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Author Topic: My LRN life the SeekLoad Administrators life  (Read 1801 times)

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A fellow Anon asked me this interesting question:
"So what you mostly fight for on the net... Defeacing for a reasen.. Carding for fun.. Cracking ...! ?"
My sincere answer (those who know me better can guess this one through):
My sincere answer
I am fighting most to wake people up. The motive is that people who are woken up will stop helping the system from black listing people who the system does not like
In other words said I am fighting against the blacklisting of people. And since I myself am blacklisted on the job market in Sweden I know that if people stopped trusting the system the black listing would not be possible.
The only way to make pole stop trusting the system is to wake them up to the truth to make them see and I do it by simple exposing and whistle blowing the truth that the media does not want to tell people.
To do that is the exact motive that blacklisted my father and now me black listed because I am the son of my father. I use to not like ot get implicated but they forced me to take the same path as my father by blacklisting me to.
Now they made me there enemy and made me see the truth there is no turning back for me except in a coffin.
What I know can never be unknown for me.
And what I know makes the fear in me become the fuel of my bravery. They predicted this would happen so they have tried to get rid of me when I was younger by including trying to kill me.
Now it is to late and if they would kill me now they would just make a martyr of me.
So now though the system blacklisted me for being the son of my father now the system blacklisted me even harder and tries to say I am crazy so nobody would listen.
But they are so freaking wrong. They are wrong cause there blacklisting me even harder just gave me evidence that I am not crazy. They tried even on paper to call me crazy with the file called "Social Medical Disability in Code81".
QUOTE "Social Medical Disability in Code81" from the Swedish AMS:
"Definition: Persons with disabilities that impair work capacity and that
are employed by public employers in rehabilitative purposes. The target group is
of unemployed with social medical disabilities, people with long-term mental
illness, the unemployed covered by LSS (Act concerning Support and Service). under time salary paid to the employee."
NOTE: There is a lot more these ass holes in power have done against me and my family this is just the cream de la cream (the tip of the ice).
If you can read between the lines it says "The target group is
of unemployed with social medical disabilities, people with long-term mental
illness". So in other words they try to say "you are crazy for saying that your blacklisted it is your fault your are long term unemployed".
What a peace of   b u l l s h i t   . Now the second   b u l l s h i t   comes along that is "covered by LSS (Act concerning Support and Service). Under time salary paid to the employee" and that is another   b u l l s h i t   because it never happens and if it did, it would not be a "long term unemployed". For over 10 years in Sweden were by law they force me to work on well fair money on jobs that should give 2000 to 3000 but I get 300 euros per month instead. And to not mention:
I have:
- No right to use a credit card.
- No right to put or leave any money in the bank.
- No right to buy and sell things to make some money.
- No right to get some extra money from anywhere else except from the social well fair.
Because otherwise I lose my income that i work for and maybe in some cases even get jail time if I break the rules and get caught.
And what is my crime to get punished like this?
My crime is that I am "long term unemployed" because of there black listing me.
And why did I get blacklisted?
I got black listed for simply being the son of my father. My father a ex-freedom fighter that was in the revolution that failed of 1987 in Romania in Brasov.
And the funny thing is that it is Sweden a country that should be neutral but is not who keeps us blacklisted not Romania. Big LOL that proves how deep does the rabbit hole go does it not?
More on how I got blacklisted you can find on this link.
Now if that is not slavery what is it?
So now though the system blacklisted me for being the son of my father now the system blacklisted me even harder and tries to say I am crazy so nobody would listen.
But they are so freaking wrong. They are wrong cause there blacklisting me even harder just gave me evidence that I am not crazy.
Evidence that now sits in the European Court Of Human Rights. Yes the court did put it under the table but they did not cancel it. The simple fact they did not cancel it means they acknowledge that what I said is true, but it is just that they don't want to deal with it until they are forced to. What are they going to do "put me as a innocent man in jail"? LOL I would like to see that since the way I exposed the system that would make me a equal martyr as if they would kill me.
So they can't put me in jail as long as I am innocent and of they would that would make a me a martyr equally as if they would kill me.
So the best thing the system think they can do against me is terrorize, harass me and say I am crazy wile keeping the black list on me to keep me out of society so I would not be able to whistle blow to much.
And my only weapon to stop the black listed of others not just me is to expose society so that people stops listening to these criminal ass hole overloads in power.
If the people in power have no ideologists to ideal them then they sees to have power. And if they seen to have power there power to blacklist innocent people will also sees with there job and there carrier in having any power of the world they created.
This fight is not personal but viral since I am for sure not the only innocent person blacklisted and I care of is what I leave behind and not what I do only for myself.
I will never accept that they black list my daughter for being the daughter of mine the way they black listed me simple for being the son of my father. And if I see as I do the opportunity not only so save my own ass but to save all the asses of everybody in the same shoes then I am going for it. A wake up call to the people will save the asses of everybody in the same shoes and the more I expose the more I find out that there are millions in the same shoes more or less.
Since that is the case the ass holes in power that destroy innocent peoples lives needs to be destroyed and the only way to destroy them is to expose and help those that expose them to the masses so we wake people up and make the elites powers non existing.
PS: So now you know why I am fighting and what and how.
I am sorry it was so long but the answer is not short and also I did get emotional answering it.

Thank you and God bless since God is the only one I fear, but I am not afraid of Gods judgment day, since that is the day I truly will be replayed with justice.
God bless you who deserve it...
Otherwise let God sort them out and who deserve it do go to hell and I am not the judge, man himself is by his actions.
A short of sort of CV:

PS: As professional with school made I am not an idiot or crazy. Professionally I am a Fashion Designer, Tailor, IT Interaction Designer, Web Design, Photographer.
With pretty good grades plus I have ECDL (European Computer Driving License).
As a personal hobby I am a Web designer (since 1997), Sowing Machine Repairman (since 2001) and a all around repair man (as long as I can remember).
NOTE: That hobbies can also be worked professionally to not mention that I do have some school degree in Web Design to as I said above.
As extras I have done 2 years physiology and 2 years philosophy and 2 years science.
From my past a former democracy representative and order responsible in high school and university were I was at. And of course a LOT more I did not add here.
So who ever has brains and thinks I have nothing and I may be a nut job, now better think again.
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