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Title: The Awakened Romania-Cei Treziti Romania
Post by: SeekLoad on May 06, 2013, 12:09:22 am
This group is for ROMANIA for all people who are NOT afraid to think freely and wake up to really see what world they live in no matter how black it is, they always try to make the world they live in better.

If you like this group, ADD your friends !


OBS! The 3 BASE rules should be the SAME EVERYWHERE.

- We keep a good language with respect among each other.
- We accept members from ALL over the world and we should spread all over the world regardless of the groups country name the goal is ALWAYS to have waken up as many as possible regardless of religion, color, race or geographic position.
- We do NOT hate, condemn or love anybody above the other one based on religion, color, race or geographic position. We hate, condemn or love based on actions, facts and proven guilt.

PS: We work with Anonymous but...
We are sort of part of Anonymous but we are NOT Anonymous and are part of the Anonymous at the same time, but there is some significant differences:
- We ALWAYS try to be peaceful, but sometimes if we are FORCED to it we can consider to take to arms or violence if necessary but ONLY if it is ABSOLUTELY necessary and we are NOT as Anonymous almost only online. If it is needed we could be in real life to in some cases.
- We do want more action then talk and consider that Anonymous is to slow, to inaccurate or talks to much and that we should put some fire on there buts to start acting more and talk less.
- We do NOT have one idol as Anonymous has the "V from Vendetta" with the "Guy Fawkes mask". We have all different idols and ideas for each country and each problem but united in one wish and that is to make this world a better place by showing of the stinking **** in it and afterwords dealing with it accordingly to the situation.

This explanation is on English and Romanian.
Aceasta explicație există pe Engleză și Romānă.

What is the group
We do NOT need corrupt politicians, we need patriot leaders that loves there people and leads for a better future and NOT for there pockets and their greedy ego.

This group is for all ROMANIAN people who are NOT afraid to think freely and wake up to really see what world they live in no matter how black it is, they always try to make the world they live in better.

For the Romania people who wants to take charge and make Romania a better place.

For those that ATTACK those who want to restore the rights, freedom, culture, history, respect, fame, religion, identity, and nature and lay the Romanian people back into its feet as they were back in the kingdom days, but this time without a king.

Because the true Romanian kings are all dead.
The so called Romanian king is a German man who his grandparent enslaved the Romanian people like the leaders of today also do. A German man who our HERO Nichifor Lipan was trying to destroy for the freedom of all Romanians. Nichifor Lipan payed with his life for his hero acts.

We think that Romania needs a strong leader ship with culture, respect and patriotism but not racist LEADER. We need a leader as Vlad Dracu (Vlad Țepeș, Vlad Dracula, Vlad the Impalor) or as a Stefan Cel Mare (Stefan the Great) or as a Cuza have bin to give the rights, freedom, culture, history, identity, fame and respect restored to all Romanians. And not a German king as before the communist and not a gypsy mafia as we have today in the government of Romania.

We do NOT accept to talk "****" to each other wen we fight for the same cause. Our enemy is the ones who go against the people, the ones who want to destroy the Romanian culture, history, respect, language, fame and nature.

"The Children are the future" and we should fight for a better future for our children and for us if we can. And if we can not have a better future for us, then let us sacrifice ourselves for them (our children) and get rid of the ****s in the Romanian government who destroyed our country once and for all.

If you like this group, then join it...
Please do SPREAD this group to everybody...
We need to grow very big to be able to succeed !

The Curse we give
Amen, Amen, Amen.
God bless Romania, and God save its people.
Amen, Amen, Amen.

In the name of the Father, Son and the Holly Ghosts.

I by this curse thee that may God give the enemies and traitors of Romania the same back to them and there children and grand children.

I curse them by prayer to God to give us what our heart wants to give, and may God give them what they have given to the Romanian people.

May the prayer curse be heard by God and may God let the rightful win give us straight to make the evil lose.

Amen, Amen, Amen.

May God bless and save Romania, its people and its culture.


Shortly what do we want
We do not care that your an Atheist or that your in another religion although we are for the Orthodoxy of Romania, because as long as you do not hate that Romania is a Christian country, we have nothing against you and it does NOT matter that you are Atheists or in another religion.

The respect of the rights, freedom, culture, traditions, language, religion and respect for the Romanian people is what we ask and we ask for the punishment of the ****s that have driven our country to the pit and has morally destroyed it, we ask of it to make Romania more rich for the people. Do you want a Romania for its people and not for the ****s that have destroyed it? Come here in this group.

JOIN and SPREAD the news...


Ce este grupul
Nu avem nevoie de politicieni corupți, avem nevoie de lideri patriot care iubește poporul și conduce pentru un viitor mai bun și nu pentru buzunarul lor și ego-ul lor lacom.

Acest grup este pentru toți oamenii Romāni care nu se tem să gāndească liber și să te trezecă pentru a vedea cu adevărat ceea ce este lumea īn care trăiimi, indiferent de cīt de negru este ea, ei īncearcă mereu să facă lumea īn care trăiim mai bine.

Pentru oamenii din Romania care vrea să se ocupe și de a face din Romānia un loc mai bun.

Pentru cei care ataca pe cei care doresc să restaureze drepturile, libertatea, cultura, istorie, respect, faima, religie, identitate, și natura și de a pune poporul romān īnapoi īn picioare, ca s-au īntors īn zilele regatului, dar de data aceasta fără a un rege.

Deoarece regii adevărați romāni sunt toți morți.
Așa numita Romān regele este un om German care din bunic a īnrobit poporul Romān, cum de asemenea șii liderii de astazi face. El  este un bărbat German care eroul nostru Nichifor Lipan a īncercat să distrugă pentru libertatea tuturor Romānilor. Nichifor Lipan a platit cu viata lui pentru faptele sale eroice.

Noi credem că Romānia are nevoie de o puternică coducere cu cultură, respect și patrioțim dar nu LEADER rasist. ne trebuie lideri ca Vlad Dracu (Vlad Țepeș, Vlad Dracula, Vlad Impalor) sau Stefan cel Mare o (Stefan cel Mare), sau un Cuza ca să facem drepturile, libertatea, cultura, istoria, identitatea, faima si respectul restaurat tuturor Romānilor. Și nu un rege German ca īnaintea comunistului și nu o mafie țigănească așa cum avem astăzi īn guvern din Romāniei.

Noi nu acceptăm să vorbim "urīt" unul cu altul că ne luptăm pentru aceeași cauză. Dușmanul nostru este de cei care merg īmpotriva poporului, cei care ne vreu să ne distrugă cultura Romānă, istorie, respectul, liba, faima si natura.

"Copiii sunt viitorul" și trebuie să luptăm pentru un viitorl mai bun pentru copiii noștri și pentru noi. Și dacă noi nu putem să avea un viitor mai bun, atunci să ne sacrificăm pentru ei (copiii noștri) și să scăpăm de escroci din  din guvernul Romaniei care au distrus țara o dată și pentru totdeauna.

Daca iti place acest grup, apoi se alăturațivă...
Vă rugam să RĂSPĪNDIȚI acest grup la toții...
Avem nevoie să creaștem foarte marii pentru a reuși !

Blestemul care īl dăm
Amin, Amin, Amin.
Dumnezeu să binecuvānteze Romānia, și Dumnezeu salveze oamenii săi.
Amin, Amin, Amin.

Īn numele Tatălui, al Fiului și al Duhului Sfīnt.

Dau acest blestem ca Dumnezeu să dea dușmanilor și trădătorilor din Romānia īnapoi aceeasi ce ei ou dat nouă să le dea Dumnezeu  lor și la copiii lor și copiii copii lor.

Īi blestem prin rugăciune către Dumnezeu să ne dea ceea nouă ce īn inima noastră dorește să dăm, și Dumnezeu să le da ceea ce ei ne-au poporului Romān.

Să dea Dumnezeu ca blestemul de rugăciunea să fie auzit către Dumnezeu, și Dumnezeu să ne dea dreptate și putere ca să facem răul să pierde.

Amin, Amin, Amin.

Dumnezeu să binecuvānteze și salva Romānia, oamenii și a culturii sale.


Shortly what do we want - Ce vrem pe scurt
Nu ne pasă că ești Ateist sou că ai o lată religie cu tuată că sīntem pentru Ortodoxia Romānească, fincă atīta timp care tu nu ne urăști că Romānia este o Creștină țară, noi nu avem nimic cu tine și NU contează dacă ești Ateist sou ai o altă religie.

Respectarea dreptăți, libertăți, culturei, tradiției, limbei, religiei și poporului Romānesc cerem și pedeapsa escrocilor care a dus și duc țara la rīpă și distrugere morală, este tot ce cerem ca să facem Romānia mai bogată pentru poporul său. Vrei o Romānie pentru poporul Romān și nu pentru escroci care ea distrus țara? Vino aici la grumul acesta.

Title: Re: The Awakened Romania-Cei Treziti Romania
Post by: SeekLoad on May 06, 2013, 12:10:36 am
Judeţul Cernăuţi (The county Cernăuţi) was once a Romanian soil but now it is in Moldova who was all Romanian soil and the politicians of today have forggoten that Moldova and Romania is the SAME nation and the Romanian government has forsaken Moldova (Bucovina). Bucovina there are still people left that has not forgotten that you are our brothers and sisters of blood and culture.
Title: Re: The Awakened Romania-Cei Treziti Romania
Post by: SeekLoad on July 03, 2013, 01:25:09 am
The Romanian government has done NOTHING.
Romania still has the problem with gypsies that live in the lower class and is going to other countries to rob just so that they can live on something.

There were 3 million people in 2012 from Romania in Spain. Many of them have a decent job.There are many Gypsies that rob but that is not everybody from Romania who do that and not everybody are Gipsies and not all Gypsies rob.
Also rich Gipsies discriminate low class Gypsies in Romania. In Romania there are Gypsies in the government to,so it is NOT true that only Romanians discriminate Gypsies. Gypsies discriminate there own race when they come to power.

The people in power of Romania are both Romanian and Gypsies and Hungarians other nationalities. And they are living a separate life from the people using the gypsy problem as a distraction for the Romanian people to not look at the   s h i t   the government is doing. They used Gypsies to stamp real Romanian as thieves by making a situation for the Gypsies to rob in the name of Romanians so that Romanian can not have reliability outside Romania.

PS: I'm pure Romanian (not gypsy) I know.
Title: Re: The Awakened Romania-Cei Treziti Romania
Post by: SeekLoad on July 14, 2013, 03:18:49 am
Romāni falși care atacă Romāni adevărați.

OBS: Asta NUI rasism dar noi nu mai trebuie să tolerăm falsificarea istorie Romāne.

Trebuie să avem "0" toleranță la cei care atacă historia Romāniei și numește cu ou și oțet pe cei care spune adevărul de spre ea.

Acesta Romāb fals "Marius Iacob" in data de 14-07-2013 a sris unrătorul de pe poză cum vedeți și puteți să citiți
PICTURE is in the link here: (

Sau acelasi poză pe PhotoBucket in caz că acea pe FaceBook nu funționează: (

Noi Romāni și cei care nu sīnt Romāni dar care ține la Romānia trebuie să atace prin ea publica cum fac eu aici și să nu accepte idioți ca aceșta. Noi trebuie să avem "0" toleranță cu acei care ignoră și șterge istoria Romāniei dacă cu adevărat vrem să ducem Romānia pe o cale mai bună. Nu mai trebuie să acceptăm cocalari și cultura de cocalari făcută din minciuni și insulte īnvățată de la guvernul lași și trădător de țară din Romānia.

Din cauza acea noi NU trebuie să aceptăm pupători de fund și minciunoși de istoria Romāniei care atacă pe Romāni adevărați cum Marius Iacob o face aici.

Haide să ne UNIM ca săi dăm afară pe toți care a ditrus ce este Romān și ajută să distrugă Romānia prin a ignora și a falsifica Istoria Romāniai cum domnul acela o face. Ca el sīnt mii și toți aceștea mii trebuie să cadă de rușine. Haide cei care iubește Romānia să se unească și la atac săi dăm de gol pe toți escroci falși Romāni pupātori de fund a mafiei din guvernul Romāniei.

OBS: Lincul care el ma īnjurat de īntreabă pe Romāni cīt sīnt deacord ca Romānia se schimbe numele la Dacia. Lincul este acesta:

Grupul unde acesta individ "Marius Iacob" ma insulat și atacat este numit:
"The Awakened Romania-Cei Treziti Romania/by:SeekLoad"

Pagina de FaceBook al lui "Marius Iacob" este următuarea:

Așa trebuie săi dăm de gol pe toți escroci dacă vrem o țară curată de minciunoși și estroci casă nu mai distrugă istoria, cultura și poporul Romān.
Title: Re: The Awakened Romania-Cei Treziti Romania
Post by: SeekLoad on July 17, 2013, 10:56:31 pm
,,Și ca să fie siguri că nu vin la Washington de pomană, secuii și-au adus și steagul așa-zisului ținut secuiesc, pe care l-au arborat pentru scurtă vreme pe mallul național, īn fața Capitoliului. Organizatorii americani au prins incidentul la timp și au cerut īnlăturarea acestuia. '' (

Dovadă că politiceni noștri nu țin la țară. Domnul aldracu Ponta este un escroc de prima mīnă. Am avut plicuri date la el și ce face el? Nui pasă, ci le dă īn mīna celor care mam plīns contra, in loc săși ea răspundera ca ministru și să răspundă.

Domnul Ponta NU ține la țară ci ține la bandiți. Nu te aștepta ca el să reacționeze fără presare de la poporul Romān. Noi Romāni trebuie să ne ridicăm că guvernul Romān este făcut de aldracu mafoți fără respect de Romānia și poporul Romān.
Title: Re: The Awakened Romania-Cei Treziti Romania
Post by: SeekLoad on September 24, 2013, 08:43:04 pm
WAKE UP this is a CRIME!!!
They what to turn this into a chemical hazards dangerous dead land.
This is the BEAUTIFUL nature of "Rosia Montana" in Romania that the Romanian government wants to destroy through a Canadian company just for mining for gold and the farmers who for hundreds of years have had that soil and taken care of its nature are now pushed aside to give place to a Canadian firm for gold. They just want gold and don NOT give a **** of nature and peoples right and health. They take the soil for its gold and use chemicals that are dangerous for nature, animals and humans just to get to their gold.

And this is not only a beautiful nature for Romania but ALSO a historical value were from all Romanian gold in history has bin extracted without destroying the nature. And now cause gold is less they have decided to destroy the nature just to get to the gold.

Even WORSE all the houses churches and buildings in the gold area will be DEMOLISHED the people that live there will have their houses destroyed with no solution of getting a new home wile the people on the outside of the gold area will be poised by the chemicals used.

NOT that this is NOT bad enough, but it gets WORSE. The gold mined there by the Canadian company will belong to Canada NOT to Romania though it is from the Romanian soil.

JOIN the fight to SAVE "Rosia Montana" in Romania.

This is the begging of the end of Rosia Montana and everybody in it if we don't stop it. Thousands of people will lose their homes and there health for what?
For "GOLD".

Gold that will NOT belong to them or their children or to their country Romania, but will belong to Canada and USA and the international banks.

They are robbing Romania and the Romanian history killing the people and animals and destroying nature and all in the name of GOLD.
Title: Re: The Awakened Romania-Cei Treziti Romania
Post by: SeekLoad on October 01, 2013, 01:20:06 am
IMPORTANT message with proof for Romanians on Romanian and English.
IMPORTANT mesaj cu dovadă pentru Romanii pe Romană și Engleză.


ROMĀNA (Romanian):
Am fost pentru PPDD pină azi data de 30/08/2013 cind un membru care lucrază la EU la Bruxel sa dat de gol in felul de sa comporta.
PPDD NU este pentru Romania sa dat de gol că este EGAL cu PSD și duar se perface că este contra lui dorintele lui PSD ca să vină la putere.

Dacă PPDD nu este ca PSD si alti trebuie PPDD să se alăture protestatarilor īn practică NU numai cu vorbe, și să NU īi raporteze la FaceBook cum a făcuto REPREZENTANTUL lor de la EU cu mine azi īn data de 30/08/2013 īn jur de ora 0:00 (+1h GMT).

DOVADĂ: Un membru din EU de la Bruxel de la PPDD a fost o FOARTE bună prietenă pe FaceBook și ma RAPORTAT la FaceBook cind ea a aflat că eu cu famila mea am făcut protestul acesta īn "Julie 2012 la EU la Tribunalul Drepturilor Omului din Strasbourg" contra guvernului de azi din Romania: (

PS: Asta DOVEDEȘTE că SINGURA rezolvare pentru Romania este ROVOLUTIE fără milă de NIMENI in guvern. NU contează ce partid este. TOTI absolut TOATE partidele de asi sint escroci care vrea să sugă de la poporul Roman tuată viața.

REVOLUTIE pentru Romānia este SINGURA solutie.
NICIO MILĂ pentru niciun pardit in politica Romānă.

PPDD = Partidul Poporului - Dan Diaconescu / Ei zic că sīnt cu poporul dar acum sa dovedit că este o minciună că defact reactionează ca și PSD.
PSD = Partidul Social Democrat / Ei sint acum la putere īn Romānia.


ENGLISH (Engleză):
I was for PPDD until today 30/08/2013 when a PPDD worker at EU in Brussels give away in the truth in her actions.
PPDD is not for Romania and today they give away that is equal to PSD and that they only pretend to be against PSD just to come to power.

Dacă PPDD nu este ca PSD si alti trebuie să se alăture protestatarilor īn practică NU numai cu vorbe, și să NU īi dea deoparte cum a făcuto REPREZENTANTUL lor de la EU cu mine azi īn data de 30-08-2013.

If PPDD is not like PSD and others should then they PPDD should join the Romanian protesters in practice not just with words, and NOT report them on FaceBook as their representative from EU did with me today on 30/08/2013 and about 0:00 (+1h GMT) o'clock.

PROOF: A member of the EU in Brussels from PPDD was a VERY good friend on Facebook and she REPORTED me to Facebook when I told her that my family did this protest in "July 2012 at the EU European Court of Human Right in Strasbourg" against the government of Romania: (

PS: This PROVES that the ONLY solution for Romania is a REVOLUTION without any mercy for NOBODY in the government. NO-MATTER what party it is. ABSOLUTELY ALL TOTE parties are scammers who want to suck the life Romanian people.

REVOLUTION for Romania is the ONLY solution.
NO mercy for NO party in the Romanian politics.

PPDD = Partidul Poporului - Dan Diaconescu (The Peoples Party - Dan Diaconescu) / They say they are for the Romanian people but now proved to be fake as fake as the PSD is.
PSD = Partidul Social Democrat (The Social Democrats) / These are in power now in Romania.
Title: Re: The Awakened Romania-Cei Treziti Romania
Post by: SeekLoad on October 19, 2013, 05:34:55 pm
The TRUTH of WHY the media and the governments keeps the Rosia Montana problem in blackout from the news and NOBODY in the governments is talking of it.

As we know Rosia Montana in Romania is poisoned with cyanide to extract gold by a Canadian company. This cyanide kills nature, animals and makes humans sick even kills humans if they don't treat it.
Also this makes thousands of people living in Rosia Montana homeless. To not say that the cyanide will be transported half way though Romania endangering half of Romania as well wile the gold extracted from Rosia Montana is not even given to the people of Romania but is given to Canada and put in American banks in USA.

This is why Canada won't stop with Rosia Montana.
Romania will give very much gold to Canada. But Canada will put it in NOT in Canadian banks but in American banks. The American banks use its value so from the stock market to pay the price for the new RFID chips, increase the military and protect the NSA who now is at the target for spying on people.

That is why there is NO interest by any government in stopping the mining. Cause this mine will become the Europes BIGGEST gold mine and one of the biggest in the world though not the biggest.

Cause of that in stock value this for the gold explorers the value of it goes though the roof. And the explorers are Canada and USA. By fixing USA problems with the payment of the RFID chip EU gets easier to make better quality biometric passports and ID cards. EU has planned to make biometric ID cards in the future. The budget did just not allow it. But if USA starts more mass producing the RFID chip then EU will have a cheaper way of making the future biometric ID not just Passports as today.
The MOTIVE Canada is the ones taking the gold is so that people will not be able to understand how this financially helps the governments in the world to spy more on people.

But if one uses his mind to find that out is pretty easy. Just ask yourself in WHAT banks will that gold be put in. It is NOT in the Canadian banks though Canada is taking the gold. By having it in the American bans the stock market value is given to USA and Canada ONLY gets the gold value as a material.

EXAMPLE: If you have money in a bank the bank will use your money and the stock value of that bank will get bigger the more money it has in. You still have your money and you still get the interest in value from it but the majority of interest are given to the bank wile you get the minority.

The SAME is for Canada putting the gold in American banks.

This is why no government and no media talks of it and it is kept in blackout in the media and by the governments and politicians.
because this will fond the system to have more control over people world wide if the mining is allowed. And for the governments this is of interest to have more power and more control.

The actions against this mining in Rosia Montana may not get stopped just cause of a petition but at least if it will not get stopped then it will **** off more people until ether they stop or it will be a revolution in Romania sooner or later.

Because one day the jar will burst over.
Title: Re: The Awakened Romania-Cei Treziti Romania
Post by: SeekLoad on May 08, 2014, 07:19:09 pm
PROOF RFID is becoming Mandatory.
One more REALITY step towards the NWO (New World Order) 666 system.
The RFID chip in the health insurance card becomes mandatory for all Romanians in 2015 and latter it may become mandatory also for the rest of EU. Who refuses to have the RFID with them will NOT have the right to any health insurgence or medical treatment.

NOTE: Use google translate to read the page on English.
Title: Re: The Awakened Romania-Cei Treziti Romania
Post by: SeekLoad on May 22, 2014, 11:55:20 pm
QUOTE the real Vlad Dracu (The Impaler) of Transilvania:
"If you think freedom is cheep now, wait until the price of freedom becomes freedom itself."
My question to YOU:
I ask of you is that what you want freedom to be before you realize that we need to fight the oppressors on all levels? If that is what it needs then sadly you will do the same mistake that I try to make people to not do and that is to not wait to long cause the longer they wait the harder it will get and the more bloody the fight will be for freedom and justice to the innocent.
Title: Re: The Awakened Romania-Cei Treziti Romania
Post by: SeekLoad on August 08, 2014, 10:59:17 pm
CULTURAL and SOCIETY differences between Sweden VS Romania.
--- Sweden is a 80% Atheists country wile Romania is a 80% Christian country.
--- Romania has thousands of churches all over Romania yet a low rate of religious fanatics and no religious terrorists. Sweden has very few churches and more are closing and though that they have more religious fanatics and even religious terrorists. How come? That is weird!
--- In Sweden children move from there parents from the age of 14 till 20 and when they reach 20+ almost all children have moved separate from there parents Wile in the Romanian culture the children live at there parents as long as it is needed or if they have the money to move then until they get married.
--- In Sweden the parents are not allowed to spank there children on the bottom never the less to beat them it is illegal in Sweden. In Romania to beat your children is illegal to, but not to spank them on the bottom. I agree to having the beating illegal, but not the spanking on the bottom since some kids need it.
--- At the market in Romania you can barging the price wile in Sweden barging the price can irritate them. In Romania squirt toilets are 30% of public toilets wile in Sweden they never have squirt toilets at all.
--- People in Sweden are use to queue using a ticket with a number. In Romania people are use to queue in a long Indian raw.
--- In the Swedish for example tax office you will see 8 counters and only 2 or 3 working. In Romania if you see 8 counters somewhere then 5 or 7 of them will work.
--- A Swedish most popular vulgar word is "go to hell" and "Satan" and "Niger devil" though funny because 80% of the Swedish population is Atheist who do not believe in a hell or a heaven or Satan. The most popular vulgar word in Romania is "go into your mothers    c u n t   " and "suck my dick" and "go to Satan".
--- In Sweden teenagers usually lose there virginity at 14-17 years of age. In Romania at 17-20 of years of age.
--- In Sweden it is rare that a person is over 20 years of age and a virgin. In Romania it is rare to be over 25 and a virgin.
--- In Sweden it is normal to be a 30+ year old girl and not married. In Romania if you are 30+ and not married it is called late.
--- In Sweden only 30% are married the rest live "sambo" meaning they live together but without getting married and without the legal laws of marriage. In Romania 80% get married some day and only 15% live as the Swedish sambo though the sambo system does  not exist in Romania and if Romania if one wants to live as sambo then they live as lovers.
--- In Sweden the divorce is at 90% within the first 5 years of the relationship and in all relationships not only marriage and in the total life time the divorce rate is at 98% of all relationships were the majority divorces are at 2 to 4 times in there life. In Romania it is at 40% divorced were the majority only divorces 1 to 3 times in there life.
--- In Sweden it is not normal to talk a lot and even less normal to talk loud so Swedish normally are only noise if they are drunk or extremely happy. In Romania it is normal no talk some and sometimes and if needed to be loud as well so the Romanians are definitely a lot more noisier then the Swedish. No wonder cause Romanians are Latins and are noise like Latins to.
--- In Sweden it does not fit good to self-praise your self and if you do it you could end up being abandoned. In Romania it is very normal and  a popular thing to self-praise your self.
--- In Sweden it is a bad thing to show off like for example "You buy a Lamborghini and you show it off to your friends". That in Sweden is against the Swedish culture. In the Swedish culture you buy what the others were you live buy and if your different you could end up abandoned or even wore bullied for it. In Romania if you buy for example a Lamborghini and you show off yes you will get some jealous people but at the same time that is something that will make everybody to lick your ass with respect.
--- In Sweden people shut up of there income and that is there personal secret. There income is as secret even if it could help you by not keeping it a secret and a Swedish will not tell you his income not even if your work mates. In Romania the income of one is not a secret but a Romanian will gladly tell you his income especially if you work at the same company so that you know what to ask for of your boss.
--- In Sweden if you ask for directions you will get an answer 80% of the times but almost 40% of that 80% will be false or misleading information and out of them 40% the 20% will be by bad will and NOT by mistake.
In Romania 90% of the times you will get a information and out of that 90% the 20% will be false or misleading information and out of the 20% only 5% will be of bad will and NOT by mistake.
--- In Sweden the majority of jokes are sexual about the sex itself. In Romania the majority of jokes are also sexual but more about sexual conflicts and not the sex itself.
--- In Sweden people talk with "you" as in English. In Romania people talk with "Mr/Mrr and Ms/Mss" as in French.
--- A teacher in the Swedish school has no right to punish a student no matter what the punish is even if the punish is physiological and not physical. In Romania they are not allowed to punish one physically but they are allowed to punish the student physiologically like for example mostly used punish is "more home work".
--- In the Swedish schools there is no requirement for the student to use a good language to the teacher though the teacher does demand it he/she has no power to make them respect him/her. In Romania if a student does not respect his/her teacher they can get kicked out from school.
--- In Sweden if a child or teen does to many stupid things in school Sweden nothing happens and the school almost never contacts the parents, but if he does it to often he/she will easily be taken form the parents by force by the social and put in a foster home. Though before that the parents did not get contacted by the social. In Romania if he misbehaves in school the school will contact the parents and if he/she misbehaves even worse then the parents gets asked to institutionalize his child if he wants to as a parent. In Romania the state can NOT take away the child if the parents refuses to unless it is not murder, extreme beating or **** motives involved.
--- Prostitution is illegal in Sweden but not for the prostitute and only for the client wile the prostitute can freely continue and find another client to rip off or send to the cops. In Romania prostitution is also illegal but for the prostitute and less for the client though the client is also accused.
--- The police in Sweden sue live ammunition in ether guns. In Romania they use live ammunition only if it is the innervation police but normal street police use guns with half the original power in there bullets.
---The police in Sweden are allowed to even shoot and kill with no excuse needed in he shoots so called by mistake cause he felt threatened. that has lead to that Sweden has the highest rates in Europe of police officers shooting and killing somebody. In Romania the police is not allowed to shoot unless they have to and if they have to they have to give after the shot explanation to there officer why they did it. Also if they do not shoot in the leg or arm and shoot to kill they could lose there job unless it was necessary to shoot and kill. This has lead to that Romania has one of the lowest rates of police who shoot and kills in EU. EXACTLY the opposite to Sweden.
--- Sweden says they have no life time jail in Sweden, but instead they have a punishment in the insane asylum for crimes without time limitation whom is the same thing as life time, just not named life time. In Romania maximum punish time is 30 years and in the insane asylum it is 35 years.
--- In Sweden you can be send to jail, then to the insane asylum then last to pay a fee for the crime you have done. In Romania you only get one that is jail, insane asylum or to pay a fee and you can never get all 3 of them in the court.
--- Jails in Sweden as for the living standards is as a poor mans vacation with TV and all. Yet the killing rates by other inmates in jail in Sweden is the highest in Europe. In Romania jail is jail and NOT the poor mans vacation in living standards.
--- In Sweden it is normal that the Swedish take a vacation in the summer. In Romania usually only the wealthy do that.
--- In Sweden if you do not dress and behave like others and eat the same thing others eat you will get alienated. In Romania nobody gives a    f u c k   , they simply don't care of such.
--- In Sweden thy say that the social will help you if your on the street, so if your a homeless beggar nobody will give you money and the social sure lies of helping you causes they so many times do not even lift a finger to help. In Romania they recon the social does not help much and the people are more willing to give something to a homeless beggar, but since Romania has many gypsy beggars many do not give anything to beggars unless they know you or your situation. But in Sweden it does not matter they know you or your situation they will still refuse to help and point you to go to the state to help you.
--- If one says "no" for any reason in Sweden, even if the "no" is wrong or illegal nobody will say it is wrong as long as it comes from a authority. IN Romania if the same thing happens you will find three groups of people one that will say that, that something is wrong and one that will shut up and one that will help the wrong doing like in Sweden.
--- The Swedish easily gets drunk. The Romanians as all Latins does not get drunk that easy.
--- A drunk Swedish will blame the alcohol for the stupid things he/she did no matter that he was not that drunk. A Romanian being more proud will always try to accuse himself as if it was just and accident that anybody could do wrong or worse he will try to ignore any wrongs were done.
--- In you insult a Swedish in the face if he is not drunk he will shut up and play cool. The Romanian will get angry and insult you back or tell you to leave before he hits you in the face.
--- The Swedish are less arrogant then the Romanians are. Romanians usually are a lot more arrogant then the Swedish.
--- Many who have only visited Sweden thinks that the Swedish are warm at heart. But they could not be more wrong. The Swedish can be warm at heart but the Romanians are even more warm at heart and in Europe the Swedish in fact are the coldest at heart wile the Romanians are well known to be the warmest at heart.
--- Swedish history may be interesting but compared to the Romanian history it is very boring. The Romanian history never boring. Thus has made that many Swedish Viking do not want to hear of the Romanian history if you tell them cause that makes them feel small.
--- In Sweden to go to a random girl in the bus and start talking to her can go good but it can also be that she looks at you as if you were an enemy just because you sat next to her and the bus was empty. In Romania of she does not like you she will reject you, but she will not act as if she hates you just because the bus was empty and you sat next to her.
--- In Sweden 70% of all girls smoke and 20% of all boys. In Romania 70% of all boys smoke and 20% of all girls.
--- In Sweden if there are not equal of both sexes in a job the employer can get accused of sexual discrimination even though he may be innocent cause there are no equal amount of candidates for that job. In Romania nobody give a    f u c k   .
--- In Sweden though they talk of sexual equality the salary for woman is 30% lower then for men at the same jobs and same hours of work. In Romania nobody gives a    f u c k    in some cases woman earn more then men and in some cases men earn more then woman. It depends who and what you are and who your and weer you work at or for and of course it depends how smart and a how good orientation you are.
--- In Sweden if a man makes sex with a woman while she is a sleep it is **** and so is in Romania to. But if when she wakes up she likes it an continues in Romania the **** accusation is not valid, but in Sweden it is still valid though she liked it and continues it when she woke up.
--- In Sweden if you report something to the police then later you come back and want to take you report back the police will refuse it and even worse in court. To report something to the police is like "shaking hands with the Devil" in Sweden. In Romania if you decide to take a police report back you can do it at any time as long as it has not gone to court. After it is to court you need to take it from the court and not form the police if you want to take it back.
--- This is the only good thing in Sweden compared to Romania and that is that in Sweden if you buy something from a shop (NOT from then market) and you give it back to the shop they will take it back and some will even give you money back. In Romania you can forget that. In Romania you need to have your eyes opened when buying something or it is your loss.
--- Sweden do usually not have markets at all. Romania is full with markets at least one in every city and many times even in towns you can find a market.
--- In Sweden it is not normal that farmers sell outside there gate though it does happens sometimes. In Romania that is very normal and a popular way to sell fruits and vegetables when they are to many to sell on the market or the farmer does not want to got to the market.
--- In Sweden you are not allowed to build the house as you wish to with your money. In Romania nobody gives a    f u c k    of how you build your house with your money as long as it passes the control that it will not fall apart in case of a minor earthquake.
---In Sweden if your on social your not allowed to make extra money, not allowed to have money in the bank and not allowed to make internet purchases with Social money and your definitely not allowed to eat less and buy something expansive cause they they will decide that your social income is to big and you will lose some of your already low income. the social income for one person is 350 euros per month without the rent that is calculated separate. In Romania nobody gives a    f u c k    what you do with your social money.
--- Sweden is said to be a free speech country, but if you talk to much they will black list you on the job market and discriminate you. Romania is also a free speech country and if you talk to much they will stop caring of what yo say and tell you "that is only your opinion".
--- Sweden sais to be fighting for human rights and freedom on the world wile in Sweden FRA and SÄPÅ (the Swedish secret police) has the right to spy and stop people and sometimes very seldom even arrest without any court order. In Romania none of them are allowed to be done without any court order.
--- In Sweden to be gay is accepted by the culture and by the politicians ruling the country it is thought to be better the straight. In Romania to be gay is a shame in the culture but by the politicians it is accepted equally to straight.
--- The Swedish has the biggest rate of people trusting its government in Europe. Romania has the biggest rate of people NOT trusting its government in Europe. EXACTLY the opposite.
--- The Swedish usually think of themselves as the best country in the world though they are not. The Romanians do not think of there country as the best in the world, but think of it as the worst in the world, but they do think of there soil nature as the best in the world. And yes I agree the nature of of the soil in Romania is one of the best in the world.
--- The Swedish always think that the Swedish model is the best for all the world and if they could they would force others to accept it. Wile the Romanians do not think they the Romanians are the best in the world, but they always think they can become better.
--- In Sweden it is always "me, me and me" everywhere you are. In Romania it is "me, me and me" or "us, us and us" depending were and what you are.
--- In Sweden it is not that accepted not to know the Swedish language. In Romania there are meany Gypsies who know little Romanian and over 1 million Hungarians who know little or refuse to speak Romanian.
--- Sweden say that Romania discriminates Gypsies and it racist  but Romania has never sterilized Gypsies and Romania has Gypsies even in the government. Sweden has sterilized Gypsies up to the year 1990 and has NEVER had and still does not have Gypsies in the government. LOL So who is more racists? BIG LOL
--- Romania has corruption in almost pain site. Sweden is not known fro corruption not because they don't have it, but because they are smarter at hiding it.
--- Sweden has a big number of real skin head Nazis that every year sings "High Hitler" saluting Hitler. Romania has extreme nationalism but NONE of them say "High Hitler" saluting Hitler. And Romania has very little skin heads.
--- In Sweden you could hear African Blacks and Arabs bin called "Bloody Niger Devils" by racists Swedish people. In Romania that almost NEVER happens.
--- In the bus or in any public transport in Sweden each person sits one person and leaves the chair beside him empty, not for others but just to be comfortable and if you have space and the buss is not full and you sit beside somebody that person will loot at you as if you were intruding his space.
This is how Swedish sit in the bus.
Wile in the Romanian buss normally people sit beside each other and even more if it is full packed. This is the Romanian bus.
See the difference. Well when it is full pack then people sit like sardines in the buss. LOL
NOTE: I am NOT saying Romania has no bad sides but compared to Sweden it is VERY different. The darkest side of Romania is the corruption and the lost patriotism selling the country for money in them who leads the country.
PS: Sorry I wrote so much but I wrote all differences I could think of right now between Romania and Sweden.
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EXAMPLE of the good way of treating animals.
This guy seems to knows how to treat his animals with respect and with love and his animals LOVE him though he eats them in the end.
He may look poor but he is happy and so is his animals with him.
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Once the RFID chip is mandatory and used as money here are 3 ways to survive with it.
1- Use somebody that has the chip to buy food and stuff for you. In worst case scenario maybe sacrifice a family member or a willing friend with a better economy for your and others.
2- This is complicated but it could work. Take the chip from a dead person that did not dies cause of the chip and hack the chip and give it a new code and all and then add a low energy battery to make it run and not look as if your dead and tape it under the arm and under the blouse so to use it and nobody would know that you don't have it implanted.
3- This will hurt and it is only possible for them who takes the chip in the arm not in the head.
Take the chip in the arm and then in secret take it out. That way it has your number but will no longer be in you. Then the only thing needed is to hack it by putting a low energy battery so it runs and does not look as if you dead. You can then tape it under your arm under the blouse and use it.
Since you need it to buy food and stuff you will need to use it and there for you must find a way to use it without having it in your body and do NOT care it will be illegal to use it that way. **** the law in this case and if it is out of your body you will not die of it ether and you can chose to not be tracked if you want to and the system will think that you are sitting home wile maybe your out.
GOOD LUCK and hope it does not come to that but if it does this are the solutions.
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EXPOSING Suceava Hospital emergency department in Romania.
Here the truth I filmed of the emergency hospital department in Suceava Romania in "04-12-2014", at "15:00-15:30" hour Romanian time (UTC+2)
Aici adevarul fimat de mine de conruptia din sectia de urgenta din Suceava Romania in data de "04-12-2014", la ora "15:00-15:30" ora Romaneasca (UTC+2).
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This is how the FIRST vampire stories were made and why?
The fake stories that Dracula is a vampire is made by Hungarians after Draculas death. Rich Hungarians in Transylvania who back then in Transylvania ruled the news and information stared to kill young girls by strangling them in the woods and force a 2 horned fork in there necks and then lying that it was Dracula who acme form the grave and drank there blood.
Then later "Bram Stoker" came to Transylvania and meat the Hungarians there who told them this fake lie to blasphemy Dracula. And "Bram Stoker" made a book of it who now Hollywood made the fake story a multi million industry of vampire movies.
The Hungarians hate for Romania started since Draculas time since Dracula said "stop the Romanians in Transylvania will not be slaves to the rich Hungarians anymore". The Transylvanian's need to be there won masters. And he was right, and that is why the Romanians see Dracula as a hero and the Hungarians with the Austrians see Dracula as a murderer. The idea that Dracula drank his victims blood is a LIE made up by Austria since Dracula stopped the rich Hungarians who were friends with Austria at that time.
Hungary had a thing for Romania. Why? Because back in the Dracula time in the 15 century the majority of rich people in Romania were Hungarians and the poor were Romanians. Dracula was Romanian who got sick of seeing his own people in his own land slaves to the rich and powerful wile the Ottoman empire also enslaved people. So Dracula took the crazy actions to bring fear in all his enemies including the rich Hungarians in Romania at that time. Most people Dracula impaled were Hungarians and not Romanians and not for being Hungarians, but for refusing to sent there children to war wile forcing the poor to go to war.
Because Dracula had war with the Ottoman empire and the rich did not want to go to war, but they send the poor to do it for them. Also the rich did not pay taxes wile the rich forced the poor to pay. Dracula forced the rich to RESPECT the same laws the were forcing the poor to respect.
As today too the rich don't go to war but the poor and working class are forced too. And the rich do sometimes do not pay taxes but the poor and working class do. So was it back then and Dracula wanted the rich to go to war for the land as well.
Now you know how the first Vampire stories were made and why and of who.
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"The Dragon Society" and Dracula and how he betrayed the elite.
So though Dracula was cruel with the impaling and all. You know what would be cool? If somebody did the same with the Masons elite leaders. They deserve the same fate. And yes I know Dracula was in the secret society called "The Dragon Society" and that the "The Dragon Society" was with unity of secret societies today called "Illumimnati". But with Dracula the "The Dragon Society"  betrayed the Illuminati secret unity of societies by the killing of the rich who enslaved the poor and by forcing the rich in Transylvania to not be above the law, but be equal to the law as the poor were. By doing so Dracula with the "The Dragon Society" betrayed the Illuminati secret unity of societies and there fro Dracula betrayed the future to come Masons too.
That is why NOBODY today in the media tells the truth of how the vampire stories were made. Since it would be to tell the truth of the traitor of today Masons who built there system from the ashes of the societies from back then whom the "The Dragon Society" through Dracula betrayed.
That is why the "The Dragon Society" was later after Draculas death destroyed by the other secret societies in power back then and today.
Dracula was the last leader of the real "The Dragon Society".
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Trezitiva Romanilor ca traim la timpul inceperi Revelatiei la capitolul de incepere al lui 666.
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Wake up!

Si sfirsec acesta cu un cintec sa va aduca aminte ce sa intimpla.
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RFID tecnologia este marca lui 666 care este scrisa in biblie "nimeni nu o sa poata sa vinda sau sa cumpere fara ea" si "o sa fie in mina dreapta sau in cap".
NOTA: Acuma in ziua de aazi 3 millioane de oameni deja o are implantata sub piele in mina dreapta. Se face experimente azi cum sa faca un nou sistem de RFID ca sa bage in cap ca o telecomanda.

Adevarul de RFID de azi:

RFID chip implantat expåerimental in creier la suarici. Azi este soarici mine este omul si poimine esti tu.
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Uite ce usor se fura de pe un RFID card bancar cu RFID transmotor.