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Author Topic: My LRN life the SeekLoad Administrators life  (Read 1801 times)

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My family protest in Strasbourg in 19-07-2012 against the black listing of my family
The protest was done in front of the "European Court Of Human Rights" in Strasbourg.
My families protest in Strasbourg in 19-07-2012 against the black listing of my family and me in Sweden and against that Sweden and Romania has worked together to harass us and black list us for being Romanian citizens in Sweden though we were forced exiled and sold on money to Sweden in 1987.
We left that day 2 separate documents on 3 classes our case to the "European Court Of Human Rights" in Strasbourg.
- One document on my fathers case. My fathers documents are of the discrimination he live in ind Sweden of and of him and his wife also being black listed on the job market I Sweden for over 18 years without a job though they has searched every day.
- And one separate document on my case for being black listed on the job market in Sweden and being unemployed for over 8 years though I have university level and work experience given through the social welfare system, not on salary but on welfare who is only gives 300 euros per month for it.
- In both documents we talk of the robbery in Romania done against us in 2011, that the Romanian justice system did not take care of and ignores though the robbers are found and well known who they are.Also the goods are well known who took them and the head robber was ignored in even talking of him in the court as if they did not know who it was. Though my father personally found him and the police refused to arrest him.
- My fathers decision on his documents have bin falsely rejected.
I say "falsely" because the laws used in the rejecting the files refers to the right of homosexuals, wile the problems we had in the documents has nothing to do with homosexuality. That itself is clearly proven that they used "false motives" to reject the decision on my fathers documents.
- My files are still there and no answer was given, as if they did not exist.
- On the problem of the robbery the court never answered or acted in any way.
Flag, symbol explanation and people
NOTE: I ma the camera man, those on the picture are:
On the left side holding the Romanian flag with a whole symbolizing the corruption in Romania my ex-wife
and on the left side my father with my back then 2 years old little daughter.
The Swedish flag ha the German Nazi Svastica equals Sweden on it, representing what Sweden has bin for us. That is a Nazi country.
Picture is at link: http://oi49.tinypic.com/2gskfb6.jpg
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