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Author Topic: My LRN life the SeekLoad Administrators life  (Read 1801 times)

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PROOF of the Swedish system harassing me and my family
« on: June 18, 2014, 08:20:34 pm »
PROOF of the Swedish system harassing me and my family:
"trafikförsäkringen föreningen" sending fake accusations to me.
When I came home today I found a letter for me. The letter contained accusations that I am in debt for not paying 14000 euros car insurance for 2 cars since 2004. And if I don't pay the 14000 euros in 30 day they will sue me.
Now in reality car insurance for what cars since 2004?
2 cars that were give to the car cemetery in 2003 and do not exist now?
What risk do I pose? Me who never had a drivings licence! Will I drive 2 cars that does not even exist? These 2 cars were sent to the car cemetery in 2003 on Romanian soil.
You understood correctly "they accuse me for not paying car insurance from 2004 till now on cars that are not on the in the Swedish traffic since 2003 and are also  in the car cemetery since then".
The Swedish insurance company doing this false accusation is "trafikförsäkringen föreningen" at "http://www.tff.se".
They know that cars do not exist since in 2008 the police did a research on there demand and found out that the cars do not exist since 2003.
A research has bin done by the police the states car insurance company continues to harass me with fake accusations and to threaten me that they will sue me.
And that for me is a direct discrimination. Romania is a EU country and all cars given to the cemetery there is registered in all Europe and if I go to France (I have done it) they recon that the cars do not exist in traffic since 2003. Anywhere in Europe I go they recon it and even in Sweden the police recon that the cars are out of traffic since 2003.
As you know it should not even matter that they are at the cemetery. Cars that are out of traffic are not insurance payable until they are put in traffic again. You can not crash a car that you are not allowed to drive and you do not drive. That is why the law is like that. Yet in my case it is even worse because the cars were give at the cemetery.
The motive we bought the cars in my name though I do not have a drivers license:
My father drove them and I was planing to move to Romania then so it was cheaper to drive a car with all the personal stuff then to pay a transport. Of course I bought cheep second hand 1000 euro cars not something expensive. The cars were bought for the transport reason only and then given to the cemetery for it was not worth keeping them in the long run since they were really old cars.
The motive I bought them in my name was cause the plan was that my parents would come back to Sweden and stay till the go to pension, but I would never come back.
The planned failed because of economical reasons. Yet that is not a motive to be accused of not paying a car insurgence for cars that do not exist from before the debt date was put.
The dept date is 2004 and the cars do note exist since 2003.
This is why they do it.
I can even scan the papers given to me and post them on my wall at another date if you don't believe it. If you want to ask a expert I do not know what the expert will say but one thing I am sure of. He will not admit that Sweden black lists people to falsely accuse them in that to try to destroy there reputation and future in life and keep them in a invisible prison made by laws and rules not a real prison made by walls and bars.
This is a invisible prison because if you have these type of debts to Kronofogden then your not allowed to have a bank account, employers do not want to employ, you can not get your own apartment and you and your forced to live on welfare money until the debt is payed no matter even if it is fake. Plus after the payment your only taken out of the registry after a minimum of 5 years.
Meaning that your still in the invisible prison even after it.
That is the motive to why they do these fake accusation. The system wins from one from that if you are a long time unemployed person you are forced to go and work for "social welfare money" as a so called "praktikant" were you do not get a real salary, but work a real job.
You are a modern slave without the title of a slave forging for less then that job would give. And if you put money aside your income is cut off because on social welfare you are not allowed to put or make any money aside.
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