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Author Topic: The Awakened Sweden-De Väckta Sverige/by:SeekLoad  (Read 1025 times)

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Re: The Awakened Sweden-De Väckta Sverige/by:SeekLoad
« on: September 01, 2013, 10:30:22 pm »
The Swedish police are smart and dangerous. If you try to film them doing something bad they will take you camera and you have NOTHING to show on the internet. No wonder we see little Swedish police doing bad. Not that it does not exist but because it never reaches the internet.

And as far as violence goes the Swedish police is known NOT to be as violent on the street unless they are after to arrest. To not talk of riot violence the Swedish police is very violent with it.

Proof that when the Swedish police is filmed in action they are no better the USA police.

Article from the Swedish news paper Aftonbladet:
The police officer "Marcus Rostedt" hit and dislocated the jaw out of place to a man who filmed the police arrest.

It is good that this, shown on YouTube so that more sees reality and do not look at how the Swedish police is fooling around to get popularity and to make people believe they are so cool. That is FAKE. Actually they are not to much differs from the American police, in its violence.

Filming the police is NOT a crime regardless what the law says. If it becomes illegal in the future, It is still NOT a crime. The camera is the innocents best friend and weapon against dirty or to violent police.

So people when you see something PUT YOUR CAMERA to work, and film it and share it online. Good luck.
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