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Author Topic: Frizzling Religious Philosophy  (Read 280 times)

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Re: Frizzling Religious Philosophy
« Reply #10 on: August 29, 2016, 11:05:53 pm »
Open your eyes and see more that you have bin thought of to see.
Maybe some one some were will open some eyes that there is more in the universe then what science can explain and that there is other plains of existence too but that this proves that we still have a long way to goo till we understand that evolution did not create itself but that it had to have a creator as long as evolution has a memory and is not repeating its mistakes and it is not based on the strongest wins and neither is it based on positive mutations of any kind or form yet mutations do happen, but they are not a lottery wining number that just happen to win for some and lose for others as evolution tells us to be like.
I am not talking of a big daddy in the sky cause God must not be a person, it is a power and the universe is like a brain wile we are smaller then the brain cell and I ask. Has a brain cell ever bin able to outmatch the brain it is in? Of course not, so how the world can we humans think we can outmatch God the infinite universe who we are to small to even comprehend?
Yet we humans are so STUPID and ARROGANT that we think of ourselves higher then any being in the universe trying to explain what we do not know and when we are wrong we do not admit it but even kill the person showing us and leading us the way just because he/she shows the the path of God, not the God made by church, but the God called the Creator of all. The path on another plain of existence in this multi dimensional universe we live in and can not comprehend. because we are simply to small to do so. Yet that fact that we can not see God nor do we see him/it acts does not mean there is no God. It only means we are to bind to see the entire picture because we are to small and too insignificant to understand that what is much greater then us on all levels even in life as in death.
Because what I am talking about is greater the life and death since it is immortal, indestructible, all knowing and all seeing since it is everywhere. This very moment we read this it flows through us but we can not see it or touch it yet it flows trough us every millisecond. We are the embodiment of its power and the result of its power and so is EVERYTHING around us even the tree you see outside and the rock that has no life even that is part of it. Nothing was made without it.
And to say as Atheists says "it or such thing can not exist" is to say "there is no universe, no dimensions and no you who says it" so then I ask if that does and can not exist then how do you exist cause you are part of it and if it does not exist then there is no universe as it is part of the universe and then there is no you or me and nothing is all is just a dream.
But if all is just a dream then this life is a Matrix and this Matrix is also a creation, just not a physical one, but a dimensional one. Either way there is no such thing as the evolution alone, because alone evolution is nothing but a blind tool that does not know anything and has no knowledge, but that is not true of evolution as long as it has a memory proven by that it NEVER does the same mistakes twice.
Yet for the simple minded this is far to advanced to understand and those simple idiots will only mock what they are to stupid to understand. Well as they say "you can not silence stupid, you can how ever muffle it and ignore it".
YET It makes me sad to see that the so called scientific forewords atheist ideology is a stupid arrogant mistake of man equal to the stupid arrogant extreme religious mistake of man done in history so meany time before. The only difference is that Atheism uses the policy "we hate religion" but there actions physiologically do not differ form the actions of them who were extreme religious and said "we hate all who are not like us" and they Atheist says "we do not kill" yet I wonder for how long will that be valid because as history shown is that ALL HATE end in blood and killings.
Sadly the Atheist modern ideology  has not learn ANYTHING form history as it ignored the physiological explanations of history and creates there own. It ignores historical facts and scientific evidence that does not fit there point of view. No more different from the religious extremists. Still with the same faith it them of power on a county. Nothing has changed.
At the core man kind has not changed we are psychologically the same, we have just changed coats and rags pretending we are now different wile we are not.
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