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Title: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on January 03, 2013, 01:29:05 am
This topic is INTERNATIONAL for all people who are NOT afraid to think freely and wake up to really see what world they live in no matter how black it is, they always try to make the world they live in better.

Everything in the world is a chain reaction like a real chain is linked to one another.
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I advise EVERYBODY to JOIN this group regardless of the country your in if your have an interest of this and sent it to all people you know...

I advice EVERYBODY that does not already have the "The Awakened" topic with there country name to make a topic like this with then name "The Awakened + country" for there country with the description problems of that country.

OBS! The 3 BASE rules should be the SAME EVERYWHERE.
- We keep a good language with respect among each other.
- We accept members from ALL over the world and we should spread all over the world regardless of the groups country name the goal is ALWAYS to have waken up as many as possible regardless of religion, color, race or geographic position.
- We do NOT hate, condemn or love anybody above the other one based on religion, color, race or geographic position. We hate, condemn or love based on actions, facts and proven guilt.

PS: We work with Anonymous but...
We are sort of part of Anonymous but we are NOT Anonymous and are part of the Anonymous at the same time, but there is some significant differences:
- We ALWAYS try to be peaceful, but sometimes if we are FORCED to it we can consider to take to arms or violence if necessary but ONLY if it is ABSOLUTELY necessary and we are NOT as Anonymous almost only online. If it is needed we could be in real life to in some cases.
- We do want more action then talk and consider that Anonymous is to slow, to inaccurate or talks to much and that we should put some fire on there buts to start acting more and talk less.
- We do NOT have one idol as Anonymous has the "V from Vendetta" with the "Guy Fawkes mask". We have all different idols and ideas for each country and each problem but united in one wish and that is to make this world a better place by showing of the stinking **** in it and afterwords dealing with it accordingly to the situation.
Title: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on January 03, 2013, 01:41:46 am
Wake up
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Dear activists for the protection of privacy, dear people from all over the European Union, dear mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters.
Since 2009, the EU has been subsidizing the INDECT project with millions of Euros.
Even though several media outlets have already reported about this networked surveillance technology, only few EU citizens know what it is supposed to be.
The application of INDECT aims to analyze conspicuous behavior to prevent crimes, in virtual life as well as in real life, before they actually happen. Not only does this sound crazy, it is cutting deeply into our basic right to privacy, because those cameras will be able to replicate scanned personal biometrical features with existing digital files about persons in databases such as social networks. Hence, every person could be retraced and supervised, anybody who says or does anything "abnormal" or anything which the system considers to be "threatening" both on the internet and in real life, is potentially suspicious.
We have been accepting the claims of disclosure of our private data for too long in order to prevent acts of terrorism. People started to accept being treated as potential terrorists or criminals, being more and more deprived of their basic rights, and allowing the surveillance society to gain increased control over them.
Basic rights weren't given to us as a matter of course, but many generations kept fighting for them. Don't let those rights be taken away from us now!
These days, we see the situation in Spain where calls for protests are criminalized by the government. Though the right to protest is an essential part of free speech, we should not tolerate the increasingly upcoming undemocratic features in the EU which mostly hide under the cloak of suppression of terrorism.
And therefore we should move NOW and tell the citizens of the European Union about this project, which has been kept as a secret for so many years. We must create a public awareness and get the people on the streets and fight for their rights.
It is for these reasons that we ask you to call up all organizations, which campaign for data privacy protection in your country, to join the protest. Create flyers and other media which provide information about INDECT and organize Paperstorms.
Translate the message of this video into your mother tongue and spread it!
We are Anonymous We are Legion We do not fight for slavery, we fight for liberty In the name of democracy, Let us all unite! Expect us
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The New World Order
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Listen to this
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I know it is a bit late but cause it is so true listen to him here.
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<img src="" border="0">
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WWZ is a metaphorical name to WW3 and a metaphorical situation to the plan of population reduction of the "The New World Order".
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I quote form Youtube:

The Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed

Published on Jan 7, 2013

First off I would like to thank the users that contributed to this video, there are a few clips in here that already had so many duplicated I could not locate the original posters. Those people can contact me for a credit. You may copy and repost this video as you wish.

Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 17 U.S.C. § 106 and 17 U.S.C. § 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include: the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes; the nature of the copyrighted work; the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.

The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors.[2]

My comment is:
The shooting could be real but with a twist. The real kinds that are dead are unknown. The fake kids are known. The murderer NEVER got punished cause he was payed by the CIA to do it.
The fact is that the real parents were never interviewed. Why? Cause I think a totally different story may come up. There were real children killed BUT NOT the ones pointed out by the police. But why would they lie of who the children are.

Maybe cause they were payed to get silence some people by killing there children and there for they can interview the real parents cause then the truth will come out so they put actors and made up some fake dead kids to cover up the real dead kids.
But there was NO masaker.
They CIA made up a fake story to cover up the real story.
Uses the story to put fear in people and make laws that suit them.
See how they hit three flies with ONE shot...

In case people misunderstood what i am trying to say let me be more clear:

The shooting did happen BUT "The real kinds that are dead are unknown" meaning there are real dead kids. But there is one twist to it. the real parents never got interviewed. You never wonder why they did not?

I would say that the police tries to cover something up. You know hat they can use one case for something else. For the CIA a life or some kinds lives are worthless. Meaning the goal is to pay somebody to kill then let him free cause he was payed wile another pure guy takes the blame and goes in jail.

They win 3 things out of it.
1a- They put in jail a man that is innocent but can be accused falsely for being guilty wile in the media and to the people they tell that the real murderer was put in jail. Wile the truth is that he is still free.

2a- They kill some innocent kids to silent some parents from something or to scare some parents from something.

3a- They use scare tactics by using this case to make laws.

Metaphorically speaking "they shoot 3 rabbits with 1 bullet".
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Post by: SeekLoad on January 20, 2013, 05:43:56 pm
Because the non lethal and natural drugs should be legal I agree with him and there for I quote and share from FaceBook from: Matty Harton
Please share this status along with the following link. is an educational group based around the medicinal aspects of cannabis. The group was created in order to boosts awareness of certain facts, regarding the direct health benefits of cannabis, specifically cannabis oil's ability to treat cancer. Please show your support, thank you.
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Tarfiking in UK and more

Slavery takes many forms not only trafficking. Trafficking is the slavery reckoned by society as to be modern slavery. But there is modern society slavery that NOBODY in the news talks of. Why? Cause the ones making and taking advantage of it are the ones in power. Even wen it comes to trafficking think who is mostly the client, if not the ones with money and in power?
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Abought Julian Assage

“Every time we witness an injustice and do not act, we train our character to be passive in its presence and thereby eventually lose all ability to defend ourselves and those we love. ... You have to start with the truth. The truth is the only way that we can get anywhere. Because any decision-making that is based upon lies or ignorance can't lead to a good conclusion.” -Julian Assange (
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What is your reality today? And were are we heading? Waht you should realize is...

Your in school and you have a dream.
Your out of school and you are in the real life and decide to live it.
You wake up in the moarning, eat, work, eat, sleep.
You wake up in the moarning, eat, work, eat, sleep.
You wake up in the moarning, eat, work, eat, sleep.
Your Old and realize "What have I done in my life"?

Yes you were free, free as a programmed robot and now forgotten as used up car in the cemetery.
You have done NOTHING in your life but feed the elite wile you suffered for them.
Your family as you did now are in the same trap.

You ask yourself "WHAT is the meaning of life?"
The answer lie "To leave something GOOD behind to be remembered for". And "What did you leave behind?" Answer "NOTHING cause you thought you were free but you NEVER were free as a human, you were free as a robot and now your a used up car in the cemetery only good for destruction and nothing of you will be remembered." (
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Post by: SeekLoad on January 26, 2013, 12:40:59 am
The systems 666 chip.
This chip is the mark and the beginning of the 666 system prophecy. And even if your not religious common sense should tell you that to be marked is not a good thing and that it is made only for controlling you and everything you do in your life. A modern way of slavery called freedom to be a programed human like a robot. That is not true freedom it is fake freedom cause your not free you just think you are and wen you wake up then they will turn it off so you have NOTHING to live on.
Scary that is true. But wen the people are fooled to think that is for there safety they will want it freely and think of it as something good. That is the trick. Commercialism and marketing together with politics does the trick to make you want it with no questions asked and not be afraid of it. That is why we do this to wake people up not to fall for it.
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At least 50 African children paralyzed after receiving Bill Gates-backed meningitis vaccine.
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Anonymous Message Regarding the New World Order
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LOOK This is freaking REAL. Date: Friday 15-02-2013
A meteor hit Russia in this morning.

Some say 200 got killed, some say 200 got injured, some say that was 400 people. And some even say that 1000 and 1400 got injured or killed. We do not know the exact number. But I would go for that 1000 got injured or killed cause it seems rational considering the population there at that hour.
Remember that wen the Government say there is no more danger be sure there is a LOT more danger coming this way. The meteor sower may make more meteors hit earth, but it could ass well not hit earth. I will say it is unknown and DO NOT base your estimentation that satellites will see it cause they did NOT see this one coming.
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Post by: SeekLoad on February 19, 2013, 12:41:59 am
USA POLICE attack pregnant woman for using the cell in the car phone.
The police in america is becoming not far form Hitlers Stache men in there way of behaving. She may have done a illegal thing but for crying out loud SHE IS NOT A SERIAL KILLER she just used the cell phone. Ou I forgot the police in USA are MENTALLY unstable and thinks that they are the only good guys and the rest that has no badge are mass murders criminals. I know what some would say "not all officers are like that" true but as long as those who are NOT like that around this guys did NOT say STOP WHAT THE **** ARE YOU DOING those officers are equally guilty.

Pregnant Woman Body-Slammed, Hog-Tied By California Police Over Cell Phone Use In Car. Disturbing Video Footage

This is the Quote of the article in case it gets deleted by somebody.
"A pregnant woman who was body slammed and hog-tied by California police for using her cell phone while in her vehicle has won a $250,000 settlement as the disturbing video of the incident caught on police camera begins to go viral. Notice near the end of the video when the police officer walks back to the car and notices that the video is rolling. You can clearly see him utter a term of anger at the camera. The footage proved vital in the outcome.The pregnant Los Angeles woman who was brutally hogtied by California Highway Patrolmen in August 2011 after being pulled over for chatting on her cell phone while driving has finally received retribution in the form of a $250,000 settlement.According to the LA Times, Tamara Gaglione, 30, was hauled away and charged with misdemeanor evading and resisting arrest and driving on a suspended license.Those charges were dropped, however, once Gaglione's terrible treatment was revealed in footage from the cruiser's videocamera.
Busted: Tamara Gaglione's was pulled over in her minivan by California Highway Patrolmen in 2011 for using a cell phone while driving
Published onFeb 14, 2013
Young woman was pulled over for improperly using her cell phone by California Highway Patrol officers. After first stopping on the right shoulder, she was ordered to not stop there, to go forward and get off freeway. Because of rush hour traffic noise, she did not hear clearly what she was directed to do.
Additionally, besides being typically scared after being lit up, and now confused about where she should go, she thought that she should go to the shoulder on the left side of the freeway and she changed lanes to her left to do this. When the CHP vehicle followed and then turned on its siren, she was told to pull off the freeway again, which she promptly did on the right shoulder after driving less than 1/4 mile. Once stopped, she was told to turn off the ignition, throw the keys out and exit. She did that and then two officers approached, one pointing his gun at her, yelling for her to turn around. She just stood absolutely paralyzed in terror with her hands open and to her side.
As the officer came up to her, she told him she was pregnant (which the officer admitted in his report), as she turned around in fear of him. The officer then kicked her feet out from under her and slammed her to the pavement face down. He then bent down on her, putting his left his knee on her neck, handcuffed her while also kicking her rib cage with his right foot. Even though she never resisted whatsoever, back up officers then HOGTIED her. She was then lifted up and placed on her left side in the back seat of the patrol car and driven to the station, which took about 20 minutes.
The police report stated falsely that after exiting the car, she was talking incoherently even though she said nothing except being pregnant, and that she was hogtied because she was flailing her legs, which she clearly did not. She is charged with evading and resisting arrest.
"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." 
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USA today a POLICE state.
Article at:
With video
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Post by: SeekLoad on March 21, 2013, 04:04:46 pm
In my opinion what "freedom of speech" is.

"Freedom of speech" is the freedom of saying anything as long as it is not an intentional lie made to hurt. In other words "Freedom of speech" should ALWAYS be regulated by the laws of morality and NOT by the laws of the Governments.

Morally "freedom of speech" is not freedom to falsely lie regardless of belief. Sadly the system and idiots in it use the "freedom of speech" argument to tell us lies saying that "if you have freedom of speech then you have freedom to say anything including deceiving people with lies" and this without any moral law. For them "freedom of speech" has no moral law.

Morally anything that tells a fake story of any story fiction or true story,should be banned cause if we admit it then we will admit any lie to be indoctrinated to us, unless the story changes the subject and becomes it own new story then its okay.

So my friends do NEVER get fooled that "freedom of speech" means freedom to say anything even evil deceiving lies if you have any correct bone in your body. "Freedom of speech" is and should ALWAYS be bound to the moral law of telling the truth otherwise your NO better then the ass_hole elite who wants to enslave the people.
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Real PROOF that the Bostom Bombers in 2013 the bombers that are accused by the USA police are are INNOCENT and set up by the feds to be there escape goat for a false flag terrorist attack. The feds killed the poeple not aoutside terrorists here is the proof.

PLZ share and download and upload this.
The thruth MUST come out. STOP the feds from putting this under the table blaming it on terrorism and tell the truth. Download and Upload this ALL OVER THE NET
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Israeli strike on Syria as attack on sovereign state (2013-05-15)
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The 666 system is in making. The New World order is in making by Illuminati. there are people saying "there is no Illuminati" not understanding Illuminati is a UNION of secret societies. Though there is so much evidence of the 666 system in making people are still blind. I do NOT ask of you to believe in the bible, but I ask of you to believe in what is going on. OPEN your eyes and WAKE UP and see that the world is making a hell of a 666 system to control you and your soul.Yet we sleep.
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Anonymous - We hold these Truths to be Self-Evident
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Religion "question and fact".
The question people has to put no matter if they are religious or not is "what have we bin given and what have we done of it?"
If they ask that question they will see that the answer is ALWAYS that religion did not make wars humans did and used religion to wash there guilt in it. Religion was not made for control but was used for it. To be against religion for religion can hurt is like being against having a kitchen knife cause it can kill ignoring the who and why is the person that is using it.
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100% True even if it sounds like a poem.
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Meat glued and resold to you with dangerous stuff.
It is sold to yo as fresh meat and you don't even know it.
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A lateral mass online attack has bin made against me this week on YouTube and Google.

After I published my questions and proof of the real motive of the Bombing in Boston I started to get attacked by hackers trying to hack my email. On YouTube a RAY of copyrights accusations against me and I also got a "strike notification" to whom I made a disclaimer and got my video approved by the owner and the YouTube regulations says "a strike notification is deleted if the video gets approved" but YouTube chose to have my"strike notification" still standing against the regulations.

I also told and advice people this wen I shared the video:
"LZ share and download and upload this.
The thruth MUST come out. STOP the feds from putting this under the table blaming it on terrorism and tell the truth. Download and Upload this ALL OVER THE NET"

I found proof to the conspiracy being true:
The bombing was done by agents to support Obamas gun ban in case of revolution.
and to motivate in case of war the American to go to war.
The guys were shot to make them shut up from telling there story. My question is that if they were the bombers then how in the hell did they manage to make 2 professional bombs with NO experience of making bombs wile being 24 hours under FBI and CIA surveillance?
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Tila talk of Illuminati and here I also quoted my comment.

They does not try to kill people that by there death proves there existence. There fooling the people of there non existence is the Illuminates strongest weapon. Wen they become public they will be weakened. So there for they are very worried of getting out there in public and show the people that they exist. As an its said "Satans biggest trick is to make you think he does not exist".
PS; Satan = Enemy not demon.
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PROOF Somebody tried to HACK my Google and YouTube account.
They get a head edge of my likes shares and comments. LOL[/img]]( (http://[img)
PS: it was put automatically in trash not put there by me. I moved in from trash so I would not lose the evidence.
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Boston's Prelude To Martial Law
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The lies BBC put in there program of North Korea.

There is BIG lie in the newws report and that is wen it sais hat today the borders of North and South Korea are at the same place as before the war with the communist. THAT IS A LIE. Cause before the communist Korea was ONE country there was NO north and south so how could a border ever have bin here before the communist war?

Another lie is wen they say that the UK helped South Korea from being invaded by the Russians and North Korea wen the communist came. This lie makes it sound like North and South was always two countries. NO that is not true. They were ONE before the communist. It was an INTERNAL war cause some wanted to be communist some did not. They were NOT occupied by the Russians, but the communist North Korea side took in the Russians willingly to help against the UK and USA who came to help the South to not become communist.

So for the south that was an Russian occupation but for the that was an alliance with Russia NOT an occupation.

Korea would NEVER have bin a North and South if UK and USA in the cold war would not have come in South Korea and done with them as they did with Vietnam. The only difference is that in Vietnam they (USA) lost the war wile in North Korea they (USA and UK) won half of the war.

BBC Undercover Inside North Korea BBC Panorama News Programme
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Judeţul Cernăuţi (The county Cernăuţi) was once a Romanian soil but now it is in Moldova who was all Romanian soil and the politicians of today have forggoten that Moldova and Romania is the SAME nation and the Romanian government has forsaken Moldova (Bucovina). Bucovina there are still people left that has not forgotten that you are our brothers and sisters of blood and culture.
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anonymous message to Kim-Jong-Un
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Anonymous - Operation Awake the Masses (Awakening the Young, 2013)
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Post by: SeekLoad on May 07, 2013, 07:32:16 pm
Sweden is NOT and never was the best country in the world, but people did not know what was happening in Sweden in secrecy.

The only thing I disagree to one thing. I disagree to the part they say "Sweden was once the best country in the world". No that is NOT true the truth is that Sweden was once a lot better on hiding there **** form the public so the public thought that they (Sweden) were the best in the world. That is a lie it never as the best country in the world and it always had a hidden Nazi attitude who now has become visible.

- I am NOT gypsy but I defend the innocent but for tens of years up to 1995 many gypsies were secretly sterilized from having children against there will in Sweden.
- In Sweden for tens of years many kids were taken form the real parents so to be protected from sexual abuse, **** or violence and put in foster homes were they are sexually abused, raped and beaten by there foster parents wile the social care who put them there looked the other way and NEVER believed the victims (the kids).
- For tens of years in Sweden people that have told the truth of the system as I do now have bin moisturized by SÄPO (Swedish secret police) and even black listed on the job market. I am one of them that are under there surveillance for telling to others the truth. And even other innocent people are under surveillance of SÄPO for idiotical reasons.
- In Sweden there are people who have lost there jobs cause for tens of years governmental institutes have sold out private information to there employers the same way FaceBook does today.
- In Sweden innocent people have bin blacklisted form the job market for there passport (my parents since 1993 are part of those people).
- For tens of years in Sweden Nazis are always let to demonstrate without getting arrested n the same manner as emigrants are wen they demonstrate.
- The Swedish SÄPO killed Palme and always even today does not tell the truth of his murder.
- The Swedish police and SÄPO has for tens of years covered up crimes that were committed by police officers.
- Beggars and homeless people on the Swedish streets are for many years banned to beg for money and told to go to the social even wen the social refuses to help them. Sweden has had and still has homeless people, you just do NOT see it because they are forbidden to show of on the street by the police.
- If you are homeless and sleep on a stair case in Sweden it does not matter it is in the middle of the winter it is forbidden and the police will come and though you out even if you have done NO wrongs and the social refuses to help you.
- For tens of years in Sweden children have bin taken away form there parents by social workers on fake motives.
- For tens of years in Sweden real rapers have bin let free wile innocent young men have bin convicted for **** by the system. This is cause the system is made in such a way that the **** victim is told that the rapist is caught but the victim NEVER talk or see the caught rapist this leading that the victim is forced to believe the police even if the wrong guy is put behind bars.
- For tens of years in Sweden the Swedish institutes have bin harassing persons and wen the victims have bin attacking them back in defense the victims have bin accused of "violence against officials".
- For tens of years in Sweden the Swedish police have made situations to accuse of "violence against officials" wen arresting or interviewing.
- For tens of years in Sweden the Swedish system have had people diapering without a trace for later to be found dead or never found and yes this happens all over the world but in Sweden considering there population are under 10 million people the rate of that type of happenings are far to many.
- For tens and hundreds of years in Sweden the Swedish rich people have jumped over from paying taxes.

I gave you guys 15 examples of that Sweden is not and NEVER was the best country in the world. I could continue this list to write a book here but will not cause I hope you get the picture of how much is happening in Sweden in secrecy that many normal Svenssons and immigrants do not know of.
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Post by: SeekLoad on May 12, 2013, 11:39:00 pm
If ANYONE insists on judging wrong of fake for there personal hate then they have NO right to ask of their right to fair justice on them.
Do you want to fight for freedom and justice, see to that you have a  justice heart for the truth first.
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Post by: SeekLoad on May 20, 2013, 01:13:42 am
There are TRUE anons and FAKE anons. Don't mix things together. PLz watch this.

The only question I put is who of them fake are Agents or just insane. Who are teens who play and there for can get forgiven and who is truly evil makers. How do we know? We MUST keep our eyes open.

Sharing this to others who use the Guy Fawkes mask as a fashion statement, or to mindfucck others.........please don't fucck it up, be Anonymous because you don't want Earth being condemned for Hell, use the name Anonymous to stick it to the system, not each other, PLEASE. Anonymous can only exist as the idea, not just another assholle with his identity behind a mask
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Post by: SeekLoad on May 20, 2013, 01:42:04 am
LOVE all who LOVE and seek to LOVE.
LOVE all who LOVE just to be LOVED for doing good.
LOVE all who LOVE life above his own.
LOVE all who LOVE the future above his own.
LOVE all who LOVE the truth above his greed.
LOVE all who LOVE you for your good sides and try to teach you of your bad sides.
LOVE all who feel pain but are innocent to it.
LOVE all who see the truth but are powerless to do good but they still try.
LOVE all who speak the truth even wen the lie is attacking and killing them.
LOVE all who tries to have NO greed.
LOVE all who dares see the reality in the eye and fight for the greater good
LOVE all who are sacred to fight for the innocent but do so anyway.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on May 20, 2013, 01:44:56 am
Love the ones who Love everybody equally on the basses of there deeds not there money or power. Not for the ones who hate or attack innocent. I believe that those who do evils deserve to be hated and punished by the innocent they hurt. I also believe in "forgiveness" of those who truly deserve to be forgiven cause they regret with all there heart the evils they they done and try to repair by doing more good.
Sadly those who deserve forgiveness are few but they exist we have not to forget that.

PS: The part of "forgiveness" is what differs me from anonymous. I do NOT forget, but I can forgive if the person is worth forgiving. But i NEVER forgive the system. ONLY individuals can be forgiven if they are worth it.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on July 03, 2013, 12:17:24 am
For those that are against the system for freedom and justice the government are attacking you on-line and in real life for it.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on July 03, 2013, 12:43:52 am
Can we save earth and our future if we do not wake up?
The answer is "NO" we can not save earth cause we have bin to stupid fighting with each other instead of making a system to live on the moon and discovering the universe.
We have the technology to make heaven on earth but we choose to use that technology to make hell on earth and enslave others based on there economy.
The elite think they are Gods and immortal cause of there greed they forget to think of what the future can bring.
We are doomed as long as sheep listen to madmen in power.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on July 03, 2013, 01:28:06 am
The Romanian government has done NOTHING.
Romania still has the problem with gypsies that live in the lower class and is going to other countries to rob just so that they can live on something.

There were 3 million people in 2012 from Romania in Spain. Many of them have a decent job.There are many Gypsies that rob but that is not everybody from Romania who do that and not everybody are Gipsies and not all Gypsies rob.
Also rich Gipsies discriminate low class Gypsies in Romania. In Romania there are Gypsies in the government to,so it is NOT true that only Romanians discriminate Gypsies. Gypsies discriminate there own race when they come to power.

The people in power of Romania are both Romanian and Gypsies and Hungarians other nationalities. And they are living a separate life from the people using the gypsy problem as a distraction for the Romanian people to not look at the   s h i t   the government is doing. They used Gypsies to stamp real Romanian as thieves by making a situation for the Gypsies to rob in the name of Romanians so that Romanian can not have reliability outside Romania.

PS: I'm pure Romanian (not gypsy) I know.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on July 03, 2013, 02:44:17 am
Since 1-07-2013 it is forbidden in Sweden to take pictures of somebody without there approval. If you do it you can get 2 years of jail.
They motivate that it is made for people integrity protection but it can also be used to protect illegal acts made by police or other state officials. Though they will not tell that in the papers.

A pretty well thought trick to pass a law legally without making a big fuss. And the majority of people do not even know that law got passed.
I personally think this law is "VERY SERIOUS" and should be given a VERY big attention by the people. But because many do not have a clue of it they don't bother.

This is what I am talking of:
Detta är vad jag prattar om:


NOTE: Use Google translate if you want it on English.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on July 10, 2013, 09:24:04 pm
Carry March arrested for making a YouTube video

This is the video he made:
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on July 12, 2013, 01:28:00 am
The truth of 9 11. CIA Insider Tells 911 truth. Time to re-examine your World-view, America!
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on July 13, 2013, 01:32:47 am
Technology should DEFINITELY exist. But the leaders lead us should be less powerful,the people should have more power.Think! We have the technology today with the internet to have "direct democracy" were people of a state vote for laws and rules, instead we chose to have a "representative democracy" were some elite in the government votes for us.
We have the power to make housings on the moon and grow crops under water to postponed the over population, instead we make weapons to kill each other.

That fear could have bin non-existing if the people with power had wisdom but the technology is now in the wrong hands.  We have the technology to make heaven on earth but we chose to make hell on earth with it instead.
Because many people have knowledge but no wisdom.
Knowledge is power but not how to use that power so it becomes corrupt.
Wisdom is the know how to use that knowledge and power.
Humans today has a lot of knowledge but a big lack of wisdom.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on July 18, 2013, 12:30:27 am
NOT a joke this is for real
Real life superheroes
World Superhero Registry
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on July 19, 2013, 01:18:28 am
Ten FREE "Guy Fawkes masks" or also known as "V for Vendetta masks".
The 10 masks are randomly chosen out of the people who like and shared this page.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on July 21, 2013, 05:35:05 pm
I quote part of the lyrics from the song "300 - Manowar Die with honor".
I chose to die then kneel. Fight with blood, fight with steel and fight honour I am fighting with my brothers by side.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on July 21, 2013, 05:37:11 pm
We drink your blood and we open your heart.

NOTE: This text is "metaphorically meant" not   literal and should not be taken so, but never the less it is a warning from the people (NOT me) to you to you who attack and try to enslave them.
To the enemies of Thracians (Daci) and Goti (Goth) now true Romanians and to the government cowherds that have betrayed the Romanian people. And this is also to others who are enemies of their own people.

I say to you "we drink your blood and we open your heart" as Vlat Tepesi (Dracula) would have done with betrayers like you. Also as Vlad Dracul we are not demons and we love Good as we keep the bible in our mind and heart, but we sacrifice humanity against you for our and the peoples freedom if you push us over the edge. We do NOT wish to do so, but we will do it if we are forced into it. Some say and would call in unchristian and a sin but that is to god to decide cause we are not doing it for Satan but we are doing it to destroy Satan. The time of war will soon come and there will be no mercy for them who has chosen to betray the world for Satan like Illuminati has done.

Punishment will come. Not now, not tomorrow but it will and when it will there will be no mercy. Now you are warned time and time over again. The more you think you will destroy us and the more you think you will win the more you come closer to seal your doom.
NOTE: "we drink your blood and we open your heart" and the text above is metaphorically meant not to be taken literal, but never the less it is a warning from the people (NOT me) to you to you who attack and try to enslave them.

MUSIC: Powerwolf - We Drink Your Blood
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on July 21, 2013, 05:54:40 pm
Just listen to the text **** the fantasy video from "Lord of the Rings" but think on the reality of the peoples fight instead. :)
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on July 29, 2013, 09:45:40 pm
You're Eating Wood, Ammonia & Arsenic Brainwash Update
Cellulose is the main product for making Acetone clothing, glue, specially leather and glue, candles and so on in plastics. The idea to put wood cellulose in food is a really bad idea. Yes wood cellulose is a wonderful environmental friendly product but not made for eating and the human body does not take it very well. Yes we do eat cellulose when we eat salads but it is not the same thing as pure wood cellulose.

Ammonia in meat is a really bad idea. It is made to destroy bacteria but we have a problem their. Out stomach has "good" bacteria to destroy bad bacteria and if you eat "Ammoniac" you kill the good bacteria in your stomach as well. That can not be good for you health.

Chicken fed Arsenic is also very dangerous. You might think "well the chicken eats it but I eat its meat not its guts" well not true. the truth is that when you eat meat you also eat "everything" that animal has ever eaten including the "Arsenic". That for sure can not be good for your health in long term if you think that Arsenic is used to make rat poison.
Yes your eating modified rat poison pretending it is healthy.
That can not be good in a long term.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: Bazzanon on August 07, 2013, 11:51:27 pm
Love to all from Scotland we are awake :) peace on earth + feed the poor :-*
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on August 14, 2013, 11:02:14 pm
Somebody asked me regarding the fight for freedom and justice for the innocent a VERY interesting, good and important question and that is "how can I help"?
My answer is NOT only to her but to ALL of you:
You can help how ever you like. But a big help would be to share posts so others can read and hear. And if you can to be as active as you can both in real life as on the net and it is preferred to have the same faces in real life as on the internet so that we can make our fight for something not just a dream that will pass.

But the most important of all is that you stand for the truth and freedom and justice to the innocent.
Stand for class fairness, freedom, justice and liberty.
All who stand for the above "unite" because only together we are strong.

Be Nice not Polite. Be morally correct, not immorally legal and politically correct.

Help spread the "wake up to truth of reality" as a sociological psychological mental virus.

That is the way one could help the best way.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on August 15, 2013, 12:36:38 am
Inside Romania's Secret CIA Prison
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on August 15, 2013, 12:38:10 am
CIA's secret prisons in Europe
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on September 01, 2013, 10:44:00 pm
BANNED from the UK: NATO Security Consultant because the “UK has been caught red handed stealing children"
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on September 05, 2013, 08:16:21 pm
Sweden is after to destroy Christianity AND promote the Illuminati Christianity.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on September 07, 2013, 01:14:33 am
PROOF of Illuminati grand plan of the DEPOPULATION is NOT bullsh¡t:

The Illuminati did these stones cause there Satanaic secret society 322 (Skull and bones) it is also the secret society George Bush was in both his father and son.
This was NOT made to tell the people it was made cause Illuminati needs a place were they do ONCE upon some spacial years a ceremony and to fulfil they will to Satan they MUST write their wishes on stone. Otherwise the ceremony is useless. The motive they pray to Satan is so that Satan helps them to full fill their wishes. Similar the way we pray to God for your wishes. But in their case is by blaspheming God and loving Satan not loving God and blaspheming Satan as we do.
But since they are forced to write it on stone in all languages so that it is valid for Satan for all nations they are forced to leave behind evidence of their ritual.
Now you may ask why did they NOT destroy the stones after the ceremony?
Cause by the law of Satan in his Grimoire (That is the Satans Bible) the people who pray to him are NOT allowed to destroy or give orders to destroy the ritual stones or the ritual is useless and Satan will NOT full fill their wish.

And if we as Christians destroy bit it has no meaning and we would ONLY help Illuminati to get rid of the evidence that they made a pact with Satan to kill 90% of the population.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on October 04, 2013, 12:33:18 am
Somebody asked what is the ideology of Anonymous?

1a: Anonymous does not have a political agenda and no politic ideology party.
2a: Anonymous has moral ideologies. The moral ideologies are freedom, especially freedom of speech, justice for the innocent, pace, humanity and defend the innocent also represent the people of that country or community not themselves.

The Anonymous who represents himself, his own greed and ego and is calling himself to be an Anonymous is not an Anonymous. Because you do not become an Anonymous to destroy Anonymous by being exactly what Anonymous wants to end in the system.



They (feds/FBI) can brag all they want. Who says Anonymous look up to leaders?
This is a collective where everyone treats anyone as an equal of himself.

Anonymous do not differentiate ourselves as leaders of the collective.
Anonymous do not compare our own religion to others.
Anonymous do not boast about the history of our race.

Anonymous only consider ourselves as people - people who are sick and tired of the corrupt, and all Anonymous do is share information to people no matter how misinformed they are, because they and us, are the very victims of corruption.

All Anonymous do is raise awareness about games played by governments and corporations, and how they treat innocent people as pawns in a big game of manipulating history.

Anonymous have been known for hacking, yes, because that is our ultimate weapon - as a soldier's gun, a writer's pen, and a speaker's words, but that's not what they think Anonymous do. Anonymous seek the truth, Anonymous expose lies, then Anonymous protest.

Since the governments and corporations have awakened to the truth that Anonymous can fight back, and that they cannot fool everyone, they announce so-called "milestones" on how they demonize Anonymous and how they prove to themselves or indoctrinate people that Anonymous are "cyber-terrorists".

To those who are reading this, let me just remind ourselves of who Anonymous are:

- If Anonymous value ourselves to be higher than others, then Anonymous are not Anonymous.
- If Anonymous value ourselves to be hackers that terrorize people, then Anonymous are not Anonymous.
- If Anonymous discriminate any race, religion or philosophy, then Anonymous are not Anonymous.

Anonymous are students,
Anonymous are scientists,
Anonymous are politicians,
Anonymous are religious/non-religious,
Anonymous are from all sorts of backgrounds, and profession.

Anonymous are legion, for Anonymous are one, and Anonymous work as many.
Anonymous do not forgive the corrupt, for they only think of themselves.
Anonymous do not forget the lies these tyrants have told to brainwash people.
They should expect that Anonymous can never be dismantled, for Anonymous are Anonymous.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on October 06, 2013, 01:43:05 am
Don't follow politics but want to know what's going on???
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on October 06, 2013, 01:45:15 am
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on October 06, 2013, 02:00:51 am
Innocent Native American Serving Life Sentence, Please Sign Petition.

Mr Richard Wayne Brown is innocent with no doubt.
The fire man surely did not know that the traitor had explosives. If they knew hey would not have used water. It is unjust, immoral, unfair and internationally illegal to put a man in prison for life for an accident were he with others listened to orders trying to save lives not kill. But just cause he is Native Indian he got life jail though he was not in charge and not alone. Yes he was put in prison for racist motives. He now served 25 years in prison for something he is not guilty of, much more then his boss should have for not investigating the situation before using water. He was 17 years old in 1988 and it was not his job to do the investigation. The one who should have gotten any prison for it, was his boss. But ether way NOT and NEVER life for it, because it was an accident trying to save lives.

The one that should get life is the real arsonists that USA must find and put to justice if USA is a country for the free and just. If not I guess with this you proved you were and are still not free and just country, not even back in the 80s when I to as many others use to love and cherish USA as many in the world were blinded by the American dream that has bin proven non existing freely for everybody in USA.

Petition page here:
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on October 19, 2013, 05:35:37 pm
The TRUTH of WHY the media and the governments keeps the Rosia Montana problem in blackout from the news and NOBODY in the governments is talking of it.

As we know Rosia Montana in Romania is poisoned with cyanide to extract gold by a Canadian company. This cyanide kills nature, animals and makes humans sick even kills humans if they don't treat it.
Also this makes thousands of people living in Rosia Montana homeless. To not say that the cyanide will be transported half way though Romania endangering half of Romania as well wile the gold extracted from Rosia Montana is not even given to the people of Romania but is given to Canada and put in American banks in USA.

This is why Canada won't stop with Rosia Montana.
Romania will give very much gold to Canada. But Canada will put it in NOT in Canadian banks but in American banks. The American banks use its value so from the stock market to pay the price for the new RFID chips, increase the military and protect the NSA who now is at the target for spying on people.

That is why there is NO interest by any government in stopping the mining. Cause this mine will become the Europes BIGGEST gold mine and one of the biggest in the world though not the biggest.

Cause of that in stock value this for the gold explorers the value of it goes though the roof. And the explorers are Canada and USA. By fixing USA problems with the payment of the RFID chip EU gets easier to make better quality biometric passports and ID cards. EU has planned to make biometric ID cards in the future. The budget did just not allow it. But if USA starts more mass producing the RFID chip then EU will have a cheaper way of making the future biometric ID not just Passports as today.
The MOTIVE Canada is the ones taking the gold is so that people will not be able to understand how this financially helps the governments in the world to spy more on people.

But if one uses his mind to find that out is pretty easy. Just ask yourself in WHAT banks will that gold be put in. It is NOT in the Canadian banks though Canada is taking the gold. By having it in the American bans the stock market value is given to USA and Canada ONLY gets the gold value as a material.

EXAMPLE: If you have money in a bank the bank will use your money and the stock value of that bank will get bigger the more money it has in. You still have your money and you still get the interest in value from it but the majority of interest are given to the bank wile you get the minority.

The SAME is for Canada putting the gold in American banks.

This is why no government and no media talks of it and it is kept in blackout in the media and by the governments and politicians.
because this will fond the system to have more control over people world wide if the mining is allowed. And for the governments this is of interest to have more power and more control.

The actions against this mining in Rosia Montana may not get stopped just cause of a petition but at least if it will not get stopped then it will **** off more people until ether they stop or it will be a revolution in Romania sooner or later.

Because one day the jar will burst over.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on November 03, 2013, 05:31:26 pm
Wisdom vs zombies today as a knock of reality
People need to open there eyes,get informed and see what is going,and not just think they are open minded just because they act as if they were.
Wise people get ridiculed cause they are píssed off wile zombies get believed cause they talk fine like if they are calm and smart.
As an old saying "the dumb is not dumb enough if he is not also arrogant".A wise person never say "Your stupid,cause you say something I don't" but you see a lot of idiots say it.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on November 13, 2013, 04:36:59 pm
YouTube does actions to stop Anonymous, truth tellers, private news reporters and alternative news with the motivation of copyright infringement.
YouTube has put software and has stopped all types of YouTube video downloading. Now nobody can download videos from YouTube any more. Not even if you use video downloaders for it.

This is done with the motivation of the law of "copyright infringement" but the main goal is to stop Anonymous from sharing videos on YouTube. Use your brain and think. This download of YouTube videos has gone on for years and they never did this before. Now most of the videos getting blocked do not "copyright infringe" on anything but are news videos that the media does not want you to know.

EXAMPLE: One of the videos that YouTube stopped was the news video of how Monsanto poisons food around the world. It was no real "copyright infringement" motivations there but the legal motivation to there stopping that video was "copyright infringement".

This they have bin doing mostly with news videos and Anonymous videos. Now by stopping people from downloading these videos they can be assured that those videos the government does not like you to see NEVER gets shared to others after being stopped.

NOTE: Today it is YouTube tomorrow could be Dailymotion and so on...

WAKE UP... Our rights to free speech is slowly taken away from us.

/ Post article date "13-11-2013" by: SeekLoad LRN

I tested yesterday over 20 different downloaders and found only 2 working for YouTube. Now with vimeo that makes 3 downloaders working. I found out later that the VIMEO downloader still works.

I have tested VIMEO Donwloader now. The "vimeo downloader" taken from THIS page "" works fine. This is one of the few still working, but the software is NOT free. You need to find crack for it or buy it. The Page download is free but limited to download quality of the video.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on December 21, 2013, 05:20:06 pm
When the majority runs to jumps off a cliff cause others tell them to, when one chooses to run the opposite way that one is usually called crazy just cause he does not follow the majority.
That is how reality is.
Sorry but you guys who disagree with me WAKE UP !!!

It is not that crazy as you think the guys who rule this world are a lot more crazy even if any of us who tell the truth though we may be a bit crazy to, to not give up as we do. Normality does not exist unless you measure it with the majority who are sheep zombies to there human leaders.

Yes they would kill there own country. The Illuminati is all nations not just Zionists or what ever. But yes the Zionists are the face outwards, but don't be fooled. Illuminati is ruled by demons and there for nationality does not matter for them. When a demon take over a persons mind it does not matter any more for that person that they destroy there own country not even if they **** and murder there own children and then eat them if Satan gives them the order to do so they will do it if they had the possibility to come out as innocent on it. But they don't.

There goal is to destroy humanity and all that has with it and make a Pyramid type of system much similar to the 666 system of the bible (to not mention it is the 666 system of the bible). Even if somebody chose to be atheist then with your non bible belief see that the leader of this world are making a "Big Brother" system were there is NO laws for them but your a slave to it and you only have laws over laws to never be free from there power. Though I know you may believe in God that was to them who read this and don't.

So plz WAKE UP on this fact. Those who worship the evil one will NEVER love humanity and will hurt who ever it is to have power and status in this world of the living. Regardless who they kill and how as long as they can come out clean in front of our eyes.

God Bless and good luck regardless if you believe in God or not.
And WAKE UP !!!
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on December 22, 2013, 11:10:48 pm
How misinformation works.

BE CAREFUL and this is NOT for a specific page but for ANY pages.
This might upset some. Don't get   p i s e d   off, I am just trying to be honest and straight in the face.

I was looking after some truths but at the same time is see a lot of "twisted truths" mixed with "real truths" were only part of the truths are told. Not a that some stuff are lies because when you they twist the truth they don't directly lie, but by telling part of the truth they make it in to a lie without actually laying and there for twisting the truth into a lie without laying.

Example of how the truth is twisted by the misinformation into a lie.
EXAMPLE: If somebody named for example "Mark David Jones" would tell you "My name is Mark Jones". Well that is true but still a lie since if you would search for "Mark Jones" you will NOT find "Mark David Jones" but you will find "Mark Jones" who is a totally different person.

So by telling a part of the truth and not the entire truth the misinformation activists to not call them "feds" are twisting the truth into a lie without laying.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on January 04, 2014, 12:55:58 am

Though the video is old this is proof that the Media is not just entertainment though I am not against having media I am against the way it is used by the systems of the world into brainwashing us to think the way they want us to think.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on January 04, 2014, 12:57:01 am
How the NWO 666 Illuminati system turn you away from God

How the NWO 666 Illuminati system turn you away from God into a fake wrong way of seeing God or into a no God at all and maybe later even making you to agree to sell you soul.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on January 04, 2014, 12:58:12 am
Selling Their Soul: The Luciferian Contract

This video is about the NWO 666 Illuminati Luciferian Satanists and NOT about the so called Satanists that are not with the Illuminati Satanic cult.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on January 04, 2014, 12:59:13 am
How the NWO system brain washes you and manipulates your mind with the use of media

How the NWO system brainwashes you from having your own imagination and having the imagination in the way they want you to have it. WAKE UP

NOTE: I am not against TV or against Media I am against the way they are used to brain wash the people who are sheep zombies to it.

There is NO Evolution VS Creation this is just   b u l l s h i t   made by the system to make us fight with each other like blind bats.
The system made pockets for the Atheists as Evolutionists as if a religious person is forbidden to believe in believe in Evolution at the same time.

The system tries to make you see things in Black or White and ignoring there is a Gray or even Blue or Yellow if not even Green perspective of ideas.

WAKE THE   F U C K   UP and use your brains let the imagination lose and see what is going on people.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on January 04, 2014, 12:59:53 am
How the NWO Illuminati 666 Big Brother controls you.

WAKE UP your a sheep zombie of the TV and media world.
I am not against TV and Media but I am against how they manipulate us and brain wash us.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on January 04, 2014, 01:04:11 am
WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Calls on Computer Hackers to Unite Against NSA Surveillance

With more on the article at: (
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on January 04, 2014, 01:06:43 am
Anonymous - Who Really Is In Control?
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on January 04, 2014, 01:07:54 am
I quote from the page about Pirate bay Anakata from Sweden:
"Anakata goes into court again Jan 8th. Even if it is a closed door hearing again, he needs the support there. He knew and appreciated it last time. Make sure you are seen and heard either outside the courthouse or in the hallways. Give him your best."

My comment on it:
Sweden will NEVER let go cause when it come to the NWO Big Brother system Sweden and FRA with SÄPO is a dream come true for them, it is fairy land where they finally can control the population as they have dreamed of for so lang. So without pressure I doubt hat they will chose to agree to let him free. He should NOT be arrested to begin with. This arrest of him only proves that Sweden is 100% with the NWO Big Brother system.

WAKE UP Swedish sleeping sheep zombies. Your system is not the innocent system you dreamt of.

I AGREE we need to help him out he (Anakata) is not guilty of anything except for being a victim of the greed of the rich in power. Copyright law    b u l l s h i t    my ass since if the system copies something form you then your guilty for having in your home what the system copied from you.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on January 04, 2014, 01:28:31 am
This truth will shock you but WAKE UP !!!

How many of these are crazy or mentally ill for real and how many of these victims are victims of the system and not crazy or mentally ill at all. Tons of innocent not needed to institute or medicate people are instituted and medicated against there will by force or by tricks.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on January 04, 2014, 01:29:45 am
Illuminati NWO 666 BIG Brother mind control
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on January 04, 2014, 01:30:20 am
Illuminati mind control in World Disney, Hollywood and so on... on TV
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on January 04, 2014, 01:31:17 am
Anonymous - Red Alert TPP!
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on January 18, 2014, 03:45:47 pm
USA proves that it is heading towards the SAME totalitarianism as Stalin was building. (

This that Obama wants Snowden to be sent to USA for death sentence though Snowden is not a criminal to be sent to death sentence even if USA considers him to have done a crime by telling the truth. Even if heroes as Snowden are called criminals but to want the "death sentence" for it proves that USA is heading towards the SAME totalitarianism as Stalin was building.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on January 31, 2014, 08:41:39 pm
The people who oppose the NWO (New World Order) are still hunted by the system

The murdering and condemnation of people that contradict the system exist cause they dare to tell the truth, exactly like in the dark ages when it was made by the Catholic church now it is made by the government.

The best advice is "research for yourself" and William Coper said "listen to everything, learn all you can and believe in nothing if it can't be backed up".Sadly William Coper got shod dead in 2000 by USA police for traffic violations after the day before on the internet, radio and his news paper warning the American people for the 911:

LOOK at these videos to learn some:

The truth will make you enemies out of the sheep but at least you do the right thing for the future of humanity not dooming this planet as the sheep do.

William Coper on the NWO religion not on real religion:

Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on February 05, 2014, 09:18:56 pm
To the fools who spread historical disinformation
WAKE UP !!!. Stop telling people lies fool. History should never be altered cause if it does then it will happen again. How can so many people especially Atheist ignore history just so that they can make fake propaganda that Atheism has never killed?
Have you now shame? Many of you have shame, you just don't have history knowledge. Read history fools Religion vs Atheism is NOT everything in history. Wars were not made by religion but by greedy men in power regardless of religion or atheism.

PROOF Atheism has killed in the name of Atheist and that religion or none religion has nothing to do with it and that it was VANITY ideas made of greed not paranoia or religion.

NOTE: NOT an opinion look at FACTS and WAKE UP.

History must NEVER be forgotten and must be learned from NO matter who tries to delete it or change it. The learning form history is for humanity MORE important then any religion or science man can have.

Communist hated Christian in the name of Atheism not paranoia PROOF:

Stalin was not alone all great Communist leaders were atheists and all of them did HORRIBLE things in the name of evolution and lack of evidence that there is a God.

Also Stalin did it in the name of evolution and lack of  "evolution and lack of evidence that there is a God" when killing 5 million Christians for being Christians. Thus Stalin killed 7 million people in total cause of his vanity not paranoia cause paranoia contains a twisted view on reality whom Stalin did not have.

Lenin as an adult 100% Atheists agreed to kill Christians:

In Romania it was not Stalin yet they did the same thing in the name of  "evolution and lack of evidence that there is a God"

PS: I am born and I lived in a communist state and I come form a politically implicated family against the communist.

And stop spreading lies of history based of FAKE experts as this guy is with the Illuminati pyramid symbol hanging on his neck. That symbol he wares proudly should WAKE YOU THE **** UP !!!
This is NOT about Religion VS Atheism it is about them making people fight each other so that they have a motive for the people to make us trust them while they modern enslave the us the people and the sheep idiots like the guy on the video helps them to do it.
Or DIE when people in masses will rebel against the lies and manipulations made by the system.

You chose. LONG LIVE the people and DEATH to Illuminati greed regardless of religion. Keep history clean so that we human kind learn form it and do NEVER repeat the same mistakes twice.

NOTE: NOT an opinion look at FACTS and WAKE UP.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on April 20, 2014, 03:59:01 pm
Disturbing evidence of the TRUTH.
People in Sweden are NOT free to show the truth of the society they live in.
The camera man Emil Sanchez who filmed me at the Social in Borås Sweden. The camera man got police reported by the social worker Jan Blad for filming me though I wanted him to film by him. People are NOT free to show the truth of Sweden on the internet and the institutes in Sweden police report one if your trying to show the truth online.

PS: It ends with that I ask him to send the video to my email since I am on the video and the police legally can't say **** I have the legal right to the video as well. I hope my friend does the wise thing and sends me the video. Lets see if the police will accuse me for wanting to be on my own video. BIG LOL

"We do NOT forget we do not forgive expect us"
Swedish democratic dictatorship and police state and that includes if I have to become a Edward Snowden for Sweden I won't give up.

The social worker that police reported him is "Jan Blad" and works in "Social Ekonomiskt bistånd kontoret i Borås" at:
Viskastrandsgatan 3 Borås - Sweden

#Anonymous #Anon #Anons #wake #Awake #Awakening #Awakened #Jullian #Assage #Julian #Assage #Edward #Snowden #Sweden #Suedia #Revolution #Revolt #Fight #Freedom #Liberty #Justice #THEAD

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Post by: SeekLoad on May 08, 2014, 07:19:42 pm
PROOF RFID is becoming Mandatory.
One more REALITY step towards the NWO (New World Order) 666 system.
The RFID chip in the health insurance card becomes mandatory for all Romanians in 2015 and latter it may become mandatory also for the rest of EU. Who refuses to have the RFID with them will NOT have the right to any health insurgence or medical treatment.

NOTE: Use google translate to read the page on English.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on May 18, 2014, 03:13:59 pm
Stop bullsh¡ting or listening to bullsh¡t that is made to people with NWO propaganda slogans trying to save the corrupt ass holes by saying "all people are corrupt".
Though it is true that "all people are corrupt" in a way, but NOT everybody hurts millions with there corruption. A corrupt ordinary citizen is INCOMPARABLE with a corrupt banker power of corruption.
The corrupt bankers destroy millions of lives wile ordinary people never do that with there corruption. YES the greater power you have the greater is your responsibility.
"Corruption" itself is not that bad if it is a small scale for to be human not a robot and if not done in a evil way. But once corruption is done in greed and on the masses as bankers and governments do then it is extremely evil.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on May 22, 2014, 11:54:32 pm
QUOTE the real Vlad Dracu (The Impaler) of Transilvania:
"If you think freedom is cheep now, wait until the price of freedom becomes freedom itself."
My question to YOU:
I ask of you is that what you want freedom to be before you realize that we need to fight the oppressors on all levels? If that is what it needs then sadly you will do the same mistake that I try to make people to not do and that is to not wait to long cause the longer they wait the harder it will get and the more bloody the fight will be for freedom and justice to the innocent.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on July 12, 2014, 12:05:24 am
Wake Up!
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on July 12, 2014, 12:07:00 am
Wake up!
Illuminati 2014
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on July 12, 2014, 12:08:33 am
Wake Up see the NWO deception?
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on July 18, 2014, 11:30:53 pm
EXPOSING the lies and SHOWING the truth with theoretical EVIDENCE:
Yet another filthily game costing human lives.
Malaysian  MH17 at 2.15pm GMT plain was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed in the east Ukraine in Thursday 17-07-2014.
Lets think for a wile. The plain was flying at over 10000m, were no normal guns can shot it down. No normal missiles can shot it down. Only special made to   s h i t  down plain missiles can shot it down. But the locals saw NO rockets flying from the ground to the plain there for it was NOT shut down from the ground. USA is accusing the Russian Ukrainian rebels for it, but the accusations are fake since there was no rockets spotted to fly up from the ground when the pain had the first explosion in the ear. The fact is that two explosions in the ear points to a bomb in the plain. Not getting shot my a military plane because it does not make sense that the military plain would shot twice in the same plain that was hit in the first try.
The Malaysian plain was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed in the east Ukraine above Donetsk at the border to Luhansk Region and Russia. But what was it doing there? It was way out of it's course for going from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. This proves yet again that the plain was planned to fly there in the wrong place so that it would crash were it politically was needed to crash,unless it got hijacked. But there is no report of that the plain did get hijacked.
Video about it:
PROOF it was a bomb in the plain.
- NOBODY saw missiles going up form the ground, and no trace smoke from the missiles are seen in the crash video, there for it was no missiles, except the engine smoke stripes.
- People on the ground saw no missile or any other near by plain, they only saw the plain explode twice in the ear before crashing.
- No missiles were found at the crash site ether. Now if they find something in the future they could have planted it there afterwords. But now when the research is made no missile rests were found
- It was no flight plane that shot it down cause no pilot would shot twice, when he actually hit good the first time. Plus because it broke in half in the first explosion it is nearly impossible to hit it the second time.
- If you look at the video it exploded also at the impact. But wait at the impact? That means that it it had something explosives left? Could it be fuel? No it can't be cause that burned in the first explosion since air plain fuel is easy to ignite. So what exploded at the moment of impact to the soil if it was not fuel?
- The place the plain crashed was way off its course and there is no report of it being hijacked by anybody.
- Some motivated the plain being of course with that it was a bad weather as thunderstorms and that the plain avoided it. But that can NOT be it because thunderstorms only would have effected the plain if it went off or landed. Since at 10000m the thunderstorms clouds are to low to have an effect on the plain. in fact thunderstorms clouds are usually low altitude clouds and even high altitude clouds are to low for a plain at 10000m.
There is NO way that a thunderstorm would effect a plain at 10000m in altitude as the plain flew far to high above the thunderstorm for any thunderstorm to effect it.
As an EXAMPLE I will show you a picture I took in 2012 at 9500m in a commercial airline and look at how low high altitude clouds are: (
PROOF no missile trace smoke:
I see no messily trace smoke, and I see only air plain smoke and impact explosion:
the same video from another angle:
and another angle:
The stripes from the direction were the plain fell is the smoke stripes form the plains engines. If there were any missiles, then logically missiles stripes must come form another direction then that were the plain fell.
Real images from after the crash:
WARNING!!! Disturbing images of dead people.
The ear plain was not shot down. It had a bomb in it put in it so to have a motive to make the game so to false accuse the Russian Ukrainian rebel of being terrorists. It flew above that region to make the agenda plan work that the elite in power has planed out. Otherwise what was it doing there way of its course when it was not hijacked?
A memorial for the 295 dead passengers.
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Post by: SeekLoad on July 26, 2014, 05:45:22 pm
Wake Up this is the truth of our nature:
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on August 08, 2014, 12:03:12 am
WAKE UP !!!!
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Post by: SeekLoad on August 21, 2014, 09:02:26 pm
PROOF: RFID implant chip becoming more dangerous and fulfilling the 666 big Brother system called Anti-Christ system.

Who said that everything Christians hates are fiction made up by religion should take this RFID chip cause they want it. We Christians are crazy to not like it so you Atheist do not be crazy and take it. I dare you take it!
EXACTLY you who do not want to know that it is now soon becoming not a fight against religion, but a fight against greedy men in power.
Regardless if we are religious of not this technology is still dangerous to all human kind. And if you think I am crazy? Okay! You take the chip and shut up do NOT talk of freedom since you do NOT want to be free.
The war is not Religion vs Atheists or Atheists vs Religion, the war against greedy men in power that want to control everything in our life and religion does not make it. No religion makes the RFID implant chip, but greedy men in science do it.
So if you think we Theists are crazy when we say that this is the mark of the beast?
If we are crazy then YOU take the mark. I dare you! I challenge you! I bet my life on it that I with no mark will be more free then you with it though my life will be harder.
No do not burn in hell since obviously that does not exist for you. Bur on earth alive for your ideology cause your trust in society will destroy us all, including you who accept in the RFID implant chip numnut.
And if your Theist and take the chip then BURN not only HERE but also IN HELL with it, then come back and tell me it is okay, if you can. BIG LOL
All who are with me:
**** the RFID implant 666, Big Brother, Anti-Christ, mark of the beast implant or what ever you chose to call it just **** IT and NEVER accept it.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on August 22, 2014, 12:04:40 am
Once the RFID chip is mandatory and used as money here are 3 ways to survive with it.
1- Use somebody that has the chip to buy food and stuff for you. In worst case scenario maybe sacrifice a family member or a willing friend with a better economy for your and others.
2- This is complicated but it could work. Take the chip from a dead person that did not dies cause of the chip and hack the chip and give it a new code and all and then add a low energy battery to make it run and not look as if your dead and tape it under the arm and under the blouse so to use it and nobody would know that you don't have it implanted.
3- This will hurt and it is only possible for them who takes the chip in the arm not in the head.
Take the chip in the arm and then in secret take it out. That way it has your number but will no longer be in you. Then the only thing needed is to hack it by putting a low energy battery so it runs and does not look as if you dead. You can then tape it under your arm under the blouse and use it.
Since you need it to buy food and stuff you will need to use it and there for you must find a way to use it without having it in your body and do NOT care it will be illegal to use it that way. **** the law in this case and if it is out of your body you will not die of it ether and you can chose to not be tracked if you want to and the system will think that you are sitting home wile maybe your out.
GOOD LUCK and hope it does not come to that but if it does this are the solutions.
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Post by: SeekLoad on October 05, 2014, 06:06:04 pm
Many think Iceland is a great democracy, but they do not know the dark secrets of it. Plz WAKE UP and smell the rat in Iceland and Scandinavia.
They make all these democratic changes is to fool you from the real motivation the country is working for. That is Iceland is the BIGGEST DNA bank in the world holding NOT only the Iceland DNA registry but also the international DNA registry for USA and EU. Meaning that in secret behind all this democratic fame they have a big brother system that knows every step there people take and do and there for they don't need guns for the police.
Iceland is the country made to hold all DNA banks in the world for the New World Order and there for it is in there interest to make the world to think they are democratic so that there would never be a revolution in there country so that the DNA secrets would never be unveiled and exposed.
Just keep in mind that "everything good from the asshóles that make the New World Order big brother system are made with a catch" so you don't get fooled by them
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on October 05, 2014, 06:06:33 pm
Many say that in Iceland and Sweden they close prisons but what they do not know is:
PS: I have lived in Sweden for 28 years and know the Scandinavian politics as the back of my hand. Iceland copied the prison system from Sweden whom is twisted to give life time sentence without having life time sentence by law..
EXAMPLE: Sweden closes prisons sounds good? on the other hand they open more insane asylums for jail birds and that is even worse then making new prisons. Since in Sweden life time prison is illegal but in a insane asylum you can get locked up without time limitation that means even life time without having a life time law for locking people up.
The SAME example goes for Iceland who closed much of there prisons.
Just keep in mind that "everything good from the asshóles that make the New World Order big brother system are made with a catch" so you don't get fooled by them
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Post by: SeekLoad on December 24, 2014, 05:28:05 pm
You think I am crazy when talking of that the world is Brainwashed?
See this video and WAKE UP. I am not crazy for this and your are ignorant if you think I am crazy for telling you the truth.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on December 24, 2014, 06:28:32 pm
War as we know it is horrible, but it must not always be that way.
Do NOT be peaceful with the one that does not want to let you free even if his life depends on it. For such people the only way to destroy them is war and let there blood flow to hell with them.
With a monster that hates love and peace you MUST be a monster to destroy even though your a kind loving angel with them who love and are worthy love.
To not be peaceful does not mean to destroy or kill, but it does mean to not have any care of your enemy at all.
Peace can NEVER stop the slave masters. You need to make war with slave masters. Rebellions will always end up in war if the slave masters do not give in for a revolution. And if we ONLY seek peace then we are as good as dead cause the slave masters do NOT GIVE A    F U C K    a bought our peace will and kind heart.
War as we know it is horrible, but it must not always be that way.
There is war in offence and that is ALWAYS wrong.
And there is war in forced defense and that is ALWAYS right.
Cause those in war in forced defense are fighting for there freedom and not for to enslave others. Also NOT all wars need to have killings a war can be made with NO weapons at all. EXAMPLE a online war through hacking and information exposure.
I give "0" tolerance to the NWO slave masters.   F u c k   them all,    F U C K    them to hell with them unless they give up there NWO ways and join the people and those in need and that is the ONLY way they can be forgiven.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on January 10, 2015, 11:31:09 pm
War is not only in real life but online as well and it can and one day it will bring the fight in real life at your door. But do not despair or lose hope. No real fight can be done if there is nobody hurt and no freedom and equal justice can be obtained if we do not fight for it.
In a fight you need bravery, regardless if the war is in real life or only online. You can never speak the truth if you are not brave enough to take the hits at you for it. If you said the truth and by exposing the truth you make enemies because of the truth, then you must have done something right that disturbed the asshóles who destroy this world.
To be Anonymous or to be a Freedom and Truth fighter for justice to all equally means to tell the truth and fight for what is right even if you make enemies for it.
What you leave behind is more important then how you lived your life, though how you lived your life is important too. To fight for what is right means to not **** in your pants when you get threatened by somebody even if you have to be smart and cunning to defeat the enemy.
Good luck and continue the fight for the truth, freedom and equal justice to all. Long live whistle blowers, freedom and truth fighters and equal justice to all.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on May 17, 2015, 10:41:56 pm
If you complain that "the truth is robbed in your face and that you don't want to see it because it hurts to much" then this is what I have to say to you:
Why not? And so what? Are you against that the people outside USA find out the truth? Or that them in USA who sleep and think everything is perfect wake up? Guess what "I don't give a   f u c k   you not liking what you see" the people will find out the truth regardless if you want it or not. So what if you get it RUBBED IT IN YOU FACE? If you don't want it rubbed in your face? Then "get up your    f u c k i n g    chair and DO SOMETHING A BOUGHT IT in your country".
That is how you fight for equal justice, NOT by shutting up and hiding wile sitting on your ass not wanting to see the truth.

The only way to change something bad is to admit it and accept to show it off to EVERYBODY. Because the more the people shut up and the more we do not who it off the more evils the system will do. they FEED on our silence. There for "NEVER be silent against the evils the system does".

A criminal is put in jail by the system, a corrupt can pay fees but who the   f u c k   punishes the system when it becomes totalitarian or racist or in any way discriminating?
The answer is "we the people" and nobody else. Since we the people are a country, not them in power, not the government and not the elite or the secret societies. We the people have the power.
But sadly many people are to blind and ignorant they NEED to wake up to the cruel reality even if it drives them crazy, then DRIVE THEM CRAZY if needed but WAKE THEM UP so that a change is made.
No change will ever happen if you wait for the elite to punish the elite and for the government to admit that they are wrong or for the police to agree that they do crimes too.

Don't you never forget that:
When every resource of the system fails to do what is right then the ONLY thing left to do what is right are the people! And hiding the truth or ignoring it just because it is ugly will never solve the problem.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on June 13, 2015, 04:30:39 pm
REMEMBER: This may come form a movie but it is true "with much power comes much responsibility" something I see that many who have a lot of power and money do not take serious. Though some do take it serious, too many still do not.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on June 15, 2015, 09:41:44 pm
Why are we indoctrinated the fake Darwinian evolution theory in school and everywhere
Man has had technology and lost it and then we started all over. The motive we are not thought this is school is because it goes 100% against the Darwinian evolution theory whom says that we evolved from monkeys, but if that were true then it would mean that we today are the first  technologically evolved culture, and that proves to be wrong since we are not the first technologically evolved culture.

And if the truth comes out that we are not the first technologically evolved race then people will start looking in the past into "what mistakes have the old races have done that made them parish" and then the elite in power (including secret societies and there union) will not anymore be able to fulfill there "dejavo" of history for personal gain and power.

Cause the ultimate goal to wrong teaching ins schools is to keep us ignorant so that we do not research in the past mistakes done by past civilizations so that we do not try to stop the New World Order from doing the same mistakes. Because if people make research then they will try to stop the NWO and there fro the elite plan of world domination through the use of false teachings and brainwashing will fail.

That is "why" the elite is trying to push into us the Darwinian evolution theory against all odds ignoring all the evidence that the human race did have technologically evolved cultures long before this one and that all of them before us failed and went under.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: cyb3r.h3r0 on February 11, 2016, 01:50:26 pm
I know someone who's not woke up - and he is supposed to be an anon!!!
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: cyb3r.h3r0 on February 11, 2016, 01:52:22 pm

Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on June 11, 2016, 12:38:44 am
Let us all unite against the New Word Order made to enslave the people in a modern slave system were the system is the middle finger made of three parts:
1- The leaders (slave masters the elite making this system).
2- The obeyers (the enslavers the police, media and so on..).
3- The slaves (the poor and the working class).
Let us all unite and show the elite our middle fingers.
We the people poor, working class and rich who see it all and want an equal just society with no slavery, not even the modern one. A society working for the people not for an elite. A society were we struggle that technology should benefit all man kind, not one man or a group of men, but all men.
Let us fight to fulfill those dreams, to get our heads out of the box lets us all unite so we can look back at an old age and tell our children "we did our best we could for your future and your childrens future" or else you can as well lay down dead because as a slave you are already dead, walking dead for money.
Paper invented by man to value the life of man and wile we the poor and working class fight and struggle to have that paper the elite fights and struggles to have us there slaves since for them money is not of value as power it is for them over us.
For all man kind and its future Anonymous or non Anonymous, freedom fighters and equal justice strugglers together with conspiracy theorists and awakened let us all UNITE!!!!
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on July 23, 2016, 02:18:03 pm
SHARE this PLZ so people WAKE UP:
How come the terrorists from the middle east act as they act.
Freedom fighters, Anons and all government and system opposed will be killed in plain site in masses and systematically against all humanity with no understanding or empathy.
Have you ever wondered how come that NONE of the terrorist attracts have ever bin of attacking people in power or people who have power in the system? How come that only the working class and the poor are attacked by these terrorists?
Call me conspiracy theorist if you wish but I really wonder those questions. I mean it would be much more efficient by a terrorist organization to attack people that matter then to just kill random working class and poor people right?
Truth is "not right" because it is obvious why these terrorists never attack people that matter in a political system and they only attack innocent working class and poor civilians.
The terrorists themselves do not know of this, the individual terrorist is a BRAINWASHED STUPID ****. The truth is that them who lead them into doing the terrorist acts are the heads who tell them to do what they do. Those terrorists leaders are the ones payed by CIA or some other government secret operation organization to put fear in people other wise there would be no explanation to why they only target ordinary people and not them in power.
So if my calculations are correct the only logical explanation is that as I said CIA or some other government secret operation organization leads these terrorist attacks through the will of real terrorists who as individuals they do not have a clue that they are played.
EXPOSING there master plan (in the right numeric order):
It looks like the elites plan is this in 10 steps:
----1---- They made war with the middle east for oil and power using the name of freedom and liberty who they could not care less off. Because of course they will need oil for the making of the future products and for the army that they will need to use in the future of this master plan.
----2---- Then they established enemies who will hate USA and the western system for attacking there land. These enemies will want USA to feel the grief and pain they felt so they will agree onto attack us in the west and USA and the rest of the world with the same system. In other words it was in the interest of the elite to have two opposite systems in the world that is why USA helped the Islamic states in history before they made war.
----3---- On this stage the elite uses there anger against us to use them against us so that we find fear and seek protection form the system. When a terrorist attack is done they in power contact and see to that as much media as possible covers up so much as possible to ensure they put fear in people.
----4---- Now that the people seek protection form the system the system can implement more strict laws to rule in the benefit of them on power and we the people to accept to be enslaved by the system as a gratitude that the system protects us.
----5---- The fear will lead that people will want to unite with the system instead of against the system as Anonymous would do. The people will be used to protect the elite so that more fear would be put in the same people who protect the elite from the orders the same elite gives to terrorists by using there wrong twisted religious beliefs.
----6---- This resulting in nationalism who will be manipulated by the elite into a hidden Nazism. A Nazi that is not noticed by the people who think they are only being Nationalists for there own protection. Do NOT take me wrong there is nothing wrong with being nationalist, but it is wrong in being Nazi. A nationalist loves his country, his people and his culture but without hating others that do not attack him, but Nazi in insanity that means to hate anybody that is not like you for the simple reasons of a minority actions or for simply not being as you are.
----7---- The fear and Nazi nationalistic insanity in people will lead to that we the people will accept to be controlled and monitored more by the system because we will think that the system protects us.
We the people will accept the RFID implant or some other tracking and controlling device put on us. And those who do not accept will be seen as probable terrorists or in need of being convinced and there for killed by real terrorists to get rid of us and to use that to bring more fear in the people.
----8---- The Nazi system sues religion against religion making religion seem bad and making people hate religion and making them want to abolish all religion on man created facts that could be avoided if the real religion would have bin used instead of a faked one made to advantage the elite.
----9---- This would lead to that in the end the destruction of all religions is the result were people ONLY trust the elite in power and the system to care for them.
----10---- We the people become slaves and robots to the system accepting anything and thinking that motorization, consulship, and total control by the government is for our own good. And those who will oppose like Anonymous do today will be seen as a threat compared to the terrorists who attack us today and will be hunted down and killed even there children and there families and there grand children will be killed if the system will not be able to take them into foster care. And so the The New World Order is made were almost all people trust the system willingly not forced upon by the use of fear.
RESULT: The New World Order is made and result will be a system who wants nothing else but imposed FORCED Atheism on all man kind on earth. If you are an Atheist and think that is great WAKE THE **** UP and understand what will happen next.
The countries who will not accept this will be made war against to be exterminated form the face of the planet. With that said it will lead to a World War 3 and the destruction of humanity as we know it today. The NWO is made were almost all people trust the system willingly not forced upon by the use of fear and that will lead that they will accept even a WW3 not believing it will eventually lead to a WW3, not even when it does in front of there face.
The elite will have chaos out of order and they think that this will kill just enough people to make them have slaves yet also be like Gods for man. Sadly what they fail to see is that this is MADNESS and SUICIDE and that it will lead not only to there failure (whom I do not care off) but also to the entire human race failure and over 70% of human population killed, and that I do care off.
What we as ordinary people can do is not to accept terrorist organizations like ISIS and at the same time NOT to let fear rule our judgment and let the system take over our safety for so called our own protection, because the goal is NOT our own protection even if the individuals who work for it have there interest for our own protection, they do so because they believe in the system and because they do not see this coming.
This prophecy will come true if we do not wake up to stop it somehow, yet I do not really know how to stop it at this point. I only know how to slow it down. But maybe somebody will come up with an answer of how to stop it.
#Anon #Anonymous #Anons #SeekLoad #THEAD #Inernational #Wake #Up #EXPOSE #Truth #Terrorist #Secret #Proof #Evidence #Research #News #World #WW3 #NWO #NewWorldOrder #Killuminati #Revolution
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on August 08, 2016, 03:14:17 pm
This is what the freedom fighters in the world call the NWO (New World Order) in making and what so meany are fighting against and some even dying in strange accidents for it.
The NWO is "acting like Stalinist Russia" with one big difference. Stalinist Russia system was physical wile the Swedish system is physiological oppressing. We are so used to measure oppression on the physical scale that most of us ignore the physiological oppression so meany countries do today, including Sweden. Note Sweden is not alone.
Thus proving my point by the amount of suicide Sweden has a record of in the world compared to its economical state (not comparing war zones and such). The excuse is "low light and bad mood" reality is not that cause the northern atmosphere has always had "low light and bad mood" but the suicide results was not always that high. The reality is ignored that the system is "physiological oppressing" and his ignorance is made that meany do the mistake of measuring oppression in physical measures whom is invalid for this system.
The world still measures oppression in physical oppression terms and most people (you included) are not prepared to measure oppression in physiological terms there for a system cans use physiological games to make you and the victim think it is his fault by simple putting him/her in the same box as them who really did make mistakes in life.
EXAMPLE: It like telling a healthy person he is "crazy" and putting him in a "crazy asylum" there for making a healthy person really crazy for real.
That is how a physiological oppression system works and acts.
And thus is made easy by comparing the victim with the ones who really did wrong to the rest of the population (including you). You will think that he is wrong because you compare him with the ones who made it instead of seeing that there is more to the story. Lack of knowledge of the case makes a person judge fast and this is used by the system to make hate and feed the physiological oppression made by that system.
In other words said. In the "Stalinist Russia" it was used physical oppression were they would kill you making them look as the bad guys. In the modern Swedish system of oppression they make you kill yourself instead by simply making you look as the bad guy and making you believe you are the bad guy unless you have something to measure with as I did when moving outside.
Not only Sweden but USA and others as well use the same method.
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on September 06, 2016, 02:43:52 am
Do you see what I see? In short 30 things we should all wake up to see.
Most people live in a dream world thinking all if good.

---- I see a world gone mad on "be like me or the high way" ideology.
---- I see a world talking of freedom wile making rules to keep track on us.
---- I see a world propagating of democracy and letting representatives lead us in there interest fooling us it is our best interest.
---- I see a world talking of love and care and compassion and full of greed, ego for power and hate towards them who dare to see what is wrong.
---- I see a world talking of having an open mind yet them who dare to think out of the box are shut down and ridiculed.
---- I see world who say they struggle for technology, but then who make technology to better the life of them in poverty are ignored and systematically destroyed.
---- I see a world who know of wisdom, yet chooses unwisely talking of knowledge over imagination as if wisdom could exist only by knowledge with no imagination.
---- I see a world filled of richness, yet only 1% hold the wealth of 99% wile 99% are working class or poor wile the 1% think that we are all stupid for being the 99% because they keep us down.
---- I see young sexy woman selling there body and soul for fame and fortune wile others starve and die of hunger and all those woman can talk of is "what car to buy".
---- I see you girls crying for a not getting the latest smart phone wile children of the same age are dying of hunger on another face of the planet and we call that "education".
---- I see the social care taking children from loving parents on minor motives and giving them in the hands of pedophiles and abusers ignoring the children's suffering all at the same time wile pedophiles are getting away with child sex crimes.
---- I see idiots tell you hat you do not want to work if you ask for help wile there is unemployment and hard to find a job.
---- I see people struggling to make end meet and then when they come home are brainwashed in front of the TV watching "reality shows of who is more rich".
---- I see people killing each other wile the rich are getting richer on it.
---- I see weapons of mass destruction being made to kill each other instead of space ships to find a new home for man kind to save the human race.
---- I see the world politicians saying the country has not enough money wile I see celebrities swimming in money wile most of the people hardly can make ends meet.
---- I see important people talking of that the world is soon out of resources wile I see that others practically swim in resources stolen from them who not have.
---- I see a world who talks of freedom of choice calls all who do not dress, not think and not speak like the system wants them to as being crazy.
---- I see a world who talks of freedom of opinion yet if your opinion goes against the establishment in power you are punished.
---- I see a world promoting love, yet doing hate.
---- I see a world wanting to go to heaven, but running to go to hell.
---- I see man wanting to live by being suicidal.
---- I see woman needing there rights wile getting revenge on men not there rights even in countries were woman's rights are admired.
---- I see promotion of free sexuality, yet on the cost of natural sexuality as if we can not all live with love not sexuality stamps.
---- I see banks robbing people in masses wile idiots hates them who see this and agreed to arrest them who protests against it.
---- I see people getting fooled to hate other people for no personal benefit, but only to satisfy the hunger of greed of some fat ass in power.
---- I see people who are brave enough to speak up who are silenced and black listed for life including there children and grand children are black listed too since birth.
---- I see a world full of people who see what I see, yet they do nothing.
---- I see a world were they do dare to change the change they want to see are hunted down, ridiculed and destroyed by all means necessary.
---- I see a world were we are told we have free speech and free will yet when we see all reality as it is and acknowledged the truth they who do it and dare to fight it they are babbled as "conspiracy theorists" and attacked even worse for it.
Now tell me "Were is all that goodness you dream off or speak so highly off"!?!?!?!?
Title: Re: The Awakened International
Post by: SeekLoad on January 22, 2017, 09:31:12 pm
EXPOSED the TRUTH please share:
GOOGLE was NOT first, SeekLoad was:
This is why i keep saying that often the true people coming up with a good idea are ignored wile the big corporations steal the idea for there own profits.
SeekLoad was first with the idea in July 1997 to have a search machine that searches the web, maps, pictures and words all in on one single page. Google was founded in 1996 by Larry Page and only available for Stanford universality. Google put this international idea in September 4, 1998. That means that in September 4, 1998 was registered as a domain and it became international and not private for Stanford as it use to be.
In other words simple put "I was with the idea online LONG before Google came".

But because I was not a hot shot helped by the US military and I was a simple 17 years teenager Romanian foreigner in Sweden back then, nobody gave me credit for it. Today I keep the page existing as a **** YOU to Google to say "Look I may not have become rich, but I still have more ideas for it then you" and I do. And all this because I am pissed of for being with the idea and not get any credit for it. To the OPPOSITE I was BLACK LISTED on the job market in Sweden to never get a job in Sweden.
The old version of SeekLoad still have more search possibilities then Google today. And there for you can imagine that the new version I am working on is even with much more then Google then it use to be. Though I agree that my stuff is more simple made and with no possibility of getting payed. Well I am not Google and I have not there budget. I made it for free.

The old address:
for verson 1 of SeekLoad and now as you see it is online version 3
As the page says in the programming quote: "Starting 1998. Version:3 Made in 2004 last modified 2005"

2005  was the last time I used that domain.
As you see, if you go to:

You can see it redirects you to here now:
It is because I moved the page in 2006 when it changed name from JagFinns to SeekLoad.
"Jag Finns" means "I Exists" on Swedish. "SeekLoad" stands for "Search and Load" and it sounds more comercial and it has a higher SEO value that is why I changed name in 2006.

Please add together the address because FaceBook does NOT want to accept SeekLoad domain. The old SeekLoad domain "jagfinns" is NOT accepted by facebook to share so that nobody can prove I am right. If that is not called sabotage then what is that FaceBook did?

Also as you see the meta code says:
META NAME="COPYRIGHT" CONTENT="Copyright © year 2005 by Liviu Rrafael N. (LRN) All Rights Reserved."