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Author Topic: The Mandela Effect, things you remember in one way, but now it si remembered differently  (Read 2 times)

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I sometimes wonder
"am I living in an alternative reality, different from the one I grew up in?"

I use to think that the Mandela Effect is a **** changed by the elite trying to alter history and change the history books, and not real.
But now I start to doubt although that may be true, but it seems it is only 50% true, wile the other 50% seems to be a crash of different dimensions and some things of what I REMEMBER comes from my dimension that I was born in, not this one today.
But HOW is that possible?
That is because as example I will explain.
EXAMPLE of memories that today is different:
In the 90s when I was a teenager I was fascinated by news, what is happening in the world, technology, science, space, real actual and future space travel and geographical historical points.
This is a LIST of SOME of the things I remember and today it seems it has changed.
- Among all this I have memories of humans having multiple moon ladings since Armstrong being the first time. Today it is said that humans had had only one moon landing and even that is questioned.
- I remember of astronauts saying that they found a bone on the moon.
- I remember that USA and Russia on 3 occasions sent humans to Mars, but the mission failed and the humans crashed on to Mars and died instantly, maybe even before they crashed burning in the atmosphere.
- I remember that the astronauts found ice on the moon, meaning that there is water if you melt the ice, but because of the extreme cold and no oxygen and no weather on the moon, the ice does not melt, but stays as ice for eternity if nobody picks it up.
- I remember that Nelson Mandela died in a prison of the apartheid in South Africa, and that later I found out he became the president of South Africa after the apartheid. As if he had 2 lives, I remember that confused me.
- I remember the Statue of Liberty being able to have people in the torch and in the head, but today we are told that access to the Statue of Liberty torch has bin forbidden for 100 year, but in the 90s it was not 100 years ago.
- I remember Statue of Liberty being on Liberty Island. Right?
Now all of a sudden it is on Ellis Island, that is strange...
- I remember that I use to watch a TV channel called "Sky TV" and it had a program called "Twilight Zone" with scary movies. What happened? NOBODY talks of it today, as if it never existed.
- I remember it was another TV channel called "Children's Chanel" that later got bought by Disney and is long gone since. But on the "Children's Chanel" it was 3 children's manga like series. One called "Dungeons and Dragons" and the other one called "Wow Thing" and third being "Mans exploration after the God of Universe".
I will give explanation to those movies in an up coming post, to not make this one too long and to not get out of topic.
Now you tell me. Am I crazy or what is going on?????
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