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Author Topic: How we became targeted and so poor in 2012 that we have no home  (Read 96 times)

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Here are more links of how it happened:
- http://seekload.createaforum.com/my-life-24/how-i-became-to-be-exiled-in-1987
- http://seekload.createaforum.com/my-life-24/my-lrn-seekload-administrators-media-articles/

In short because last time it was not all at once I will now here write the story of how we and why we got targeted and what happened, how we became with nothing.
Sadly I can not make it too short.

How it all began:
In 1977 it was a big earthquake in Bucharest were 80% to 90% of all buildings in Bucharest collapsed. My parents back then were in love dating each other in the park when the earthquake struck. There house fell but they survived unharmed because they were in the park when it happened.
Many people died that day.

Anyway the communist system political policy back then was that all who had a job and had  a house in the capital will get a house or an apartment back. My parents got nothing.
That is how my father started to be against the system, although originally he was a member of the communist party. My parents started to criticize the communist system of that they promised one thing, but did not deliver what they promised because of the corruption within the Romanian communist system of that time.
That was how my parents started to get politically implicated and against the corruption that was back then. The more my parents were criticizing the corruption of that time the deeper they found more and more wrongs in the system, and with time they started to make anti government friends back then who the communist system saw as a threat. In 15 November 1987 there was a big protest in Brasov in Romania and my father had friends in that protest, my father never went to Brasov instead my father protested in Bucharest (the capital) in 16 November 1987.

My father managed to find out on what street and what hour the president Ceausescu will pass with his car so in 16 November 1987 my father protested with a protest banner on that street throwing the banner across the street right when Ceausescu car with Ceausescu and the president of Etiopia "Mengistu Haile Mariam" in it was passing the street making the car go under the protest banner my father had made.

President of Etiopia "Mengistu Haile Mariam" on the left and president of Romania "Nicolae Ceausescu" on the right in 1987


That is how Ceausescu saw EVERYTHING and he got ashamed that "Mengistu Haile Mariam" saw it too. And this probably saved my fathers life, because Ceausescu decided to give my father a short audience and talk to my father of why he protested. Ceausescu found out that my father did not protest against the communist, but that my father protested against the corruption in the communist system of Romania back then. Something that Ceausescu personally agreed on and thought that my father was right about.
Sadly as Ceausescu put it "you have 2 choices either to go in exile or to go to jail, not because you are not right, but because if you do not get punished for your actions then the anti communist movement will use the same tactics against me in the future, because even though you did not protest as an anti communist, your protest will be judged as it and seen as it too by them who are corrupt and are in power lover then me" said Ceausescu.
Ceausescu also said "how ever if you accept to go into exile I can give orders to keep you and your family under protection till you move out of Romania, after that I have no more political power".

You see Ceausescu was maybe a dictator, he was not alone in charge, there was much done without his orders and most often the cruelty of communism was done without his orders. Although all that he (Ceausescu) and his wife got all the blame in December 1989 when they got executed. No wonder they got executed because those who gave the orders to execute them were the same people who made the corruption back when Ceausescu was in power and also made the corruption after the system changed and today there children are in power still doing corruption in Romania, just now with the difference of doing it under a democratic system instead.

And that was the political implication and the protest that lead to the forced exiled situation my family got in 1987. In 1987 we got forced exiled by Securitate (Romanian communist secret police back then) to Sweden.

SADLY the files of this happening was and still is kept a secret behind locked doers by Securitate and it is still kept secret by the Romanian secret police today till year 2100 when we will all be dead and long gone in the grave.

Some old Securitate files are still kept secret today although some have bin made public.

The Securitat was also known as the "Political Police" in the communist Romanian time.

"Why" and "How" we are targeted:
When we got exiled in 1987 and we came to Sweden the Swedish ambassador in Romania told Sweden to NOT give us a visa in Sweden. Of course that the Swedish authorities listened to him. The Swedish ambassador in Romania back then was the cousin of the Swedish king. The Swedish ambassador in Romania back then was not only the cousin of the Swedish king he is also a high ranked Masonic member for the Masons secret society. That was something we did not know back then. Back then we did not even know that there were such thing as secret societies, even less to know who is a member and what power and influence they have. We did not even know that the Swedish ambassador in Romania was the Swedish kings cousin.

The Swedish ambassador in Romania got fired as an ambassador and sent back to Sweden  by the presidents Ceausescus order. The ambassador was fired because he advised Sweden and gave orders not to give us a visa in Sweden.
From this point on Sweden made a plan to use us, and if we refuse to target us and try to destroy us.
As you see we did refuse to play there game and we did get targeted but they did not manage to destroy us.

Since 1987 I bin living in Sweden and because my parents were politically exiled in 1987, when the communist dictator system fell in December 1989 Sweden wanted to use my parents as tools to politically attack Romania.
After the communist fell in Romania Sweden thought to use us against Romania because the Swedish royal family has a 500 years old grudge on Romania. This grudge the royal family of Sweden has against Romania goes back to the dark ages when Romania refused to help Sweden military. And since we a simple working class family disturbed there nerves by making there love one get fired from there job and lose there pride as ambassador as that person was they thought "we need to do as they ask and want or pay for our existence".

So they made a plan of how to use my parents against Romania. My parents refused saying quote "We have nothing against our country, what we were against were the leaders and they have fallen now with the system so there for we will not and we refuse to politically attack our country Romania and benefit Sweden on it".

This lead to that we became and we still are today targeted and we are the ONLY family in Scandinavia with still having the Romanian citizen ship after 30 years of exile.
No other family in not only in Sweden, but in the entire Scandinavia Denmark, Norway, Finland and Island including Sweden is not like us with a Romanian passport after 30 years of exile.

After refusing to politically help Sweden on their agenda, because of that through out the over 30 years in Sweden we got targeted.

Our case has even reached the Swedish king and the prime minister through out the years.

The first proof that Sweden was after revenge using my family:
Since 1987 I was bullied in school and beaten by bullies who were put to do it by the teachers with fake accusations. This was done because the social workers wanted to accuse my parents for beating me up, with my parents never did.
Why? To force my parents to kiss ass in Sweden as political puppets. But Sweden failed and this made Sweden hate my family. Why was this will from Sweden and there must be somebody with a high power doing this right? Yes it was, the Swedish ambassador of Romania in 1987 was the Swedish kings cousin. So the guys who has black listed my family in Sweden is the kings cousin. So this goes right up to the royal family of Sweden.

My parents had a job till 1993 but after that they were black listed on the job market:
If we exclude the bulling and that I moved to several schools just to be able to finish school and I finished it to all our enemies envy till 1993 my parents had a job in Sweden, since the Swedish system understood that they will not help Sweden to politically attack Romania, Sweden in 1993 fired my parents from work and kept them black listed on the job market since and only living on social well fair money.

Since I finished high school I was black listed on the job market in Sweden. I went out of University in 2012 but I was still black listed on the job market. i worked for FREE for 4 years to just get a work history so maybe I get a job. But I did not even get a job interview since 2002 of searching jobs in Sweden.
And yet I still find IDIOTS online who tell me "go to work lazy ass" when I ask for help, but none of those idiots will work for free one day if I ask them, never the less for 4 years as I did. Yet I am to blame with the idiotic blame of "not wanting to work" just because after 4 years of working for free I said "STOP I will not work for free anymore if I get no payed job".

We had money aside but what happened?

My ex wife was implicated as a spy:

Since we came to Sweden we put money and gold aside for dark days. Most of the time (99% of the time) we bought gold with that money to have more value of it in the future. Since 1987 till 2012 we made 50000 euros worth of gold jewelry. In 2008 we thought it was going okay, we will be able to use that gold to make a future in Romania and get rid of the black list target we were in Sweden. In 2008 I met a girl who I married in 2009 and who I had a child with in 2010. My daughter got born 2010. But my ex wife (back then my wife) had an agenda of her own. She was the ONLY outside the family member who knew about the gold and were it was. The only people who knew of it was me and my parents and my wife was shown that we had it after she married me in 2009.

 In 2010 so to have my daughter secure not taken by the social services in Sweden I sent my wife to give birth to Romania. That is how my daughter is today a Romanian citizen and not a Swedish citizen. In 2011 my daughter had to take a vaccine and Sweden wanted to handicap her by giving her a double dose, to witch of course I refused. So in 2011 I sent my wife to Romania to do it to our daughter. Thus act done in 2011 made my wife find contacts in 2011 to  help the elite into robbing me and my family of the 50000 euros worth of gold that we had put aside. And since she knew exactly were it was, it was easy for her to give the information to the criminal robbers.

I noticed something was wrong cause after she came back in 2011, but i thought she might just be a bit cold on me because I sent her alone to do the vaccine to our daughter. So she will get over it with time.
I was wrong, I did not know that she had planned to rob me and my family. In 2012 the last vaccine was to be given to my daughter. Again in 2012 Sweden wanted to give my daughter a double douse so sent my wife this time with my father to Romania to make the vaccine needed to my daughter. When my wife and father arrived in Romania we found out that we had bin robbed of the 50000 euros worth of gold that we had.

The gold was in an old house that belongs to my fathers sister. The robbery was done in 2011, but it got registered as 2012 because it was in 2012 when the police report was made. Meaning that the house who had iron bars stood open for a few months till my father came and saw that it got robbed.

Here is a video done by me about the robbery.

Now you may wonder why did we keep that gold in that old house?
The motivation is simple. In Sweden we lived on social financial help since 1993 because we were targeted. There for we could not legally keep anything in the bank without having the social services bereaving down our necks. So we had to hid the gold in a safe place were nobody would be looking and were nobody would know. Since 1995 when we started putting bit, by bit gold jewelry in that house NOBODY robbed it, because nobody knew what was in it.

How I know my ex wife was involved in the robbery together with the enemies we have in power:

- First it was only me and my parents and my ex wife (back then my wife) who knew were the gold was and that there was any gold.

- Second is that my ex wife after the robbery she defended the robbers to the police by saying quote "I never saw any gold, my father in law is laying" who is a lie because I know she saw the gold, because I was there as an aye witness when she was shown the gold and were it was by my father. Luckily my father had a resets and pictures of all gold jewelry we had so that was shown as evidence in court that it was in deed gold that was stolen.

- Third the robbers knew EXACTLY were the gold and money was. We had 3 steal made vaults. The steel made vaults were incorporated in a fake made fire place that looked like a real rife place. The fire place and 1 steel made vault (the strong one) were made by my father who is a professional building engineer and a welder engineer. The robbers forced opened the two steel made vaults (one was the big vault my father made), one with money and the other with gold jewelry, but the robbers never forced opened the third vault that had only papers and documents inside.
So how could the robbers know EXACTLY were the gold jewelry and money was and not wonder what was in the third steel vault? Unless somebody told them.

- Fourth is that at the police she did not only ignore hat we had gold jewelry, she also said to the police officer that there was no money either. Money that she knew VERY well about that it was.

That is my evidence that my ex wife was implicated in the robbery. The robbery that made me now have NOTHING and in need of help. The robbery that made me and my daughters future unstable.  And as that was not enough my ex wife also tried to adopt the child without my permission, so that is how I ended up having the legal right of custody even though normally the fathers are not given the custody.

Since the separation in 2013 my wife has not given our daughter not even a "happy birthday card" and since January 2015 I am divorced with legal papers and custody of the child. She has NEVER given at least a "happy birthday card" to the child since 2013.

NOW you know the FULL story in a more detail. Because of the targeting I have NO trust in the system and I am EXTRA careful. Because of the targeting I learned how the system works and it made me do research that lead me to learn about secret societies and it also made me in 2004 join freedom fighting and in 2010 become an Anonymous ally on FaceBook and other places online.

Here is the link were I ask online for help to have a home in Romania:
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This is the picture they deleted now in November 2019 after years of having it online. I uploaded it again.

The picture is of the former president of Romania "Nicolai Ceausescu" together with the president of Etiopia "Mengistu Haile Mariam" in 1987 in Bucharest Romania.
The photographer behind the camera is a relative of mine.
Also all pictures that were in the news papers about my family got deleted too.
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I am the head Administrator of the page.
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This forum community is for all people who are NOT afraid to fight for a better world and admit that they see how reality is.


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