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Author Topic: My LRN life the SeekLoad Administrators life  (Read 1801 times)

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How I became to be exiled in 1987, the protest 16-11-1987 and how it all started.
This is who I am and how I became involved in the fight for freedom and justice to the people. Sadly I am still in the shiit now. But slowly I am rising up though I am practically born in a political situation.

My biggest problem is that my parents and me never had in our life had a safe place to live in. We have bin on the edge all the time in life since 1981. That is why I say I am politically  born in a political situation because I am born in 1980 and the communist of Romania back then did not respect its own rules of that "all who has a job must have a home". It started with my parents in 1981 as I was 1 year old. And now it is going on with me, just cause I am the son of my parents and it seems it wants to continue with my daughter like if they have cursed us until our family tree will sees to exist. Funny is that somehow karma has made that they who tried to do us wrong are the ones losing.

That is why I am not stopping from the fight. Because I can't.

My parents became against the fake communist in 1981 because all young people were promised a home if they had a job especially if they had a good job and my father had a very good job as a construction engineer. But the system did not keep its promise to my parents. It was then my father started to attack the corruption. My father left the communist party that he was a member of in 1983 for those reasons. Until 1987 my father learned more and more of the corruption and started to get involved more and more against it. In 15-11-1987 he was in a rebellion were many people got killed in Brasov Romania. My father had friends in the rebellion from Brasov so next day in 16-11-1987 my father was in Bucharest (Romania  capital) on "Strada Victoriei" and protested in front the president Nicolai Ceausescu who that day was visited by "Mengistu Haile Mariam" the president of  Etiopia then.

President of Etiopia "Mengistu Haile Mariam" on the left and president of Romania "Nicolae Ceausescu" on the right in 1987


In 16-11-1987 I was 7 years and I was there wen it happened. Because Nicolai Ceausescu was there, the secret police "Securitate" did not shoot us as they did against the demonstrators in Brasov.

Nicolae Ceausescu went with his car right underneath our protest banner. It is IMPOSSIBLE for him to not notice it and read it. I remember that the street police officer responsible for the security of that place started crying saying to my father "What have you done, I will lose my job for this."

And yes he did lose his job for it. But sometimes collateral damage is unavoidable in a protest.

The secret police did not shoot us cause the truth is that Nicolae Ceausescu did not give the orders in Brasov to shoot. The communist leader of Romania Nicolae Ceausescu was innocently accused for what his people did without his knowledge. The orders were given by the same people who accused him in 1989 and ordered to execute him. Those are the same assholles who now are in power in Romania and has driven Romania into the wall economically. The same assholles who have killed many political rebels after the revolution of the communist fall in December-1989.

We in 1987 were forcibly exiled to Sweden by "securiate" (Romanian secret police of that time and today named SRI).

Sweden got in secrecy payed by the assholles who knew that we know of their guilt of giving the order to kill many people. They payed Sweden to destroy us so that there will be no evidence or witnesses left of their crimes. We even had a hit man payed to kill us at one point in time. But the hit man was smart and left off cause he knew that after he kills us he will be killed as well.

Now those assholles who have killed in 1987 are in power in Romania and those who have gone into pension has put there children on the pedestal through fraud and corruption. My final conclusion of the communist system lead by "Nicolae Ceausescu" is that "Nicolae Ceausescu" was tricked by the ass holes who pretended to be his friends and that he only wake up the day he got executed and innocently accused for what his friend in power have done in his name.

They know that if I move back to Romania cause I was in the protest of 16-11-1987 in Bucharest I have 100% right to publish the files of my family from the secret police to the news paper if I have the time and possibility to do it. If I or my father does that some high ranked people may lose there jobs and maybe also there wealth if not even get jail though we did not have that interest after the communist fell. That is why they had and still do try today to destroy us. But as you see they did not succeed.

Sweden took advantage of this situation and tried to make us there slaves thinking "nobody cares anyway we are country less and government less people". There try has made evidence that now can be used against them. I guess they did not expect that. So now the Swedish government has become an enemy as well cause they know that we can expose there work with the Romanian ex communist from the government and there corruption in the case.

So today it is both the Romanian and the Swedish government who are after us to destroy us. At least the Romanian government is known to be corrupt so they have in some order stopped caring if one day they get exposed. But the Swedish government is known to be democratic and to get exposed for being corrupted Nazis is hell on earth for them. And that is "why" I must move out of Sweden if I want to have a future. Wen my daughter got born the Swedish institutes tried to hurt here by giving here twice the dose of the same vaccine.

I refused and went to Poland for the vaccine and by that solved the problem.

Cause they tried to hurt my daughter this told me that they will continue with my daughter the way they did with me for being my fathers son, so will they try with my daughter for simply being my daughter from my blood as I was my fathers son. That I will never accept to happen

I have bin through enough, and I do not accept they destroy the childhood of my daughter as they destroyed mine.

PS: I have not told you everything or else that would mean I would write a book here. But trust me, this what I wrote to you now is just 1% of all the troubles I have had for my situation. But this 1% is the beginning were all started and what could have made things look 100% different if things were different. Just remember I have not written all my troubles or problems, this is just a very small part.

More a bought the system back then and parts of who is the enemy can be found here.
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