:04 pm
The laws of why and how in Sweden social care can take a child from the parents "without court order" in to Faster Care.

LVU = Take the child away by the social care from the parents into faster care.

One of the motives that innocent parents can have their children taken way by the Social system in Sweden is:

- "The child does not confirm to social norms".
This practically means "your child is growing up not with a Swedish societies point of view".
- "Parents might take there child outside Swedish borders without the socials permission" is immediate LVU.
- "Parent insisting on to much contact with their child stop him from seeing him".
- "ONE person alone can decide to call for immediate LVU".
- "Verbal decision on immediate seizure is accepted".
- "The bureau can take you children immediately without a court order".
- "If you think you have free access to see your child in care they have the right to hide your children form you".
- "When they decide to take the child, it is without time limit until 18 or 21 years of age".
- "Sweden has the right to take your if your child Swedish citizen FROM ANY Scandinavian country based on the Swedish laws".

BUT WHY are they not taking children in masses if it is that easy?

Well that is the problem that they are to many so they can ONLY apply it to whom the system has a grudge on or are targeting otherwise the systems and the government are at risk to have a revolution or mass protests against them and even could get mass fees to pay the victims.

So that is WHY they ONLY practice the law to whom they have a grudge against and NOT all people.

Like in USA were soldiers go hay wire the American low and order arrests only the solders they have a grudge on or are targeted cause otherwise they would do harakir.

When laws are to inhuman and there are to many nor respecting it the system will use the law only at the people they have a grudge on or target.

The people in the Swedish slums (förurten) were many immigrants are are not targeted for the system cause they do NOT pose a danger for the system as they are sheep to there non-fitting to the norms.

BUT when one does not fit the heard of sheep then that one becomes a target and if that target is a danger to the system, then the system has a grudge on that family as they do with blacklisted people.

MANY are "non-fitting to the norms" but few is a target for the system.

The system can decide for two reasons to act the law.
1- Ether you severely broke international humanist child protection laws, but to this I agree cause there are some bad people out there.
2- Or they have a grudge on you or your there target for political reasons or BOTH. This motive I disagree to cause 99% of all people are innocent to there punishment.

It is the "2-motive" that is bad cause that can apply to ANYBODY regrades who, what of if they are innocent.

It is even WORSE:
All accusations can be dealt "without court order" this means they can even FAKE an accusation if they so wish without having it checked. Yes they could fake it with court order to but NOT as easy.
Title: Re: The Awakened Sweden-De Väckta Sverige/by:SeekLoad
Post by: SeekLoad on January 04, 2014, 01:09:14 am
I quote from the page about Pirate bay Anakata from Sweden:
"Anakata goes into court again Jan 8th. Even if it is a closed door hearing again, he needs the support there. He knew and appreciated it last time. Make sure you are seen and heard either outside the courthouse or in the hallways. Give him your best."

My comment on it:
Sweden will NEVER let go cause when it come to the NWO Big Brother system Sweden and FRA with SÄPO is a dream come true for them, it is fairy land where they finally can control the population as they have dreamed of for so lang. So without pressure I doubt hat they will chose to agree to let him free. He should NOT be arrested to begin with. This arrest of him only proves that Sweden is 100% with the NWO Big Brother system.

WAKE UP Swedish sleeping sheep zombies. Your system is not the innocent system you dreamt of.

I AGREE we need to help him out he (Anakata) is not guilty of anything except for being a victim of the greed of the rich in power. Copyright law    b u l l s h i t    my ass since if the system copies something form you then your guilty for having in your home what the system copied from you.
Title: Re: The Awakened Sweden-De Väckta Sverige/by:SeekLoad
Post by: SeekLoad on April 20, 2014, 03:58:07 pm
Disturbing evidence of the TRUTH.
People in Sweden are NOT free to show the truth of the society they live in.
The camera man Emil Sanchez who filmed me at the Social in Borås Sweden. The camera man got police reported by the social worker Jan Blad for filming me though I wanted him to film by him. People are NOT free to show the truth of Sweden on the internet and the institutes in Sweden police report one if your trying to show the truth online.

PS: It ends with that I ask him to send the video to my email since I am on the video and the police legally can't say **** I have the legal right to the video as well. I hope my friend does the wise thing and sends me the video. Lets see if the police will accuse me for wanting to be on my own video. BIG LOL

"We do NOT forget we do not forgive expect us"
Swedish democratic dictatorship and police state and that includes if I have to become a Edward Snowden for Sweden I won't give up.

The social worker that police reported him is "Jan Blad" and works in "Social Ekonomiskt bistånd kontoret i Borås" at:
Viskastrandsgatan 3 Borås - Sweden

#Anonymous #Anon #Anons #wake #Awake #Awakening #Awakened #Jullian #Assage #Julian #Assage #Edward #Snowden #Sweden #Suedia #Revolution #Revolt #Fight #Freedom #Liberty #Justice #THEAD

Title: Re: The Awakened Sweden-De Väckta Sverige/by:SeekLoad
Post by: SeekLoad on August 08, 2014, 10:59:21 pm
CULTURAL and SOCIETY differences between Sweden VS Romania.
--- Sweden is a 80% Atheists country wile Romania is a 80% Christian country.
--- Romania has thousands of churches all over Romania yet a low rate of religious fanatics and no religious terrorists. Sweden has very few churches and more are closing and though that they have more religious fanatics and even religious terrorists. How come? That is weird!
--- In Sweden children move from there parents from the age of 14 till 20 and when they reach 20+ almost all children have moved separate from there parents Wile in the Romanian culture the children live at there parents as long as it is needed or if they have the money to move then until they get married.
--- In Sweden the parents are not allowed to spank there children on the bottom never the less to beat them it is illegal in Sweden. In Romania to beat your children is illegal to, but not to spank them on the bottom. I agree to having the beating illegal, but not the spanking on the bottom since some kids need it.
--- At the market in Romania you can barging the price wile in Sweden barging the price can irritate them. In Romania squirt toilets are 30% of public toilets wile in Sweden they never have squirt toilets at all.
--- People in Sweden are use to queue using a ticket with a number. In Romania people are use to queue in a long Indian raw.
--- In the Swedish for example tax office you will see 8 counters and only 2 or 3 working. In Romania if you see 8 counters somewhere then 5 or 7 of them will work.
--- A Swedish most popular vulgar word is "go to hell" and "Satan" and "Niger devil" though funny because 80% of the Swedish population is Atheist who do not believe in a hell or a heaven or Satan. The most popular vulgar word in Romania is "go into your mothers    c u n t   " and "suck my dick" and "go to Satan".
--- In Sweden teenagers usually lose there virginity at 14-17 years of age. In Romania at 17-20 of years of age.
--- In Sweden it is rare that a person is over 20 years of age and a virgin. In Romania it is rare to be over 25 and a virgin.
--- In Sweden it is normal to be a 30+ year old girl and not married. In Romania if you are 30+ and not married it is called late.
--- In Sweden only 30% are married the rest live "sambo" meaning they live together but without getting married and without the legal laws of marriage. In Romania 80% get married some day and only 15% live as the Swedish sambo though the sambo system does  not exist in Romania and if Romania if one wants to live as sambo then they live as lovers.
--- In Sweden the divorce is at 90% within the first 5 years of the relationship and in all relationships not only marriage and in the total life time the divorce rate is at 98% of all relationships were the majority divorces are at 2 to 4 times in there life. In Romania it is at 40% divorced were the majority only divorces 1 to 3 times in there life.
--- In Sweden it is not normal to talk a lot and even less normal to talk loud so Swedish normally are only noise if they are drunk or extremely happy. In Romania it is normal no talk some and sometimes and if needed to be loud as well so the Romanians are definitely a lot more noisier then the Swedish. No wonder cause Romanians are Latins and are noise like Latins to.
--- In Sweden it does not fit good to self-praise your self and if you do it you could end up being abandoned. In Romania it is very normal and  a popular thing to self-praise your self.
--- In Sweden it is a bad thing to show off like for example "You buy a Lamborghini and you show it off to your friends". That in Sweden is against the Swedish culture. In the Swedish culture you buy what the others were you live buy and if your different you could end up abandoned or even wore bullied for it. In Romania if you buy for example a Lamborghini and you show off yes you will get some jealous people but at the same time that is something that will make everybody to lick your ass with respect.
--- In Sweden people shut up of there income and that is there personal secret. There income is as secret even if it could help you by not keeping it a secret and a Swedish will not tell you his income not even if your work mates. In Romania the income of one is not a secret but a Romanian will gladly tell you his income especially if you work at the same company so that you know what to ask for of your boss.
--- In Sweden if you ask for directions you will get an answer 80% of the times but almost 40% of that 80% will be false or misleading information and out of them 40% the 20% will be by bad will and NOT by mistake.
In Romania 90% of the times you will get a information and out of that 90% the 20% will be false or misleading information and out of the 20% only 5% will be of bad will and NOT by mistake.
--- In Sweden the majority of jokes are sexual about the sex itself. In Romania the majority of jokes are also sexual but more about sexual conflicts and not the sex itself.
--- In Sweden people talk with "you" as in English. In Romania people talk with "Mr/Mrr and Ms/Mss" as in French.
--- A teacher in the Swedish school has no right to punish a student no matter what the punish is even if the punish is physiological and not physical. In Romania they are not allowed to punish one physically but they are allowed to punish the student physiologically like for example mostly used punish is "more home work".
--- In the Swedish schools there is no requirement for the student to use a good language to the teacher though the teacher does demand it he/she has no power to make them respect him/her. In Romania if a student does not respect his/her teacher they can get kicked out from school.
--- In Sweden if a child or teen does to many stupid things in school Sweden nothing happens and the school almost never contacts the parents, but if he does it to often he/she will easily be taken form the parents by force by the social and put in a foster home. Though before that the parents did not get contacted by the social. In Romania if he misbehaves in school the school will contact the parents and if he/she misbehaves even worse then the parents gets asked to institutionalize his child if he wants to as a parent. In Romania the state can NOT take away the child if the parents refuses to unless it is not murder, extreme beating or **** motives involved.
--- Prostitution is illegal in Sweden but not for the prostitute and only for the client wile the prostitute can freely continue and find another client to rip off or send to the cops. In Romania prostitution is also illegal but for the prostitute and less for the client though the client is also accused.
--- The police in Sweden sue live ammunition in ether guns. In Romania they use live ammunition only if it is the innervation police but normal street police use guns with half the original power in there bullets.
---The police in Sweden are allowed to even shoot and kill with no excuse needed in he shoots so called by mistake cause he felt threatened. that has lead to that Sweden has the highest rates in Europe of police officers shooting and killing somebody. In Romania the police is not allowed to shoot unless they have to and if they have to they have to give after the shot explanation to there officer why they did it. Also if they do not shoot in the leg or arm and shoot to kill they could lose there job unless it was necessary to shoot and kill. This has lead to that Romania has one of the lowest rates of police who shoot and kills in EU. EXACTLY the opposite to Sweden.
--- Sweden says they have no life time jail in Sweden, but instead they have a punishment in the insane asylum for crimes without time limitation whom is the same thing as life time, just not named life time. In Romania maximum punish time is 30 years and in the insane asylum it is 35 years.
--- In Sweden you can be send to jail, then to the insane asylum then last to pay a fee for the crime you have done. In Romania you only get one that is jail, insane asylum or to pay a fee and you can never get all 3 of them in the court.
--- Jails in Sweden as for the living standards is as a poor mans vacation with TV and all. Yet the killing rates by other inmates in jail in Sweden is the highest in Europe. In Romania jail is jail and NOT the poor mans vacation in living standards.
--- In Sweden it is normal that the Swedish take a vacation in the summer. In Romania usually only the wealthy do that.
--- In Sweden if you do not dress and behave like others and eat the same thing others eat you will get alienated. In Romania nobody gives a    f u c k   , they simply don't care of such.
--- In Sweden thy say that the social will help you if your on the street, so if your a homeless beggar nobody will give you money and the social sure lies of helping you causes they so many times do not even lift a finger to help. In Romania they recon the social does not help much and the people are more willing to give something to a homeless beggar, but since Romania has many gypsy beggars many do not give anything to beggars unless they know you or your situation. But in Sweden it does not matter they know you or your situation they will still refuse to help and point you to go to the state to help you.
--- If one says "no" for any reason in Sweden, even if the "no" is wrong or illegal nobody will say it is wrong as long as it comes from a authority. IN Romania if the same thing happens you will find three groups of people one that will say that, that something is wrong and one that will shut up and one that will help the wrong doing like in Sweden.
--- The Swedish easily gets drunk. The Romanians as all Latins does not get drunk that easy.
--- A drunk Swedish will blame the alcohol for the stupid things he/she did no matter that he was not that drunk. A Romanian being more proud will always try to accuse himself as if it was just and accident that anybody could do wrong or worse he will try to ignore any wrongs were done.
--- In you insult a Swedish in the face if he is not drunk he will shut up and play cool. The Romanian will get angry and insult you back or tell you to leave before he hits you in the face.
--- The Swedish are less arrogant then the Romanians are. Romanians usually are a lot more arrogant then the Swedish.
--- Many who have only visited Sweden thinks that the Swedish are warm at heart. But they could not be more wrong. The Swedish can be warm at heart but the Romanians are even more warm at heart and in Europe the Swedish in fact are the coldest at heart wile the Romanians are well known to be the warmest at heart.
--- Swedish history may be interesting but compared to the Romanian history it is very boring. The Romanian history never boring. Thus has made that many Swedish Viking do not want to hear of the Romanian history if you tell them cause that makes them feel small.
--- In Sweden to go to a random girl in the bus and start talking to her can go good but it can also be that she looks at you as if you were an enemy just because you sat next to her and the bus was empty. In Romania of she does not like you she will reject you, but she will not act as if she hates you just because the bus was empty and you sat next to her.
--- In Sweden 70% of all girls smoke and 20% of all boys. In Romania 70% of all boys smoke and 20% of all girls.
--- In Sweden if there are not equal of both sexes in a job the employer can get accused of sexual discrimination even though he may be innocent cause there are no equal amount of candidates for that job. In Romania nobody give a    f u c k   .
--- In Sweden though they talk of sexual equality the salary for woman is 30% lower then for men at the same jobs and same hours of work. In Romania nobody gives a    f u c k    in some cases woman earn more then men and in some cases men earn more then woman. It depends who and what you are and who your and weer you work at or for and of course it depends how smart and a how good orientation you are.
--- In Sweden if a man makes sex with a woman while she is a sleep it is **** and so is in Romania to. But if when she wakes up she likes it an continues in Romania the **** accusation is not valid, but in Sweden it is still valid though she liked it and continues it when she woke up.
--- In Sweden if you report something to the police then later you come back and want to take you report back the police will refuse it and even worse in court. To report something to the police is like "shaking hands with the Devil" in Sweden. In Romania if you decide to take a police report back you can do it at any time as long as it has not gone to court. After it is to court you need to take it from the court and not form the police if you want to take it back.
--- This is the only good thing in Sweden compared to Romania and that is that in Sweden if you buy something from a shop (NOT from then market) and you give it back to the shop they will take it back and some will even give you money back. In Romania you can forget that. In Romania you need to have your eyes opened when buying something or it is your loss.
--- Sweden do usually not have markets at all. Romania is full with markets at least one in every city and many times even in towns you can find a market.
--- In Sweden it is not normal that farmers sell outside there gate though it does happens sometimes. In Romania that is very normal and a popular way to sell fruits and vegetables when they are to many to sell on the market or the farmer does not want to got to the market.
--- In Sweden you are not allowed to build the house as you wish to with your money. In Romania nobody gives a    f u c k    of how you build your house with your money as long as it passes the control that it will not fall apart in case of a minor earthquake.
---In Sweden if your on social your not allowed to make extra money, not allowed to have money in the bank and not allowed to make internet purchases with Social money and your definitely not allowed to eat less and buy something expansive cause they they will decide that your social income is to big and you will lose some of your already low income. the social income for one person is 350 euros per month without the rent that is calculated separate. In Romania nobody gives a    f u c k    what you do with your social money.
--- Sweden is said to be a free speech country, but if you talk to much they will black list you on the job market and discriminate you. Romania is also a free speech country and if you talk to much they will stop caring of what yo say and tell you "that is only your opinion".
--- Sweden sais to be fighting for human rights and freedom on the world wile in Sweden FRA and SÄPÅ (the Swedish secret police) has the right to spy and stop people and sometimes very seldom even arrest without any court order. In Romania none of them are allowed to be done without any court order.
--- In Sweden to be gay is accepted by the culture and by the politicians ruling the country it is thought to be better the straight. In Romania to be gay is a shame in the culture but by the politicians it is accepted equally to straight.
--- The Swedish has the biggest rate of people trusting its government in Europe. Romania has the biggest rate of people NOT trusting its government in Europe. EXACTLY the opposite.
--- The Swedish usually think of themselves as the best country in the world though they are not. The Romanians do not think of there country as the best in the world, but think of it as the worst in the world, but they do think of there soil nature as the best in the world. And yes I agree the nature of of the soil in Romania is one of the best in the world.
--- The Swedish always think that the Swedish model is the best for all the world and if they could they would force others to accept it. Wile the Romanians do not think they the Romanians are the best in the world, but they always think they can become better.
--- In Sweden it is always "me, me and me" everywhere you are. In Romania it is "me, me and me" or "us, us and us" depending were and what you are.
--- In Sweden it is not that accepted not to know the Swedish language. In Romania there are meany Gypsies who know little Romanian and over 1 million Hungarians who know little or refuse to speak Romanian.
--- Sweden say that Romania discriminates Gypsies and it racist  but Romania has never sterilized Gypsies and Romania has Gypsies even in the government. Sweden has sterilized Gypsies up to the year 1990 and has NEVER had and still does not have Gypsies in the government. LOL So who is more racists? BIG LOL
--- Romania has corruption in almost pain site. Sweden is not known fro corruption not because they don't have it, but because they are smarter at hiding it.
--- Sweden has a big number of real skin head Nazis that every year sings "High Hitler" saluting Hitler. Romania has extreme nationalism but NONE of them say "High Hitler" saluting Hitler. And Romania has very little skin heads.
--- In Sweden you could hear African Blacks and Arabs bin called "Bloody Niger Devils" by racists Swedish people. In Romania that almost NEVER happens.
--- In the bus or in any public transport in Sweden each person sits one person and leaves the chair beside him empty, not for others but just to be comfortable and if you have space and the buss is not full and you sit beside somebody that person will loot at you as if you were intruding his space.
This is how Swedish sit in the bus.
Wile in the Romanian buss normally people sit beside each other and even more if it is full packed. This is the Romanian bus.
See the difference. Well when it is full pack then people sit like sardines in the buss. LOL
NOTE: I am NOT saying Romania has no bad sides but compared to Sweden it is VERY different. The darkest side of Romania is the corruption and the lost patriotism selling the country for money in them who leads the country.
PS: Sorry I wrote so much but I wrote all differences I could think of right now between Romania and Sweden.
Title: Re: The Awakened Sweden-De Väckta Sverige/by:SeekLoad
Post by: SeekLoad on August 22, 2014, 12:04:49 am
Once the RFID chip is mandatory and used as money here are 3 ways to survive with it.
1- Use somebody that has the chip to buy food and stuff for you. In worst case scenario maybe sacrifice a family member or a willing friend with a better economy for your and others.
2- This is complicated but it could work. Take the chip from a dead person that did not dies cause of the chip and hack the chip and give it a new code and all and then add a low energy battery to make it run and not look as if your dead and tape it under the arm and under the blouse so to use it and nobody would know that you don't have it implanted.
3- This will hurt and it is only possible for them who takes the chip in the arm not in the head.
Take the chip in the arm and then in secret take it out. That way it has your number but will no longer be in you. Then the only thing needed is to hack it by putting a low energy battery so it runs and does not look as if you dead. You can then tape it under your arm under the blouse and use it.
Since you need it to buy food and stuff you will need to use it and there for you must find a way to use it without having it in your body and do NOT care it will be illegal to use it that way. F U C K   the law in this case and if it is out of your body you will not die of it ether and you can chose to not be tracked if you want to and the system will think that you are sitting home wile maybe your out.
GOOD LUCK and hope it does not come to that but if it does this are the solutions.
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Post by: SeekLoad on November 27, 2014, 10:38:46 pm
You think Sweden is a good country cause its not much talk of it in TV. The truth could not be more wrong. The only motive you think Sweden is a good country is cause they keep the world IGNORANT to what is happening in Sweden
Proof Swedish police are also brutal for no reasons at people. American and UK police are not alone in doing so.
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Post by: SeekLoad on November 27, 2014, 10:51:22 pm
Swedish police runs down with a horse a Anonymous demonstrator in Malmo in August 2014.
If you think Swedish police are not asshóles, watch this video. Here is the truth that is kept away from you to keep you ignorant.
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Post by: SeekLoad on November 18, 2016, 11:37:51 pm
PROOF Sweden is NOT a democracy.
And that Sweden is a man hating sexist racist country.

"Social Minister wants to abolish mens rights to vote"  and she is getting backed up for it by the system.
The M. Haffo politician in Sweden gets fired for he called the social minister Annika Strandhäll for a ****. Now I am NOT a fan of  M. Haffo, and I do not like him, but he is innocent on this one. She got what she asked for.
At first glance it seems he did wrong. But when we dig in deeper we find that Annika Strandhäll did wrong and the the system protects her and condemns the man who said against her for doing wrong.
The Swedsih social minister Annika Strandhäll said in front of the journalists that "after her opinion USA should not have let men vote because that was the only way a democracy can work were Hillary would won".
Now that is a one man opinion so much, what bothers me is that the elite leading Sweden agrees with her. In other words that the elite if it was not illegal in Europe they would agree to ban men from voting and calls the politician in Sweden M. Haffo for sexist demanding he lives his job wile making the REAL sexist the Swedsih social minister Annika Strandhäll in to a hero and a victim of sexism.
In other words if a man calls a woman something sexually bad he is a sexist, but if a woman calls a man something sexually bad or wants to forbid men from having there human rights she is seen as a hero and a fighter for woman rights.
How the **** is that sexually fair between sexes?
What is next:
"woman who wants all means penises chopped off at birth?"
I am not a sexist, nor do I want woman to have less rights then men, of course woman deserve the same rights as men, but that does not mean that woman should have more rights then men just because they have a **** and are the less physical strong sex.
Look at the article "Social Minister wants to abolish mens rights to vote"
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Post by: SeekLoad on December 30, 2018, 09:08:32 pm
THE TRUTH of the Terrorist attack in Sweden 07-04-2017
The terrorist attack in Sweden is for sure a "false slag attack" and I can prove it.

The police says that they found a suitcase with a bomb or some sort of explosives in the truck that ram over people in central Stockholm yesterday 07-04-2017. And explosive device that did NOT detonate and explode. This is the excuse the police gave the journalist to why the police did not let the journalists come near the truck and take pictures or videos.
But according the the trucks driver the man who stole his truck and did the terrorist attack was empty handed and according to video surveillance he did not stop the truck until he rammed in the Ålens shopping center. So how the hell did that suitcase with so called explosives end up in the truck?
Also right before the crash in Ålens the truck had something that exploded a bit, yet the police says NOTHING about this on the new, nor does the journalists speak about it.

Police trying to stop journalists from taking pictures of the truck:

Look the car exploding a bit:

Yet the police says they found the bomb intact and it did not explode, with is true the truck did not explode sow hat did explode then in that explosion? Because as proof shows something did explode and it was not the truck.

This picture shows how the truck looked like after it crashed.



And now they tell us that the terrorist ran out and was ought and that we should believe that this guy was the terrorist.



But as you can see in one picture he is going up the stairs and in the other picture he is going down the stairs. The metro in Stockholm is underground so when he is going up he is exiting the metro, and when he is going down he is entering the metro. In NONE of those pictures he looks in any way or form injured or dirty.
Now you tell me, how the hell did he crash the truck in the building at a speed of 90kl an hour and totally destroyed the front of the truck, and he got out without a scratch and without even being dirty from it? From a truck that by the way had caught fire and was a bit black with smoke.

Also lets talk of the fact hat he had terrorist attack pictures on his computer at home. So what? According to the online posts he mad he was researching false flag attacks. And he just happened to be in the wrong place at the WRONG time at Ålens when this terrorist attack happened in Sweden. In other words the Swedish police arrested a Conspiracy Theorist or a Anonymous for he was so easy to blame by the police.

What bothers me is that now a INNOCENT man will get jail and blamed for a terrorist attack he did not commit. Just so that the police can seem as if they were heroes, that they found the terrorist the same day. If you ask me I think the terrorist died in the crash, that is why the police did not let any journalists to take close up pictures or videos of the truck after the crash. The pictures taken were taken long after the police did the clean up. Because of course the police did the clean up of the dead terrorist drivers body as well, so that their story that, that guy is the terrorist would be considered true.

Now why has the Swedish elite done this false flag attack?
First the police has now after only 24 hours made a new law that police officers are allowed to wear and use there work guns after work in private life. Just in 2016 alone in Sweden there was more police shootings against people then what was in Chicago US in a year.
This leads to that the people living in the ghettos in Sweden is against that the police should have more legal rights to shoot people at will without any punishment.
So they made the "false flag attack" to make the people agree to the law tat gives the rights for the police to shoot people even if the police officer is off duty.
Because when a police officer shoots somebody they never get accused and the case always get covered up.

The Swedish elite made this false flag terrorist attack and sacrificed innocent lives the same way USA made with 911. Just so that Sweden can pass some laws that will restrict the freedom of the ordinary citizen.

Look at FACTS. When the terrorist attack happened there was an army of police that came to the government to defend the Swedish government. They took police core from all over Stockholm for it leaving the rest of Stockholm empty and vulnerable to crime and criminals. They closed all local traffic, trains, air plains, buses and meteors and even taxi from driving in Stockholm. Forcing the people to walk home. But think of them who needs to travel far to get home!
Those people were advised to seek to live in apartments of willing people in Stockholm. Now tell me if a rapist or a **** wants a victim, is this not the PERFECT opportunity for it? If somebody of the elite in society wants somebody gone to disappear is this not the perfect opportunity for it? If the criminal knows you can not come home because you have no transport, and that there is no police near by because they are all busy protecting the elite, is this not the perfect opportunity for him to rob your house?
Of course it is the perfect opportunity for criminals to act.

The police telling people what roads to take and what roads not to take:
Tell me does this scenario not help a terrorist to kill more people if there was second terrorist attack? Well it does help the terrorist. But the police knew ether would be no second terrorist attack, because it was a "false flag attack". That is why they do not care that they put the people in danger for a second terrorist attack by having people walk in a masses together.
This proves that the Swedish police does not give a rats ass **** about their citizens. Yet their citizens short and blind sited zombie sheep to the system and the elite in power. The Swedish people trusts the system with their lives and they attack, hate and harass people like me and other because we say this sort of stuff. But there is still hope, because there are people who see this too and who start talking and now that this happened I hope more people will start opening their eyes wile at the same time I am sure some will slumber deeper in their sleep to believe the elites bullsh¡t and fake news in the media.

Also think a bit. The police in Stockholm arrested at least 4 people after the same day the terrorist attack.




NONE of those arrests were ever confirmed by the police to the news. The police denies all those arrests that were made of innocent people who dared to define the police and ask why they are getting treated that way. We today still do not know what happened to the people the police arrested and denies that they did arrest.
For trying to post this the FaceBook user "Liviu Rafael Nichiforiuc" ( was bloccked for 7 days from posting on FaceBook. Please support "Liviu Rafael Nichiforiuc" to get his facebook back as fast as possible and to continue exposing the truth and do not let the ass holes shut him up.
FaceBook and SÄPÅ (Swedish secret police) is trying o SILENCE the truth and the people who dare to use their brains.