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Author Topic: The Awakened Sweden-De Väckta Sverige/by:SeekLoad  (Read 1018 times)

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Re: The Awakened Sweden-De Väckta Sverige
« on: May 07, 2013, 07:36:32 pm »
Sweden is NOT and never was the best country in the world, but people did not know what was happening in Sweden in secrecy.

The only thing I disagree to one thing. I disagree to the part they say "Sweden was once the best country in the world". No that is NOT true the truth is that Sweden was once a lot better on hiding there **** form the public so the public thought that they (Sweden) were the best in the world. That is a lie it never as the best country in the world and it always had a hidden Nazi attitude who now has become visible.

- I am NOT gypsy but I defend the innocent but for tens of years up to 1995 many gypsies were secretly sterilized from having children against there will in Sweden.
- In Sweden for tens of years many kids were taken form the real parents so to be protected from sexual abuse, **** or violence and put in foster homes were they are sexually abused, raped and beaten by there foster parents wile the social care who put them there looked the other way and NEVER believed the victims (the kids).
- For tens of years in Sweden people that have told the truth of the system as I do now have bin moisturized by SÄPO (Swedish secret police) and even black listed on the job market. I am one of them that are under there surveillance for telling to others the truth. And even other innocent people are under surveillance of SÄPO for idiotical reasons.
- In Sweden there are people who have lost there jobs cause for tens of years governmental institutes have sold out private information to there employers the same way FaceBook does today.
- In Sweden innocent people have bin blacklisted form the job market for there passport (my parents since 1993 are part of those people).
- For tens of years in Sweden Nazis are always let to demonstrate without getting arrested n the same manner as emigrants are wen they demonstrate.
- The Swedish SÄPO killed Palme and always even today does not tell the truth of his murder.
- The Swedish police and SÄPO has for tens of years covered up crimes that were committed by police officers.
- Beggars and homeless people on the Swedish streets are for many years banned to beg for money and told to go to the social even wen the social refuses to help them. Sweden has had and still has homeless people, you just do NOT see it because they are forbidden to show of on the street by the police.
- If you are homeless and sleep on a stair case in Sweden it does not matter it is in the middle of the winter it is forbidden and the police will come and though you out even if you have done NO wrongs and the social refuses to help you.
- For tens of years in Sweden children have bin taken away form there parents by social workers on fake motives.
- For tens of years in Sweden real rapers have bin let free wile innocent young men have bin convicted for **** by the system. This is cause the system is made in such a way that the **** victim is told that the rapist is caught but the victim NEVER talk or see the caught rapist this leading that the victim is forced to believe the police even if the wrong guy is put behind bars.
- For tens of years in Sweden the Swedish institutes have bin harassing persons and wen the victims have bin attacking them back in defense the victims have bin accused of "violence against officials".
- For tens of years in Sweden the Swedish police have made situations to accuse of "violence against officials" wen arresting or interviewing.
- For tens of years in Sweden the Swedish system have had people diapering without a trace for later to be found dead or never found and yes this happens all over the world but in Sweden considering there population are under 10 million people the rate of that type of happenings are far to many.
- For tens and hundreds of years in Sweden the Swedish rich people have jumped over from paying taxes.

I gave you guys 15 examples of that Sweden is not and NEVER was the best country in the world. I could continue this list to write a book here but will not cause I hope you get the picture of how much is happening in Sweden in secrecy that many normal Svenssons and immigrants do not know of.
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