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Author Topic: The Awakened Romania-Cei Treziti Romania  (Read 668 times)

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Re: The Awakened Romania-Cei Treziti Romania
« on: October 19, 2013, 05:34:55 pm »
The TRUTH of WHY the media and the governments keeps the Rosia Montana problem in blackout from the news and NOBODY in the governments is talking of it.

As we know Rosia Montana in Romania is poisoned with cyanide to extract gold by a Canadian company. This cyanide kills nature, animals and makes humans sick even kills humans if they don't treat it.
Also this makes thousands of people living in Rosia Montana homeless. To not say that the cyanide will be transported half way though Romania endangering half of Romania as well wile the gold extracted from Rosia Montana is not even given to the people of Romania but is given to Canada and put in American banks in USA.

This is why Canada won't stop with Rosia Montana.
Romania will give very much gold to Canada. But Canada will put it in NOT in Canadian banks but in American banks. The American banks use its value so from the stock market to pay the price for the new RFID chips, increase the military and protect the NSA who now is at the target for spying on people.

That is why there is NO interest by any government in stopping the mining. Cause this mine will become the Europes BIGGEST gold mine and one of the biggest in the world though not the biggest.

Cause of that in stock value this for the gold explorers the value of it goes though the roof. And the explorers are Canada and USA. By fixing USA problems with the payment of the RFID chip EU gets easier to make better quality biometric passports and ID cards. EU has planned to make biometric ID cards in the future. The budget did just not allow it. But if USA starts more mass producing the RFID chip then EU will have a cheaper way of making the future biometric ID not just Passports as today.
The MOTIVE Canada is the ones taking the gold is so that people will not be able to understand how this financially helps the governments in the world to spy more on people.

But if one uses his mind to find that out is pretty easy. Just ask yourself in WHAT banks will that gold be put in. It is NOT in the Canadian banks though Canada is taking the gold. By having it in the American bans the stock market value is given to USA and Canada ONLY gets the gold value as a material.

EXAMPLE: If you have money in a bank the bank will use your money and the stock value of that bank will get bigger the more money it has in. You still have your money and you still get the interest in value from it but the majority of interest are given to the bank wile you get the minority.

The SAME is for Canada putting the gold in American banks.

This is why no government and no media talks of it and it is kept in blackout in the media and by the governments and politicians.
because this will fond the system to have more control over people world wide if the mining is allowed. And for the governments this is of interest to have more power and more control.

The actions against this mining in Rosia Montana may not get stopped just cause of a petition but at least if it will not get stopped then it will **** off more people until ether they stop or it will be a revolution in Romania sooner or later.

Because one day the jar will burst over.
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